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babascoop chapter 50 . 3/21
I think Archer realized that FFD Shirou is unofficially an Apostle Ancestor. He also knows Shirou works for Lorelei Barthomeloi. And he did the maths.
Ricku28 chapter 46 . 3/20
... why do I never realise that the Authors of fics I love are often the authors of fics that I start reading and love? Joking aside, we need more "Go away, I'm watching porn" I love it a ridiculous amount.
random guy chapter 50 . 3/19
You know i personally find it odd that they would be mad at shirou for keeping secrets. I mean they are magus, secrecy and manipulation is par for the course of their life.

Well, anyone who knows shirou would of course not expect it of him, but it sounds hypocritical of them to be mad at him for it...unless you actually are depicting their hypocracy. I which case i guess this would be in character for them...
R-king 93 chapter 50 . 3/19
Great chapter
Greatazuredragon chapter 50 . 3/19
Great chapter, nice work.
hexmaster23 chapter 32 . 3/19
Favourite chapter by far. Now if only there was a way to hear Zoukens screams then I would have a lovely lullaby to listen to every night.
Falvern chapter 50 . 3/19
I doubt that the "Type Moon uber purists" are going to protest you taking liberties with the lore. You've kinda been doing that from the get-go to be honest. If any of them stuck around after your inclusion of the Dead Apostle Ancestors in the Fate universe (which fundamentally shouldn't exist as an organization), and Heroic Spirit Kerry (Blegh), then I doubt that you can include much else to really draw their ire.

It's good to hear that this is being updated again though. Even if you don't have everything planned out for the future at the moment, updates like this are still better than nothing. I wouldn't exactly call this a short chapter either. Though perhaps by the usual FFD standard, it is.

Pretty uneventfull chapter overall. Guess we can't really expect much else, given this is the aftermath. Shirou mediating this meeting between his (unknowingly) fellow Ancestors should be interesting though.
beamknight87 chapter 50 . 3/18
Nice to see your update. I've actually read this tale a couple of times already ever since you began it a few years ago and I think it is fantastic. Perhaps I was so engrossed by it that I always forgot to leave a comment so here I am.

Most likely you have read it many times already, but your characterization is superb. It is great to see so many POVs involved, along with the lore and explanation behind the mechanics of the tricks and tactics in the battles, along with the many subplots involved.

In many of your author notes you keep warning people about taking "liberties" with the canon rules, which may not be for the liking of everyone. Personally, I don't think you should give a damn about those. You basically laid the foundations for turning Kiritsugu into a Heroic Spirit, YEARS before that ever happened in the actual canon (if such a thing even exists, given all the spinoffs, side stories and stuff that keeps coming).

Not only that, I'm pretty sure many people, myself included, enjoyed seeing Assassin screwing pretty much everyone through the course of the War you portrayed. That was definitely my favorite part so far. Despite how you kept insisting how weak he was, he always managed to get the advantage and could have finished everyone had he wanted. Save for Shirou and Ilya, the rest will always be on their toes anytime he is near, especially Archer, who seems incapable of truly leaving the bad blood behind, as your decision to make him a Heroic Spirit basically made the existence of our red grumpy copycat a joke by this point.

Anyways, I can't help but to wonder what you plan to do next. The gist of Kiritsugu's gamble from the very beginning is pretty much done now that the Holy Grail War has finished, but the tale seems far from over. I can only guess that now you will begin to fully address the other major plot that was kept behind the scenes most of the time but has been a constant with the many little hints and scenes ever since the aftermath of the Louvre incident: the Dead Apostle Ancestors.

Archer's deduction at the end of the last chapter seems to indicate that something worse than the War is at hand thanks to Merem's interest in Shirou ever since they met in this story. You have mentioned multiple times the interest that said relationship actually brought to the other Ancestors, so I can only guess the different factions of the vampires will make a move soon, thus involving Shirou and the rest. Most likely in the form of overseeing the exchange between Merem and Fina for Arcueid's hair. That's going to end badly of course.

This is only a wild guess but I hope I'm not far from the mark because I've been looking forward to your story to address all of this since a long time ago.
Breakerp16 chapter 50 . 3/18
Good shit man, and everything government related in any way shape or form (no matter the country) is a pain in the ass.
Apex85 chapter 50 . 3/18
Quick, kill off Marjatta! It's the only way to be safe!
Apex85 chapter 49 . 3/18
Those Omake had me laughing like a madman XD. My sides still hurt.
Muda Muda T-T chapter 50 . 3/18
Love your work!
Confused chapter 1 . 3/18
Your summary is very confusing. 'Let it be known that the Magus Killer was not dangerous simply because he was dying and had no plans to fight.' You can replace 'not dangerous' with 'harmless' and it would mean the same thing. 'Let it be known that the Magus Killer was harmless simply because he was dying and had no plans to fight.' You're saying Kiritsugu is harmless when I'm sure that's the opposite of what you mean to say. Maybe you should take a few seconds to fix that so people don't get the wrong idea.
TevvySlade chapter 50 . 3/18
Haha my friend wants to bite your head off cause of the break from TTRT, while as saddened as I am I also read FFD so I'm not as distraught. Wonderful chapter, I'm glad I wasn't overthinking things feeling that this chapter was so short (I don't always remember to look at word count). You should get PS Plus and add me FlirtGuru exactly as you see you spell. I might not mind the shorter chapters if they come out a little quicker (3~)
In Brightest Day chapter 50 . 3/18
I just want to thank you for posting this chapter before I leave for USMC boot camp, it really means a lot.
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