Reviews for Meet The Godparents
DylanL chapter 32 . 12/15/2014
I'm curious as to how a pure blood wizard in a country with no military, got the title of colonel. And y is Astoria in Ravenclaw?
DylanL chapter 19 . 12/15/2014
Great story so far, especially the last few chapters. I just wanted to point out a minor error u made at the end of this chapter, u have the green eyed elf leavening twice and the violet one never leaving.
Kallanit chapter 38 . 11/6/2014
This was a very good story but it's not finished... speaking up for Narcissa and Draco, restoring Hermione's parents' memories and Harry meeting them, Harry and Hermione remembering when Albus tried to sever their bond, the whole Slytherin issue... there's a lot outstanding and unresolved. I hope there will be a sequel.
overbooked chapter 38 . 10/3/2014
Thanks for an enjoyable story. You did a great job with the canon characters, living and dead; Aunt Muriel especially was a surprise and a pleasure. The original characters were well-developed and appealing. I liked too many things, from plot twists to turns of phrase, to list them all, so I'll just mention Hermione's heritage and special relationship with the elves; her unusual connection with Luna; the way you were able to split up the canon pairings without bashing anyone except maybe Albus, who deserved it; Muriel's garden decorations; Centaur Relations; and the obvious care you put into setting up a possible sequel. I even laughed at your author's note about things being much different last century (the 90s!) than they are in modern times and can't believe some people didn't get the humor. This story ended at a good place; the one disappointment was realizing that there was no sequel yet. I hope you'll return to this universe some day and give us the next story.
Runecutter chapter 38 . 9/20/2014
Huh? That's the end? Where's all the story arcs going to? The meeting with Hermione's parents? The search for snake-Sal's rotten grave? The epic asskicking for Dumbledore after his insanity was confirmed for the very last time?

I like your tangents really much, meeting Muriel was great and all, but we've seen only tangents and gotten next to no real questions answered regarding the "official" main task of this two in the world of the humans... it honestly is pretty disappointing to see you make a pit stop at this point in the story and wave goodbye.
Runecutter chapter 29 . 9/17/2014
While i like the mention of the Thermopylae and the Immortals of ancient fame, it does not make a bloody bit of sense. Having got a horcrux does not make you unkillable as Voldemort proved. It does not make you immune to swords, spears or arrows, it won't armor your body against injury or maiming... it just allows you to keep a foot on this side of the grave long enough to try some magical stunt to regain a body and continue with your wretched life... That means it does not elongate a fight or having the object on your actual body would improve anything about its performance, so there would only be ten thousand cursing wraths on the fields between the hot springs and the Aegean sea and up to three hundred cheerful spartans pissing and teabagging on their corpses... Until or unless Xerxes has got a rapid delivery method for re-incorporating rituals ala the Graveyard at the end of GOF and is able to sustain those rituals thousand fold in short time, horcruxes are worthless for an army.
Runecutter chapter 26 . 9/17/2014
Aren't you a bit blasé with people of extraordinary lifespans?

First Ollivander who according to Maeve was here at the accords... which would make him about 1200 years old? Maybe even the original Ollivander who established the shop 352 bCE?

Then you mention the Flamels who reportedly were around 600-650 years old during the time of the Philosopher's stone... and now this permanent Eva ALSO was around when the Flamels bonded? So she'd be at least as old as they are?

That's almost a super inflation of the immortals... not to speak about the elves as they're supposed to be different, but for humans even magicals?

I like how this whole slumberland arch has resolved itself. Both Ron and Ginny reacting much more patient and sensible than any time in the books is a relief and helped make this "first morning after" moment something special.
I do not really like Maeve and her weird ways to give people chances and i loathe Albus who despite being dead is still trying to lead the living into the most disastrous situations possible until they'll only get out of them through HIS inspired mentoring... *barf* that is so disgusting self centered idiotic and short sighted, the guy deserves having his soul eradicated just so he won't accidentally be reborn or given the chance to appear in somebody's innocent vision five hundred years from now.

As for the letter... shouldn't Harry's version mention which names are elegible? It seems strange to mention the availability without explaining it a bit better, especially for muggleborn/raised teenagers...
Runecutter chapter 23 . 9/14/2014
A brilliant idea to have Ginny still carrying a bit of her possessive "friend" from first year (hers ;)) inside her head. The shrine was a powerful image for her shrewd obsession and wonky perception and the "curing" went really well with the rest of the scene. Including the lovely little cliffhanger.

