Reviews for Mental Trauma
fukuji mihoko chapter 7 . 7/30/2011
I have no problem with them calling each other 'sister', it's an adorable idea, but using capital letters like that makes me think they've all become nuns XD

Um, but on a more srs note...

This was a really nice conclusion to this story :3 I like how Belphie was saved by her friends and it was left with a glimmer of hope, rather than crushing depression, which is what a lot of horror stories do...

My favorite bit about this story was probably the interaction between the sisters, but I liked the descriptions of Belphie's stress too, and her desire to be a stoic stake of purgatory to do her job... but she can't ;A;

Stuttering, shy Belphegor was really, really cute. It seemed fitting for her, too.

It's a shame the stakes don't get too much screen time in the vns : Their personalities don't really get fleshed out too much...

However, I think I interpret Asmo's character differently to you XD Which is only to be expected given how little she appears... but I see her as being more childish, and perhaps not as mature as she is in here. I'd also say Mammon is closer to Ange, and the one more likely to see her as a 'sister'... but cause Asmo is the youngest, and must get pushed aside a lot in such a noisy family, it still makes sense Asmo would see Ange as a cool big sis too

It's rare horror stories are actually horrific and yet, simultaneously, really cute and heart-warming ;;
fukuji mihoko chapter 6 . 7/23/2011
Oh come /on/, Belph. If dark mass is leaking from your skin don't /cut your skin open/, try and bandage it up or something XD I thought she was going to use the scissors to try and cut the mass out of her, but... was that happening? :/

Then again, I guess maybe she's just gone insane anyway...

I wonder if the mass is really there.

Or maybe this is what happens when you overwork yourself XDD
fukuji mihoko chapter 5 . 7/23/2011

She's vomiting blood.

That's rarely a good thing XD
fukuji mihoko chapter 4 . 7/23/2011
Aww, Belphegor, y are you so adorable :D

When I write Belphegor I kind of see her as being a perfectionist, so she has really high standards. I also see her as being kind of judgemental, too- expecting other people to follow her high standards, when not many do. That makes other people uncomfortable around her, so that's why not many people talk to her. Thus, she gets lonely because few people talk to her, so she's not very good at dealing with people.

At least, that's how I like to write Belphie :3

I love the idea of her as being really shy... It's so cute o: And then she tries to hide it...

I guess that doesn't work out too well though XP
fukuji mihoko chapter 3 . 7/22/2011
Uwahh ;A; Mammon is being so... mean ;A;

I liked the banter between the sisters, though It was fun to read :3
fukuji mihoko chapter 2 . 7/22/2011
So confined spaces are the problem, hmn?

And... Belphie was always this insane?

fukuji mihoko chapter 1 . 7/22/2011
The bit about Asmodeus and Battler was completely adorable :D

Also, I like how so many characters are mentioned and not just one is spoken about The very brief Gaap/Amakusa mention...

Aaa you shouldn't have done that XD I love Umineko crack pairings and now I feel like writing that... XDD

Poor Belphegor ;A;

Is she going insane? o:

I feel really sorry for her. She seems so alienated from the rest of her sisters :