Reviews for From Fake Dreams
Guest chapter 1 . 6/1
So many elipses
Guest chapter 58 . 5/31
Ah shit, here we go again.
Pirate boy shouldnta done that.
Time for Shirou to show this fuckhead who's top dog.
Guest chapter 8 . 5/31
Good story so far but fuck me, Sirius’ accent is so annoying
timothychin90 chapter 58 . 5/31
Amazing work! I completely forgot about Issei until you just poofed him into the story!

Can't wait to see how you would work out Aozaki for the next part coming up!
timothychin90 chapter 56 . 5/30
Half the time I read I cannot map out the reasons and explanations to the planning that goes into this.

I only read and try to make sense of what plans goes through your head as you dictate how the story moves and revolves around Shirou. Absolutely mind boggling.
ShadowSage99 chapter 58 . 5/28
Well, another excellent chapter! Incredibly detailed and complex too, something I both love and hate about your stories... And the Type Moon multiverse really makes that shine, in all its glory and horror. Keep up your excellent work, I'm excited for all your new chapters!
Hainz Leonard Kim chapter 58 . 5/25
Thank authur for your concern and most of us wish you the same. Most because I don’t represent everyone in and most because I meant myself wish you to be safe. Wow I finally catch up like 58 chapter even of one of the chapter is a omake, Nicely done this long project of yours made me proud of humanity once more. Once again be safe and thank you for this pride and joy.
Pyroclastic flow chapter 58 . 5/25
God. This just felt like a giant dick measuring contest and Fina came up short. He is quite salty about that I imagine.
TheOmnificentOne chapter 58 . 5/23
are you ever going to go back to TTRT?
Zero-Zoldyck chapter 58 . 5/22
What stops him from just making several copies of arondight and then using alteration to make them small enough to hide in his coat to abuse the passive ability. He could have ex rank stats. Also kiritsuga would be ridiculous against svelton since all of his men are part of his reality marble so they would work as a spell just like shirous swords
Soul109 chapter 58 . 5/22
I just realized that your beta and i share the same username on other platforms with the difference of numbers,(example, my youtube account is a wayfarer109)
Guest chapter 58 . 5/21
Amazing chapter! I wanted to see dragon shiro so bad, it never happens on fics, although it may be a bit gary stu. Sadly, Issei just got killed, shiro was doing so well with no deaths so far, I hope to see shiro go all magus killer on Fina, show him who's the boss.
Guest chapter 58 . 5/20
Now you fucked up. You have fucked up now, Fina. He doesn't know it yet but Fina just signed his death warrant in Issei's blood.

This was a good chapter. I look forward to seeing how things play out next.

And that Omake made me laugh. See now, knowing Shirou's luck, Mordred will be the next servant summoned at Chaldea... And she will definitely have a bone to pick. I'd love to see it.

Nice work!
Mattroxursoul chapter 57 . 5/18
So was Shirou really upset about being sidelined in previous chapter because it is his territory? Maybe without even realizing it? Merem has pointed out he only enters because Shirou allows it. Wonder if it is one of those things for apostles that even if they do not realize it. Are over protective of what is theirs.
bullseye89 chapter 58 . 5/17
sweet jesus how can this story still be so good after 1mil words.
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