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Fate chapter 51 . 7/19
Rhongomyniad investiga
TheWorldsTallestLeprechaun chapter 7 . 7/11
The description of Sirius at the end, coupled with him being a bombastic old scotsman has given me a firm headcanon on his appearance.

He’s Ulthane the Black Hammer from the first Darksiders game. And no, you cannot convince me otherwise.
Tirion Fordring chapter 51 . 7/8
I hate you

3 days

3 fucking days I've gone to bed 3 hours late because I was reading this late at night...

still the best damn 5th grail fic I've read
joshiro99 chapter 47 . 7/7
'Solid Kiri' needs to be a thing now that we know that cardboard boxes can hide from everything now.
Ariadne Venegas chapter 51 . 7/5
I really love your fic I read it in one go for three days!

I have my husband and brother who ocacionally pass really annoyed, lol, but they are watching fate stay night with my kids either way, my bro had it remastered and the other day we watch like 5 chapters in one go in my bro’s house.

I didn’t know about the other anime so i need to watch it or the new movie. And I must read the manga.

But I look a lot of info to understand better, I love your new characters and what you did with Shirou.

I would like that Rin and him devolp their relationship I think is not developed romantically enough like Sakura and him. I think he will need both of them

What about the servant they will stay? How much time?
Why th Banchees kids cry for Saber and not other servant? That was really peculiar

Also when Fina and Merem will have their contract with Shirou as neutral party?
What about the vampire ceremony?
Merem wants Shirou there?

I’m really curious I hooe you can uodate before your trip if not well we can wait off course

I hope you have an awesome trip!
Master of Dragons God chapter 51 . 7/4
Nice Chapter
mcduckdeluxe chapter 1 . 7/3
I like this a lot, spent most of the past few days reading through it. Glad it didn't just end after the war!
Scoolio chapter 51 . 7/3
Hope your alive and well. Worship and prosper the almighty log. Amen.
tanithlipsky chapter 51 . 7/3
qi chapter 51 . 7/2
Luvia sounded a bit hypocritical with how she said she wouldnt forgive shirou and waver for "walking them in near certain death" when she had all intentions of killing shirou and humiliating waver at the beginning. Then again that's probably intentional as a way to show how skewed/dishonorable magus are, but it certainly doenst make her very likable
joshiro99 chapter 51 . 7/2
What class would FakeDreams Shirou be?

I'm thinking either an Archer, Saber, or Caster with Madness enhancement EX.
zigmas chapter 51 . 7/2
Sorry, but I'd rather read more of TTRT, please.
harlequin320 chapter 51 . 7/2
great chapter as always, loved it, quite curious what this true objective of Merem's is and how CG EMIYA found out, and what Rin knows about it after her little blow up there at the end, also, love what you decided to do with Taiga, I am hoping you are not just going to leave it there, I want to see Taiga get more involved in this next arc, anyways, great chapter, keep up the good work
Guest chapter 51 . 7/1
Any chance we might get a trip to Chaldea to get some sweet sweet Apocrypha style battle royale?
I am POWER chapter 51 . 6/30
I still don't get why they hate shirou so much. The stuff he does isn't nearly as bad as what an actual magus would do and is miles more pleasant than what kiritsugu did.
And you'd think they would be used to some measure of secrecy being magi and all.
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