Reviews for Misalignment
Dysthymic Panda chapter 1 . 10/12/2011
(An uncountable amount of apologies for the lateness of this review :/ Three months is an inexcusable amount of time, especially for a fic as incredible as this one. Gomen nasai; I'm very sorry that I took so bloody long.)

Good: can I articulate this...? This fic is... it's /beautiful/. I'm truly awed and a little stunned. You didn't just describe the prison, you gave it life, turned it into a startlingly real place and made Raoul's experiences nearly tangible in a gorgeous coalescence of details. (I can't even pick out my favorite lines because they're all amazing. "Every word a jewel", really.) But it's not a 'nice' story. It's saturated in brutality, and it doesn't shy away from the grittier, more unpleasant aspects of prison life; rather, it revels in and explores them to create a dark, violent atmosphere that incites the imagination and imprints residual traces of every physical strain, every cringing pain, every nerve-wracking sound, every frightening image, and every oppressive hardship on the reader's (or maybe just my) psyche. And yet, there are tendrils of wonder and suspense that play around the edges of the exposition and eventually add an extra sharpness to the action and excitement at the end. And the small touches of elements from POTO aren't integrated into this alternate universe, they're blended in so smoothly that they seem to naturally belong. Everything just... falls into place so solidly and comfortably, and that kind of harmony is breathtaking.

I'm duly impressed by Raoul's characterization in this fic, as well. The exposition recounting his transformation from a viscount into just another prison inmate is nothing short of brilliant. I'm besotted with how you linked traits from his viscount identity with his various family members; it describes his former personality splendidly and serves as a reminder for what he has lost. He reemerges as someone who possesses a grim resilience that will not allow him to break under the abuse, yet is still dogged by a pervasive despair. And I really like the use of his navy background to prevent him from collapsing into a weepy, pathetic mess and to fuel his adamant refusal to play a victim. His existence has degenerated from living to surviving, and there's something painfully poetic and tragically beautiful about his struggle. As for Erik, I'm very pleased to see some of his characteristics from the book integrated into this fic, because the more sinister parts of him really feel like they belong with the dangerous setting. I like that he's the ultimate figure of depravity in the prison hierarchy.

I don't think I would classify this story as 'dark', though. It feels black and blood red, and the subject matter is unapologetically cruel, but it lacks the bleak hopelessness that I think characterizes dark!fics. This fic didn't depress me; instead, it was rather invigorating because of Raoul's tenacious refusal to simply give up and wallow in angst. There's just this streak of optimism underneath the surface that makes it really... powerful. (Gomen ne, I know that makes, like, no sense orz)

(Also, this fic sorta reminds me of the opening of Les Mis and The Count of Monte Cristo, and that's just awesome :3)

Uber big thank you very much for writing this fic. You just... /really/ outdid yourself this time. I've never been more impressed with your talents for storytelling and skills at manipulating written language.

Bad: Typos *sigh*

"Before this had all began..." Perfect tense of the verb 'to begin' is 'begun'.

"...ones thoughts." and "...ones lungs..." I know you know what's wrong with these two because you wrote it correctly, like, right in the next sentence.

Misc: Anou ne, is it okay if I ask a question? Are there any reasons behind the names you picked for the four counts? I'm a little curious, because it seems like you put a lot of thought into what kind of people you wanted them to be. Etou... ne, also, about the historical accuracy... it's passable. I've been reading a book about 19th century French prisons, so if you'd like, I could tell you which parts are not-so-factual. But for the most part, this fic is believable, which is what's most important, ne?
Mallie chapter 1 . 7/23/2011
Oooooh! I'm not usually into really dark fics but this has me intrigued! Who set Raoul up, and why? Is Erik trying to protect Raoul, or cause him harm? What did Erik whisper to Lucien? I look forward to finding out!
re-harakhti chapter 1 . 7/23/2011
A thousand thanks yous for the prison!AU, it was better than I expected it to, the way you gave the prisoners and their way of life a flow and back story of their own - made the whole thing come together quite nicely.

Also the nickname 'Arcihtect' genius, I suppose men who are staring death in the face wouldn't be afraid of a ghost/phantom, but rather someone who controls their very surroundings.

Raoul having to say goodbye to his past self and life and adapt while still keeping some sense of his own identity around him was believable, and I think shows some of the personality from canon.

As someone who has read your fics over the past few years - your storytelling and writing has shown signs of development and maturity!

A gorgeous oneshot, and I wouldn't dare beg for a multi-chapter. At all. Ever. (cough)
whatevergirl chapter 1 . 7/23/2011
Wow, that was rather dark.. Poor Raoul was having quite a bad time. But I really enjoyed it! :)
The Crazed Artist chapter 1 . 7/23/2011
Very, very interesting. I like these alternate reality, and it's interesting how you both managed to keep Erik's/the "Architect"'s position and role the same yet opposite at the same time.

He is still a ghost, a dark man who has more power in shadows yet still has force, along with him being in control by terror and violence; yet at the same time instead of being just a person of power he also seems to have..."authority"? For lack of a better word at least, which is opposite of what is "canon". Instead of being a vagrant, outcast; he is like a boss and ruler, who belongs in his position instead of struggling and fighting for a foothold in the society which he lives.

Very good read overall. It makes me terribly sad that you are churning out all these beautiful ideas and plots only to insist on them being one-shots never to be touched by your pen again; but you are the author of course, you should never let yourself or your fans force your hand.

Thank you for the work,

The Crazed Artist
Emilx311 chapter 1 . 7/23/2011
Um...I really don't know what to say about this one. It was definitely unexpected in more ways then one. Not only did your surprise me by posting yet another new fic. this week but one that seemed to come out of no where. Wonderful writing as always, but well really where in the world did the plotbunny come from?