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Guest chapter 38 . 5h
'Magecraft is always rejected by Gaia, but what if I molded the natural world using Structural analysis and Projection based on existing laws of physics? The cause will disappear, but the effects always stay.
Animus of Masada chapter 28 . 7/5
Just going to point out here: Command Seals are a completely independent mana source from the user's actual mana, and there is no skill involved in applying them (beyond how well thought-out one makes the command). Fate/Zero explicitly and literally explains (and shows) this, but so does all over parts of canon.

Furthermore, just being a Servant's Master does not give a Master any real control over their Servant beyond the leverage they wield with the Command Seals and their own status as the mana source for said Servant. And if a Servant doesn't care about dying, then that leaves ONLY the Command Seals.

And Command Seals cannot have much of an effect when the command is literally "obey all of my orders without question or hesitation"-so even a Servant without much Magic Resistance would NEVER be forced to, say, shoot their own son because the Master ordered it (or even anything close to something that severe)-you'd need to specifically use a Command Seal for that order alone. Magic Resistance is not a prerequisite to that fact-only an additional factor that can make it even MORE difficult to control a Servant with a CS. Like Saber still managing to resist somewhat after TWO Command Seals had been used in a row on the exact same order-a highly specific, immediate, and easily possible order.

So Kiritsugu being forced to obey Caster's every order, no matter how strongly he'd rebel against it, is absurd. I could buy him being forced to follow a Command Seal order like "kill all of the other Masters and Servants as soon as you find a good opportunity to do so, unless said Masters or Servants are allied with me at the time", but he'd still be able to fight it somewhat and interpret the order a little, and if Caster ordered him to come back and defend the Temple, he could easily tell her to go to hell unless she used another Command Seal. But the entire Command Seal system is specifically set up in such a way that it's inherently impossible for a Master, no matter how powerful, to just use a Command Seal to tell their servant to be completely obedient to all of their orders.

In canon, Caster was able to have some control over Assassin by tying his existence to the gate he had to guard, and by using Command Seals to have him effectively accomplish the task she desired, along with the everpresent threat of maiming him or killing him outright should he disobey her. As we saw, this was still very limited in the scope of how much she could control him: she could CS-order him to guard the gate from intruders, but not to obey her every order. He could still let other Servants pass if he wanted to (like with Archer), but he was often inclined not to because he himself wanted to fight against worthy opponents, since it was all he really lived for. And he cared little about Caster's torture or threats-he fucking laughed it off, for the most part. Caster couldn't just order him around or make him follow her every explicit whim, and that was with an Assassin who had piss-poor Magic Resistance as well.

In Rider's case, this is even more egregious-she already used a CS to order her to get away from Saber (or fight back against Saber, or something). With a high MR stat and strong will, Rider would be MORE than able to just blitz Caster when she was distracted and fucking kill her in one strike-or force Caster to use a CS to make Rider stop if she DID notice in time. Then, good luck getting Rider to do ANYTHING Caster wants her to do. Additionally, if Caster had the presence of mind to order Rider to kill herself instead of just stop trying to kill her when Rider comes charging her with intent to kill, Caster herself would be screwed and she'd know it.


Beyond all that, I think you've drastically failed to understand Rin as a character. You describe her as "too normal" compared to the rest of the cast, which is rather absurd. A character being normal does NOT make them boring-and a normal character going through extraordinary experiences is, in many ways, MORE interesting than an abnormal character doing the same. Plus, to be perfectly honest, Luvia is vastly more "normal" than Rin in ALL regards, and yet you have no problem with Luvia-so I genuinely can't understand why you have trouble with Rin, unless you just never quite got her character and gave up on trying to understand her better when you started writing the story. For me, your handling of Rin (and characterization of her) has always been one of the weakest points of this story, and the least understandable (it's always struck me as lazy and narrow-minded, like you'd already made your mind up about her without really trying in the first place, based on your general impression of her from when you played the VN a long time ago). If you really need some inspiration and clarification about her character, go read Path of the King (on this site, if clarification is needed)-aside from the storyline and such, it offers great insight into her character and makes it explicit enough to be clear. It's one of the best portrayals of her character I've seen in a fan-made story, and one of the most faithful to canon as well.


