Reviews for Meet The Godparents
moonprincess97524 chapter 7 . 3/28
I love how Molly and Arthur got Harry to figure out the other way of feeding Teddy.
Sleepygirl68 chapter 38 . 3/14
I liked your story.
Is there a sequel?
Thanks for writing and sharing it with us.
csheila chapter 38 . 3/2
This was great albeit very different. I really felt the characters change throughout the story, which reflects how u listened to them. It strengthened the story.

A little twitchy over Ron hooking up with Luna but hopefully it's a passing thing.
missgsmith51 chapter 38 . 2/4
Thank you so much for your story thus far. Now I need to discover whether or not you've continued it somewhere. I certainly hope you have, as there seems to be a good deal of unfinished business left hanging. I look forward to seeing how everything plays out.
missgsmith51 chapter 37 . 2/4
**chuckling** I love Muriel! She certainly has the Weasley clan pegged, doesn't she? I like her special spell that turns DEs into garden statues. It sounds rather useful.
missgsmith51 chapter 33 . 2/4
It sounds as if Dumbledore has a rather unpleasant encounter coming in his future. I'm curious, though. What, exactly, is he attempting to hide from Harry and Hermione, and why is he trying to hide it?
missgsmith51 chapter 30 . 2/4
So your Baron was a Malfoy, eh? Is that why Dumbledore said H&H world need Draco to accomplish this task?
missgsmith51 chapter 26 . 2/4
Why do I have a funny feeling that Albus's portrait is headed for Azkaban ... or perhaps the Owlery floor at Hogwarts?
missgsmith51 chapter 25 . 2/4
It sounds as if The Powers aren't too happy with the meddling ex-Headmaster. Isn't there some pretty serious Cosmic payback for messing with Soul-bonded couples in the Wizarding world? His Karma can't be too good after the first such offense (THAT WE KNOW ABOUT), and here he was planning another?

For the record, I've often wondered why the Great and Wonderful Albus didn't just obliviate Snape (who'd been caught) of the knowledge of the prophecy and send him on his way with no one else the wiser ... and then left everything alone. Who was he to mess with so many lives? How many people died due directly to his interference and manipulation?
missgsmith51 chapter 17 . 2/3
"I always thought that Tim Curry would have made an excellent Sirius Black."

Not me. I'm a Clive Owen girl all the way. Since I first "met" Sirius in PoA, Clive's smoldering, 5-o'clock-shadow, "bad boy" looks instantly popped into my brain when I read the descriptions by all of those witches. To this day, despite the movies, he's who I see in the role.

I feel similar about Jeremy Irons as Voldemort. Whenever I read his dialogue, I always hear the slow, creepy voice of Scar, from The Lion King. I suppose it's because I do that whole "movie in my mind" thing when I read.
missgsmith51 chapter 16 . 2/3
My head is starting to ache. Time travel stories that move back and forth across time-streams do that to me. :(
missgsmith51 chapter 13 . 2/3
I apologize for focusing some of my reviews more on the contents of your A/Ns. It's just that you raised some comment-worthy ideas. :)

"Harry and Hermione have been deeply in love with each other since fall of their fourth year and have, for all intents and purposes, 'dated' without consciously realizing it since then. Make of that what you will." Works for me!

Why am I not surprised that, once again, we find that Dumbledore is a total "ass"tronaut? What surprises me is that he is there with the good guys. I'd have expected him to go elsewhere, the meddling old coot.
missgsmith51 chapter 12 . 2/3
I figured there might have been at least a burgeoning physical relationship between Ron and Hermione that began while they were on the run, sometime before he deserted them. His jealousy of Hermione's deep friendship with Harry - and her unwavering support of him even in the face of Ron's doubts about "the hunt" - also came into play. I think that's why the locket showed what it did. The Horcrux within played on Ron's biggest fear- that Hermione really loved Harry instead of him.

The situation these kids were in was literally a day-to-day, even minute-to-minute existence. I think some of the "rules" and moral values may go out the window for some folks in that situation. Ron had far more difficulty coping with deprivation and uncertainty than either Harry, who was used to it, or Hermione - who, let's face it, simply had more inner strength and emotional fortitude than one would expect. In the times when they were alone together (when Harry was on watch, for example), a physical aspect developing.

Ah. I think Arthur just "got a clue," as we say. Now, have H&H gotten that clue yet?
missgsmith51 chapter 10 . 2/3
"I feel if I should know something, something's just beyond my reach," Harry observed to the otter.

I suspect that "something" is that Harry is in love with Hermione. I think he always has been. In the beginning, he was a little kid, just eleven, so it passed as deep friendship. Never having observed a truly loving, emotionally intimate couple over the years (I don't think Vernon and Pet were ever that), he probably didn't recognize that what he was feeling was more than friendship. As an adult, he now simply fears or refuses to acknowledge it out of loyalty to Ron. I think that's why he latched onto Ginny. Harry does love Ginny and could be happy enough with her; but I don't believe it could ever be the deep, rich, inside-out, gut-wrenching love he feels for Hermione ... and Ginny knows it.

I also think Hermione has always been in love with Harry, but she was too insecure and felt he would never love her. I think she knows it now but feels honor-bound to both Ron and Ginny not to mess up the "balance" of things.

Unfortunately for Ron and Ginny, I think the intimacy of caring for Teddy together will be what finally opens Harry's eyes. Actually, I think Tonks and Remus knew the truth - maybe McGonagall, Kingsley, and Andromeda realize it, as well. Okay, rant over.
meja9201 chapter 13 . 1/25
While not a prolific reviewer, I'm occasionally moved to express my gratitude over the ridiculous set of circumstances that coalesced in order for me to be able to read your stories. To sum up; You. Are. Brilliant. Pay no attention to those without the fortitude to deal with a bit of pairings they find distasteful.
By the way, I've read more than a few stories where dumbles, is a bad guy, but I think you just won the contest... What a Bastard.

Thanks so very much,
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