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Serval chapter 40 . 2h
This is a great story one if the better fate stay nights one I've read but I wonder how it would go if shirou was smarter and better with magic and that let's say rin summoned archer of black and shirou got archers powers.
Gur40goku chapter 40 . 9h
Animus of Masada chapter 40 . 9h
Nice chapter. I admit, I was expecting it to at least reach the start of the battle with Gilgamesh, but even so, you had a lot of great stuff in here before we get to that point.

I liked the scene with Barthomeloi, though I really feel like she isn't cutting Shirou enough slack. He couldn't warn her ahead of time about anything without tipping off two people who had the potential (and inclination) to cause massive devastation, end the world, and reveal magic to the world at large-as well as people who would become extremely difficult, if not impossible, to deal with if they realized anyone was on to them. And if nothing else, she should be extremely impressed that Shirou managed to play the long game and outplay and kill Zouken. That deed would increase his value as her Magus-Killer-attack-dog significantly. And now that he's brought her into the fold of those that know what's really going on, she has the ability to claim Shirou's success as part of their plan all along (if he succeeds) or publicly write him off as going rogue if he fails.

That aside; all the scenes with Ilya, Liz, Sella, Sakura, and Saber were either adorable or hilarious, or both. I found it particularly funny how Shirou inadvertently reveals that he isn't hypocritical in his rigging of people's homes with bombs-he rigged his own home, too, after all. AND his workshop, which is so unthinkable to just about anyone else that it'd make for the perfect trap in the future, at least against non-Servants.

And man, Shirou must be the strangest (and most endearing) person to Merem and the King of Rats right now. How does he react to finding out that they're spying on him, his sister, etc, and yet not really helping? Slight exasperation, before calling the rats over, giving them an update about what's going on, asking for help if they're able to give it but still understanding if they decide not to, and asking them to stay out of sight for the others because rats tend to unnerve people. Only you, Shirou.
TheWickedTruth89 chapter 40 . 11h
Great chapter, I can not wait for more.
Futon Lord chapter 39 . 12h
I have 700 fics on my profile, and yet, the only reason I bother visiting anymore is to see if this fic is updated.
Futon Lord chapter 40 . 12h
As seen with Trace: Overclock, Shirou can probably alter the flow of time in the manifested UBW. This may or may not affect the positions of the sun and moon, which are symbolic.

As the world's correction force no longer exists in UBW, Shirou can probably accelerate his body to the limits of his magic, so long as his eyeballs don't pop out of their sockets from the wind resistance.
Archer0 chapter 40 . 9/1
It's always nice reading one of my favourite storiesI may be in the minority in loving the interactions between characters over the fights but your descriptions are some of the best i've read which keep me interested even in the fights (basically i dont end up skimming through the fights :3) Looking forward to the next chapter and how you're gonna screw everyone over with the appearance of the apostle ancestors :3
Alfonse08 chapter 40 . 8/31
Well it's about time that idiot realized how those girls feel about him, honestly you need nothing short of a sledgehammer to drive any point home with him. Also I'm surprised I never considered the idea that he may have rigged various locations with explosives, but in hindsight it seems so obvious now that I think about it.
TimothyLim chapter 40 . 8/31
Thank you thank you thank you, this made my day especially since I'm re-reading your story again, I'm glad the action is coming back, but I also like the conversation between Shirou and Bartholomoi (and Luvia too) I think you hit their personality and tone very well, and only Shirou would bluff with a threat to kill a bigger monster.

I hope there won't be a fall out between Lorelei and Shirou, I really like the dynamics between them, it just fits to me... Then again he just might take the mantle of an Apostle Ancestor... So yeah there is that.

Thanks for the hard work, it appreciated!
Prosthetic Forehead chapter 40 . 8/31
This is a review. Well, okay, it's not. Its purpose is only to up the count.
Engineer4Ever chapter 40 . 8/31
I know those 'what-if' fights all too well. Go forth and write up a storm! After some sleep first, that's more important...I think?
radtej chapter 40 . 8/31
Yes, glad to see things finally come to a head.
Guest chapter 40 . 8/31
Well, they forget Taiga. But as Kirei know they are heading to another place, it wouldn't matter. Or would it? If Medea kidnap her as a bargain chip, then what. Surely Shirou had taken precautions.
The-Black-Prince-Thomas chapter 40 . 8/31
Still going strong, Still going good. Thanks for the update it made my day.
darkerdeepdown chapter 40 . 8/31
If you ain't fighting dirty, you ain't fighting for keeps. Honor is a nicety in bouts of non-lethal skill and keeping society glued together. But on small and large scale we know that "so long as I live, anything goes."
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