I just hope we'll leave the Fairylands soon, as i'm still not completely enamored with that idea and concept. The only good things to come from it was a shortening of the endless dance around the "I love you"s and now Ginny's little mental cleansweep.
Runecutter chapter 16 . 9/11/2014
My head swirls from far too much exposition in this endless dialogue and i feel slightly betrayed by all that is implied and taken for granted (they don't need a romantic relationship to live up to their bond and what not more) during this careful prepping of Harry.

And it's less and less really their choice, more and more another round of manipulation BS bingo with the players who want something from them carefully pressing all the right keys to get the reaction they want.

It sucks to watch how they are setting themselves up for this charade :(
Runecutter chapter 15 . 9/11/2014
This plan is weird. Convoluted, complicated, prone to fail right when they "need" it the most...
And they should not be forced nor be willing to act due to a prophecy without knowing the real, complete, factual text of it... not that i believe it IS real, but the cliff notes version out of the dog's mouth seems a bit vague to act on it and too dangerous if Padfoot forgot some details or got it wrong (or was misinformed about the contents).

btw... the label of the prophecy said December 1998... that is half a year after the Final Battle and two years after Dumbledore shuffled off this mortal coil... how can he act according to the prophecy in FOURTH year when it won't be made for another four years? And if he didn't act according to THAT prophecy well... tough luck for the Weasleys, those two got bereft of their big chance at happyness and had to settle for a very sparse consolation price instead because of one persons hubris and moronitude, so what if they bite the dust, Harry and Hermione deserve to live out their true live and not make another decade of amends to mediocrity and polite lies just to placate the feeble minded and Albus deadasadoornail Dumbledore... It#s just not fair to demand that of them and to place so much responsibility on their shoulders again. So much sacrifice just to keep others happy? Frak it!
Runecutter chapter 13 . 9/11/2014
Whoa, did not see that coming :D
My problem was more with that i do not really need to know how far they have gone in terms of intimacy and that i disliked how it rubbed Harry's nose in the fact that they did "it", the timing was of no concern, as i see them having been together for more or less 18 months at this point in time and they're both 18, stuff is known to happen with less space and time to live it out at that age. But well... Ron's wedding tackle and its illustrious adventures are kind of outside the limits i'm comfortable with :D

Now this chapter really blew the top of the story... Albus actively trying to destroy a soulbond just so his big plans can succeed and trying to sell it by forging yet another friggin stupid prophecy for justifying it? The scene was heartbreaking and it really made sense from the weird dream sequence earlier, so kudos for preparing your big reveal so virtuously up front and make it such a surprise. I can see how any hardcore Harmonian who felt a bit disappointed up til now would totally be relieved by reading this and seeing the pinky swear moment. So cute it should be forbidden by law :D
Okay, i was also relieved, but i can stomach a lot if i'm promised Harmony at the horizon :D (but then you might really contemplate to work over - if you ever do a rewrite/error run of the chapters already published - your "hints" in the multiple author's notes regarding the timing... yes, it is literally Friday and it started monday, but you did not make it sound like the actual weekdays on which the stuff takes place, but rather as a metaphor for the scope of chapters published in comparison to chapters until the big change will happen, if you read "this is monday evening" in chapter 8 you start thinking how much time will go by until "Friday" will be reached. It really was shocking how fast thursday and ultimately friday came after you mentioned the monday-friday thing so often, just saying) and i saw clearly the many hints and mannerisms through the Ron & Ginny bits.
Runecutter chapter 9 . 9/10/2014
I agree with Harry on that "that's all" idea :D although i also have to loudly state "TMI" ...
I would not have needed to know they were already up to play hide the salami *yuck*
Another unfair thing towards poor Harry who's trying so hard to be a gentleman and do the right thing by waiting... okay Ginny's about two years younger than Hermione, but still... and to hear it confirmed so casually... it sucks!

