Reviews for The Eyes of the Wolverine
The Cool Kat chapter 18 . 4/27/2013
This is surreal. I’ve been reviewing this fic for almost a year now; I can hardly believe it’s over; I can’t imagine how surreal things must be to the guys who’ve been following it twice as long. Since this is the last chapter, this is gonna be the longest review, so brace yourself Joe.

This chapter was like poetry, which I suppose is fitting since it’s about a poet. It wraps up all the morals and loose ends of this story one by one, and doing it realistically. Jo proved himself to be a good boyfriend, further earning Saxon’s respect. Jo and Jada’s interactions were, like always, fluffy, funny, with a hint of insight buried underneath. Young love.

Jo and Po’s exchanges were even more insightful, bringing back up and revealing even more about their characters. After reading all eighteen chapters I see what you mean; Po does work well as a big brother character. I like how you slipped in a mention to Fung; I haven’t forgotten that he’s one of your favorite characters on the show.

Another I noticed was that there are quotes from Suckerpunch scattered throughout the fic, and all of them pretty deep stuff. Now I’ve never seen Suckerpunch or even heard of it, but I’m guessing it’s to you what Doctor Who is to me. The fictional thing that always get a reaction out of you.

Now that I’ve talked about this chapter I’ll talk about the story as a whole. I came into this fic not knowing what to expect. I asked you if you could review “Erdan 2”, which I still had mixed feelings about at the time, and you asked me if I’d review “Eyes of the Wolverine”, which I thought was fair enough. My main concern was that since it’s the third Jo story you’ve written it wouldn’t make any sense, but luckily this story works well as a standalone fic and a third chapter in an on-going saga.

I found the character of Jo to be interesting really on. OCs can be a tricky thing to work with, especially when they’re the lead roles. It’s hard to become attached to one with no kind of character development, and a one-note kind can get really annoying fast. I was relieved to find Jo was written as a real teenage boy instead of the incredibly awesome next Dragon Warrior (sorry Joe, I really didn’t know what to expect coming into the first chapter). He was insecure, he was shy around girls, he felt awkward around his girlfriend’s dad, he felt awkward having Po dye him, he was afraid of his enemies, he was flawed. He was human…sort of (if you can call a badger ‘human’). And the fact that he was so human is what his made his story so interesting, for the same reason I enjoyed reading Wolflover111’s “Erdan”.

I found Jo and Jo’s story to be really deep as early as his first day in Rem Hai. The afternoon he and Jada spent by the lake will always be one of the scenes I remember most from this story. Because not only was it cute, but it touched on two of the main themes in this fic, Jo and Jada learning to forgive, and Jo’s fear and disappointment in himself. Which made Jo overcoming his fears and freezing Severin all the more satisfying. The reveal of the wolverine’s true identity was no doubt the biggest shocker in this story, and even more emotionally satisfying than the chapter before it. A double whammy of inspirational stuff.

I can’t end this review without talking about Po. Po, despite the main character of the franchise, can be a very tricky character to work with, perhaps even more than Tigress. Because I consider Po to be a multilayered guy. Yeah he’s a goofy guy, but I consider that goofiness to be just one of his quirks (just like his love of action figures or his endless appetite, with a more serious), thoughtful layer buried underneath. In some stories that thoughtfulness and maturity is ignored completely to focus entirely on his ‘I’m so awesome’ boasting, and as a result Po (like a one-note OC) can get very annoying (because Po’s compassion is actually what balances out his character in the franchise and makes him likeable).

That’s another thing I liked about your story, Po was handled well. Yes he was still goofy and funny (his and Jo’s hijinks in chapter 12 still make me laugh), but instead of being written like a child he’s written as a grown man who acts like a child. He can be perfectly serious, he chooses not to because it’s more fun not to act his age, except for when he’s around Jo, when he’s the ‘parental big brother’ you described him as. After reading a couple dozen KFP fics I decided I like Po better as the guy giving advice than the one receiving it all the time, and it makes for a nice of change (hence why Po gets to be the good friend to Zhong during his ‘dad shock’ in “Erdan 2”).

All in all I found this to be a very satisfying story, from start to finish. The characters were funny, likeable, relatable. They made mistakes, they grew from them, and came out better people because of it. It did everything a story should do and did it in style. Plus I made a friend from this whole reviewing experience, so that’s always a plus :D Thank you Joe ‘Po’ Navark, for sharing your story with all of us.

Animation Universe 2005 chapter 18 . 4/19/2013
That was so awesome! Jo's definitely the wisest guy around, huh? I hope there's a resolution between Jo and Tigress.

