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Guest chapter 45 . 11h
It feels so damned long ago that you updated.
I know it's been like less than 2 weeks but still it feels like ages.
I blame you.
If only you wrote shittier fanfiction the seperation would be far more bearable.
If only the quality of your writing sucked I wouldn't pine for the next chapter while staring listlessly at the screen.
But if those wishes came true life would be so much bleaker.

Keep writing,
Update at your own speed because I, at least, will be waiting.
Thank you for sharing this pure awesome with us humble readers.
Omake for you chapter 45 . 8/21
Caster approached the Gorgon queen, her impassive face masking all the glee she could muster. It would be hard for the boy to attack someone he cared about, the tainted witch knew, and she would use that to her full advantage.

"Rider. Your orders are to delay the boy, by any means necessary." Her purpose fulfilled, Caster walked away.

'Delay him?' Medusa thought to herself, a smirk slowly spreading across her face for the first time since being subsumed into Caster's forces.


Shirou's plan was working perfectly, and even EMIYA was voluntarily participating in the effort to save Marjatta and end this Grail War once and for all. Shirou's path into the mountain was suddenly blocked by a familiar form of dark purple and black. Shirou grit his teeth, raising a copy of an unnamed sword, ready to defend and find a way to subdue the Servant as painlessly as possib-

A warm tongue invaded his mouth and he froze for a moment before responding instinctively, kissing her with all the passion he could muster in the heat of battle. Breaking away from the kiss, Medusa smiled smugly at Shirou.

"I was ordered to delay you... mission accomplished." She turned and began to impishly walk away, putting an extra sway in her hips, when she was stopped by a black shadow in her path, red eyes shining with ill intent.

"...Rider." The Gorgon blanched.

"S... S... Sakura..."

The world ended; there were no survivors.
MonsterRideOp chapter 45 . 8/21
Internal strife, politicking with the boss, and backroom deals. You've got just about everything one needs to want to read more. I just hope there's a good epilogue or continuation, so many possibilities. Also I've always known the basically 2-party system would bid us in the ass one day. Here's hoping for a 3rd party win. If not I've always wanted to see/move to Japan.
Greatazuredragon chapter 45 . 8/19
Truly awesome chapter, great work.
asas00 chapter 9 . 8/17
grabblers chapter 45 . 8/17
The Caster and Archer scenes were great. Especially since they were sudden. This sudden is a good type of sudden.
TheHokageNaruto chapter 45 . 8/15
Great chapter. Please update soon.
Guest chapter 45 . 8/15
Love the story. About my only hope left
in life is that I get to read the last chapter before this tire fire of a country falls over and kills us.
2Rule179 chapter 45 . 8/14
With Merem doing what he's doing and the other Dead Apostles hanging about in the background...

The things afoot with the Clock Tower...

Slow clap.

Author, you're doing a Fine and outstanding job of setting up the story to continue on in a satisfying manner even AFTER the Holy Grail War here finishes even IF Shirou is victorious.

I"m curious how the boy and his friends are going to win the peace!
Mingyu chapter 45 . 8/14
Hah! Great chapter! Hearing the characters' thoughts on canon events was really fun! Plus, the handling of Caster's issue was well done (in a very Archer fashion anyway). Shirou is still badass, and it looks like Merem is bringing some complications into the war.

Looks like fun. _ Thanks for the chapter!
Guest chapter 45 . 8/14
Love this story, but I am curious about events after the war, like who will be Assassin's new Master, and the most probably occurring Tribunals and how they will turn out
Lun3th chapter 43 . 8/13
Love your story probably my favourite fate fanfiction ca t wait for more ;)
jcampbellohten chapter 45 . 8/13
I'm slightly confused by the scene that was interspersed into the scene with Archer's and Rin's confrontation. I'm not entirely sure what happened in it, and was that about this world's Shirou or about Archer? Also, I'm still not clear on what Shirou's problem was.

I liked this chapter. I looked forward to more analysis and theory.
Alex chapter 45 . 8/13
OMG. AWESOME. and by the way agree with you about morons holding the nuclear button.
Kyo no Kitsune chapter 45 . 8/13
Okay. So either Merem was putting up a front for Shirou and cares much less for his "friend" than he acted like, or Merem was putting up a front for Fina in effort to act nonchalant so as to not expose just how far he is invested in Shirou.
Because honestly, that conversation had Merem giving off some serious cold-blooded vibes completely out of character from what you've already shown us.
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