But in other terms... i find this contrast highly amusing between Hermione almost dying so she'd not have to live a life without Harry in it and her "guessing" she's to keep Ron irregardless of his faults. Fits nicely to the other two in this quadrangle and Hermione having this bond while Ginny has secrets and guilt and anxiety to lose him to "her"... I know i'm majorly unfair here, but all this inferiority complex is satisfying to read as it's basically my impression from seven thick books and how those two redheads presented themselves in them... Even Hermione would be hard pressed to tell us what's so loveable at Ron if it were not for the "we hung out together since first year" bit and the problems with triangles and friendships and compared to the elder girl Ginny just doesn't cut it. She's shallow, petty and flighty, all the things that make up a perfect fangirl but a pisspoor partner for life. Nope i have to admire your setup and the careful distinctions made between the three interwoven relationships...
Runecutter chapter 4 . 9/6/2014
Uh-Oh... even without your clear announcement i think that a statement like "Ginny is getting annoyed by you having nightmares" should be the clear end of any romantic involvement... There's a ton of believable emotional responses to your spouse having horribly restless nights full of nightmares... getting irritated that he dares to disturb your "quality time" with this unnecessary ruckus is not one of them.
It just clearly shows that Ginny never was "in the loop". While she had tough times during both her first and sixth year and was deeply invested in the DA and the fight in the DoM, all that was ways below the nightmare levels all seven years presented to Harry and Hermione (Ron was so often AWOL that he does not count either... knocked out during the chess game, behind the dropped ceiling during the chamber, who knows where when the Dementors came for Harry and Sirius and then in the hospital when it came to turning back time, giving up on his friends during the tournament, mentally addled in the ministry, trying to melt together with Lavender in sixth year and who can forget his spa-vacation at Shell-Cottage during the camping trip from hell? There's no year he did not skip part of the "fun"), so how can she understand "her beloved"? Even if she weren't basically presented as only slightly tomboyish society girl of shallow interests and flightly affections, there are just differences too big to bridge in her life and experiences and those of Harry and Hermione.

You also hit Molly quite good. All this domineering the people she probably really loves, but can't just let be their own person to save her life. I find it interesting that in between the lines she seems to push Harry and Hermione closer together, does she maybe feel that it is not meant to be OBHWF? Does she recognize the signs with Ginny's behavior and Ron deserting for the umptieth time?
It reminds me a bit of how she turned in the question of Fleur after Bill's wounds... Ginny might be in for a lot more shouting matches if that feeling really turns out true... Molly tends to invest herself completely in her convictions, even if she saw herself forced to change them by reality... I'd love to see her fight for those two just because it's the right thing to do and Teddy deserves the best parents he can get.

Strong chapter and now you've got a perfect base for a long and slow romance story building on these foundations.
texan-muggle chapter 34 . 9/6/2014
I am going to repeat my comment from a year and a half ago and say...when are you going to stop being so selfish and start posting the sequel to this? *L*

Maybe if I bug you enough and get your review count to the 1000 mark you will listen...:)
Runecutter chapter 3 . 9/6/2014
As this is kind of an ending for the introduction phase i think it's time to give you some impression back.

First of all... where in these chapters was there H/G R/Hr? If for a handful of very vague mentions of the Burrow it would seem to me like one of the purest fics of Harmony there could be. And it played up fully to the strenghts and wondrous appeal of that ship! And of course showing where JKR failed when she ripped them apart just to follow her greater plan and get the ships she wanted to end up with... and while those ships sucked so hard when they were not coming from anything as solid and naturally feeling as this incredible feedback between Harry and Hermione.

Then the general plot... getting them to care for the boy for some time so Andy can look after Cissy and the big panel of authoritative adults sitting in judgment over the youngsters to see if they're ready for it right here, right now... i'm not perfectly happy with ALL aspects of it, Hermione never telling Harry she was asked to be the godmother seems a bit far fetched for my feelings... likewise the casual way Snape is tolerated and even forgiven does irk me more than a tad (Were he really reformed and a good man, why didn't he fight his own cesspool of infamy down in the dungeons teeth and claw? He was supposed to be a spy under deep cover after all, secretly keeping an eye on Dumbledore, he should have behaved like the best adapted non death eater in the world to never rise any form of suspicion... Instead he looked like the posterboy for "Why Death Eaters need to be stomped from this earth" and drove year after year of Slytherins deeper into the Dark for it... No that man does not deserve forgiveness or respect)... But the quiet confidence Andromeda and Minerva show into the teenagers was wonderful to witness and even Shacklebolt though he seems to be at least playing advocatus diaboli in this tribunal had a reassuring presence that just added an anchor to the proceedings, seemed to make it more official by having THE legal authority there to nod it off...

And the scene with the little rugrat changing hair and eye colors to mimic whoever holds him was to die for so sweet and cute and awesome it came over! (it reminds me kind of some stories where they ask how Harry could fall for Ginny while she looks exactly as you'd expect his younger sister to look like :D the prototype of a Granger-Potter coproduction so to say and i hope your introduction foreshadows there are some ... production run models to follow :P ;) )
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