-AniUniverse '05

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hidden stranger chapter 18 . 4/19/2013
Man great end to a spectacular tale of Jo's experiences, his maturity as it came forth and his undying loyalty to the Furious five and the Dragon Warrior! Sorry if that was a long sentence but MAN I really liked this story, it had quite an edge to it while you read you truly felt as though something insane was going to happen soon but when-
then BAM! Severin, I loved his story and how truly dangerous he was like that of Tai Lung, those two would be a shock haha! Thank you again for the shout out I always appreciate them and am glad I could help where I could,
King of 2211 chapter 18 . 4/19/2013
Now that was awesome.
The Cool Kat chapter 17 . 3/15/2013
‘Be prepared for a lot of explanation’. What an understatement. But since my obsessive need to read between the lines all the time kept me from being caught off guard by the last chapter, this one was a more than pleasant surprise.

I was especially blown away by the massive attention to detail when it comes to Zarek’s backstory. The truth behind ‘the wolverine’ was hidden in plain sight the whole time but written in such a way that you could never figure it out as you were reading this fic, since you had only tiny bits and pieces of the much bigger picture - the fortuneteller, the medallion, the pentad strike. And I never expected it to be the spirit of Master Oogway taking the form of an old acquaintance. I figured the wolverine would be someone who somehow knew Jo in the past, but not Oogway, even though the strike was his move. Most importantly, the twist is well thought out and actually makes sense; it coherently explains lots of things about Jo’s and Jada’s background instead of just being there for the sake of drama. Considering some of the bad stuff I’ve read lately, this update was a welcome return to a story that’s actually entertaining.

It seems Jo can finally move on from the mystery of the wolverine, and I’m sure Ani was glad the Jo/Tigress argument is over. Great job man. Only one chapter left and then the acknowledgments. You’ve been working on this fic for two years now, bet it feels good knowing it’s almost over and you can finally add the ‘complete’ tag to it.
hidden stranger chapter 17 . 3/15/2013
A few things.

I saw this as a very helpful and eye opening chapter, so many questions I've been going over in my head with what will come of Jo and the now "Zarek" though I do think that's a good fitting name for such a major character in this story.

I liked that the large and intimidating wolverine who I pictured being so very dangerous could also be something potentially different. I feel like as Jo learned of him he seemed to warm up to the fact that he'd secretly been there for so long and seen so much, like the wary older brother who couldn't be there much of the time but still watched over the lil badger as he grew in both strength and skill.

This has been quite a new entire experience for Jo, his whole life is now a shade clearer and what does he believe will happen with dear Jada? I do wish I could write more but for now I must retire to bed but thank you for the awesome read and I will follow up with more later! Well done!
King of 2211 chapter 17 . 3/9/2013
Nicely done, hey, I made a hero fic and a hero suggestions fic if you're interested.
Animation Universe 2005 chapter 17 . 3/8/2013
Jo triumphs! Looks like that will be a big 'screw you' to Tigress, I bet. Just kidding. He saved the day and that's awesome! When it comes to Jo, the underdog always goes on top. Please post the last chapter! I wanna see how it ends and I hope Jo and Tigress finally reconcile.

-AniUniverse '05

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The Cool Kat chapter 16 . 2/16/2013
True to your word, you posted this chapter relatively quickly. And true to my word, here’s my review.

If this review was just three words long, those threw words would be I KNEW IT! Seriously though, I knew that the pentad strike would play a hand in the finale. It just seemed so convenient that Po and Jo would just happen to talk about a powerful kung fu move right before their big adventure. More importantly, you totally lied to me man. And yet, I still respect for you that. It’s like when characters get killed off on a TV show, and fans ask the producers if they’ll ever come back, and they say no, and lo and behold, dead guy’s back the next season. You gotta keep the pay-off a secret.

Besides, it’s not like I’ve never lied to my readers. In fact, I’m gonna tell a huge lie in the author’s note of one my stories soon. I’m not gonna say when, or which one, but nose is gonna grow longer soon. To be fair, the climax of your story is actually well-hidden, and I probably wouldn’t have seen it coming if I wasn’t the kind of guy who liked to pay real close attention to the details and throw-away lines that no one cares about (you can blame it on years of watching Doctor Who, and Legends of Awesomeness for using the same ‘bring it full circle’ formula in every episode).

I understand you being so stoked about this chapter. The climax of a story is always one of the ones you look forward to writing (cause if you’re not gonna make the end of your fic amazing, whether it’s a with a tear-jerking good-bye, a heart-warming reunion, or a kick-ass fight, what’s the point of writing it?). When you write the ending, you give it your all, so now I know why you’ve been so eager to finish this.

I do consider it one of the best chapters in this story, right up there with the romantic chapter 7, and the hilarious chapter 12. The descriptions were short but vivid, as they should be. Jo’s first person point-of-view stood out just as much as I remembered it did, and it pulled me into his position, let me imagine what it would be like to face off against a psycho and be hopelessly outmatched. We’re still no closer to finding out who or what the wolverine is. There’s still two chapters left in the story, but I kinda doubt you tried to cram that much information into the final scenes. So I’m guessing this is a mystery for another day. Fine by me, keep the audience wanting more. I’m looking forward to what the denouement of this story has in store for Jo.