Now, this is not the only feedback I've got-I DO have a lot of positive things I want to say about your story, for instance-but the only pressing things I felt I needed to say right now. A review containing the more complete response will come soon, and I'll do it on chapter 38 then (damn 's one-review-per-chapter limit).
Vanril chapter 25 . 7/5
Just a small fix. "Hissi""Elevator". "Hiisi"That goblin demon you wanted. Yeah, I know. Very small mistake... Finnish can be quite a pain in the arse. Best regards: Native.
zxq48 chapter 38 . 7/4
Really good fic. I would love to see you write a crossover between this fic and naruto. Evrything is almost same but instead of any particular servant someone summons naruto or sauske from their latest incarnetion.
Majin Hentai X chapter 38 . 7/2
It took me three weeks to get caught up with this behemoth. Now I want more!

Also a servant needs to die and soon.
Guest chapter 38 . 7/2
It must be the epilogue of UBW, but I now inclined to a Rin/Shirou pairing. Saber is in an altar too high, noble and remote, Sakura is too needy. Only Rin can see Shirou as an equal and smash him in the head when needed.

Is very hard to write an harem an no veer in crackfic. Is no like a need realism to enjoy the history but I would rather he stick to a girl if there is romance at all. Or the lone wolf route can be neat too, keeping everyone to a distance because his path is to dangerous.

I think the fic had settled to a Rin/Sakura scenario. Fine, I trust the author and his plans for this history. Hell, throw Issei as the gay option in the mix just for the giggles.

But be warned, never pair Arcueid and Shirou together. Is well know in the fandom as the equivalent of crossing the streams. Reality as a whole unravels and Blue appears to kick your ass and nuke every copy of your fic.
MonkyingAround chapter 38 . 7/2
Shirou final form should have wings made of swords. many as well make in into a Gundam
CommissarStalin chapter 18 . 7/2
Hey Third Fang. I'm really enjoying your story and after reading chapter 18 I just wanted to say that I personally don't mind Shirou being a little Op. Granted he isn't godlike, I find no fault with a character who can defend himself and dish out some damage and be considered powerful. Anyway just wanted to leave my 2 cents. Keep up the good work.
blazedflame chapter 38 . 7/2
Oh my god. I'm so tired. Read this in 3 days and I have a job too. Uuuggggghhhhh... My head... Need to sleep... Finally finished... Owww my head
grabblers chapter 13 . 7/2
Great! One less disgusting rapist! Nice going
giosales chapter 6 . 7/2
Just read chapter 5. Pretty good stuff so far :D I thank the author for this great story.
dUdVdW chapter 4 . 7/2
"If any of you are angered so much by a pairing that you stop reading… then you obviously have NEVER played through the visual novel completely before, and as such have lost my respect."

That's the dumbest thing I've ever read. It's so dumb that I'm going to stop reading this fic the moment the pairing is announced, just on principle alone.
victor janus chapter 38 . 7/1
that last line of archers might be the line the really drives rin insane and/or gives her yandere levels.
although for someone who dislikes a character because they were exposition in a can you sure use a lot of exposition. not that exposition is a bad thing after all it's a fate tradition.
glad to hear your working on this story again. what really caught my attention was you remembering details from the story that allowed you to fill out the world building and YOU REMEMBERED INCANTIONS EXISTED outside unlimited blade works and the occasional noble phantasm. sakura's stuff was especially good.
there was several places I thought archer would take the discussion about sakura but... I still don't get what his point is. is he mad at shirou because he's selfless? or that since he hangs around zouken so long he's an asshole or something?
Giral chapter 38 . 7/1
Yeah, I remember watching Fate Zero that they mention that Kiritsugu use his body as a pseudo-reality marble to accelerate. If Shirou could use his real reality marble the adverse effect would vanish or be reduced. But to manifest his inner world in his body seem rather advanced technique. I can think of only Nrvnqsr Chaos with his beast who could do it.

Well Shirou still can't cast UBW, so it's something reserved to father developments.
PGvK97 chapter 38 . 7/1
Glad to see you countinuing this sotry.
I have a question about the mechanics behind time alter. As far as I understand it the user of time alter gets damaged because the world forcefully adjust the flow of time. But would happen if Shirou used time alter within his reality marble where the influence of the world is removed?
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