Reviews for The Ripper
readicted chapter 24 . 6/11
I almost forgot that Edward initially harbored nefarious intentions towards Bella. It's going to be hella intense when Bella drinks from Edward.
readicted chapter 22 . 6/11
Ok, THAT was one helluva lick!
readicted chapter 21 . 6/11
Is it just her human side that's dying and she will become fully vampire?
readicted chapter 20 . 6/11
Well that was appropriately kinky.
readicted chapter 19 . 6/11
She's dying, aww.
readicted chapter 18 . 6/11
"I can smell it on your breath." Oh gah! So she thirsts for blood when highly aroused? My Kindle tried to autocorrect 'thirts for blood' to 'thrusts for blood!' Hahaha I guess that would've worked too. Thrusts for blood!
readicted chapter 17 . 6/10
he dif always suspect himself to be high-born. But what's Bella's part in all of this. I do love a good mystery.
readicted chapter 16 . 6/10
She got her freak on, lol. Does she want/need Edward's venom to become fully immortal?
readicted chapter 15 . 6/10
Hmm. Trying to figure Bella out. Still think she's half vamp.
readicted chapter 14 . 6/10
Holy smokes!
readicted chapter 13 . 6/10
Hmm, so Bella has been searching for something, she's a history buff, she's strong and she has an uncanny sense of smell, but also a heartbeat. Hmm. A hybrid? Maybe the original Isabella didn't die by Edward's hand, and mated with a human? I thought Is an would be kinda pissed when she found out that Edward had lied to her.
readicted chapter 12 . 6/10
Willingly guessing here, but is there a connection between Edward's two Isabellas? The ring has some significance to her and one that perhaps will shed some light on Edward's mysterious beginnings. Does Isabella have information that will illuminate things for him? Sooo, how's this going to work with Edward showing up to the club with Isabella as 'Japer'?
readicted chapter 11 . 6/10
Yup, seems Isabella is plotting just as deviously as Edward is. Too bad he couldn't be patient.
readicted chapter 10 . 6/10
This is going to be a chess match with these two. I bet see uses flame to torture/tease him.
readicted chapter 9 . 6/10
Edward's an impatient vamp isn't he? Couldn't just wait for Isabella to contact him.
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