Also, I like the play on words in the chapter title.

P.S. The last time you read my profile you may have noticed your name on it but the description empty. Well, I’ve finally filled it out, and I think you’ll want to have a look at it.

hidden stranger chapter 16 . 2/11/2013
Man alive what a chapter! I was really interested to see just how Jo was going get to Jada, part of me feared Severin would kill her before he could do anything! I liked how you put this buildup together, not only seeing through the other side's eyes, the loss, the rage and his justification, but you made me feel almost sorry for Severin at one point. There were quite a few lines that stuck with me, particularly, "He had become my worst enemy and everything that terrified me." That really set the predator and prey mood into full swing. This whole time I was wondering how the symbol would come into play and I can say you did a spectacular job on it's dire significance. This was a great chapter and I can only hope to see what comes next for the badger we've come to know and love! Well done bro!
Jedi Master Albus chapter 16 . 2/9/2013
A great chapter, I hope you're going to do another one of these stories when you finish this one!
Animation Universe 2005 chapter 16 . 2/8/2013
It was definitely perfect for usual! Sounds like Jo's at a crossroads. I hope he can accomplish what he's set out to accomplish. Good luck, Jo!

And I hope Jo and Tigress can reconcile!

-AniUniverse '05

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King of 2211 chapter 16 . 2/8/2013
The Cool Kat chapter 15 . 12/8/2012
Well my friend, it seemed we were doing completely different things this Thanksgiving. You were working hard on this fic, while I used to Thanksgiving to take a break from a writing. It’s good to know all your hard work and efforts paid off. I’ll tell why you this chapter worked for me, and I’ll try to break it down to the best I kind (which is kinda hard since there’s so much stuff to cover).

Alright, first off, I’m gonna be honest with you. I wish I could be as interested in Jo’s dispute with Tigress as much as AniUniverse is, but I’m not (which is why I didn’t mention in my last review). It’s not that it’s boring, or that’s it poorly written, or even unrealistic, none of those things. It’s nothing anything you did wrong. It’s Tigress herself. Most of the time I like her, and I love how the writers of Kung Fu Panda took this crazy lady and turned her into a sympathetic character (the straight man, or rather straight woman who often sets up the punch lines of Po’s jokes). So every now and again I like to see how the fans followed up this development. But whenever Tigress is being a bitch (and an arrogant one like she is now), I tend to loose interest in her character and focus more on other aspects of the plot. So don’t this negativity personally. I love the way this story is progressing so far, but Tigress is really starting to rub me the wrong way. Still, maybe that was intentional, maybe it’s all part of the grand scheme of things where we learn how much Tigress really cares about Jo’s safety later, or maybe it isn’t. But since I’ve already wasted a section of this review speculating and criticizing Tigress, I’m gonna move on now.

Next, let’s talk tone and pacing. I’ve gotta give it to you JP, you obviously know your way around theater (I’m sure you’ve read plenty of scripts) cause you know just when to catch people off guard. Severin just attacked last chapter, so the audience (or in this case readers), never expected him to show up again so soon. I certainly thought this chapter was gonna be about Jo talking to Jada about what happened, or continuing to deal with his guilt, and maybe thinking about what he was gonna do if he faced Severin again. And I suppose all of those things did happen, but we also got another plot twist, complete with tying in loose threads from the past fourteen chapters. The knife, the wolverine’s advice, I knew they were all gonna come into place eventually, but I just hadn’t expected it to be right now. Apparently, Severin’s attack on them the night before had just been precursor, his plan was to follow them home and steal Jo’s knife so he could use it against him later.

Finally, I’ll talk about the part that has everyone talking (or at least, the two other people who reviewed) - the cliffhanger. Duh, duh, duh. And people say I’m evil when it comes to suspense. You’re like one of those guys who edited old horror shows. The kind where the damsel in distress is tied to a railroad track with an oncoming train speeding towards her, while her brave rescuer is still too far away to reach in her time. And just when she’s about to be hit, a banner appears onscreen, saying ‘to be continued…next week’. You can imagine all those little kiddies screaming at the TV when that happened. And that’s how I felt when I read the final words of this chapter. When I see that kind of shameless teasing in stories, all I can say is…go for it man. I can’t speak for the others (I haven’t been following this story nearly as long as they have, so I have no reason to be furious with you), but my advice is don’t feel rushed to churn out the next chapter. The more time we have in-between updates, the more time we have to speculate on what’s gonna happen next, which will all inevitably be proven wrong. Either way, it’s nice to see you upping the stakes, and I’ll be waiting patiently over the next few months to see where this is going.

King of 2211 chapter 15 . 12/2/2012
You're alive! And you've done great work, I've made two new fics, check them out if you're interested.
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