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goldengod 180 chapter 13 . 4/1/2013
this was funny
Kiue Jin chapter 13 . 9/18/2011
Hello. My name is Kiue and I'm a Kitsune. To be more accurate, I'm an anime toon who happens to live in Australia because it's a great place for a fox to live. Plus Anime is getting really popular here so there is plenty of work to go around.

First off, I'm really thankful and happy that you guys have been forced back to answer our questions.

Now on to business.

This first question needs a little background but it is for Wakko.


This is the middle child in our family, my older sister Hina.

Hina has had a crush on Wakko Warner for as long as anyone can remember. She saw one of the first Warner Brothers (and Sister) black and white cartoons back when we were first drawn in the early 1900's (What can I say? We've been around for a long time) and fell in love with the bottomless pit of a middle sibling named Wakko.

Something about feeling the pain of having an older sister who never shut up and an overly vain younger brother. But that isn't really important...

Hina has spent decades of her time in cooking classes of all kinds, claiming it was for her work as a chef but I suspect that it was in an attempt to win over the boy of her dreams. However, when push comes to shove she is too shy and afraid of rejection to do anything about her feelings.

Wakko, would you go out with my older sister? I need an answer if only to shut her up once and for all.

Dot: Why did you get a beauty spot in the first place and do you still have it?

Personally I hope you got rid of it. It makes you look like one of those sixty year something year olds that have so much work done to their face that it makes them look freakishly ugly as sin itself.

I look forwards to your answers.

Kiue Jin.
Leira D. Halloway chapter 13 . 9/18/2011
Helloooo everyone,-that nerves- good to know from the beginning, not drink coffee before writing this, I'm already crazy ... Well first of all, Yakko, I adore you, you're the best, I love you and you're super smart, hopefully one day could be so nice for you fasten your in me ... ah! above all, a friend thanks you for that thanks to the country song that you sang in the series got a good grade as a kid, well my first question is to:

Yakko: how it feels to be the older brother, what's your favorite candy and your favorite food?

Wakko: What do you do when you get bored?

Dr. Scratchansniff: an odd question: how is called a phobia of dead rabbits?, Is that I have a friend who as a child living in the countryside and his father pursued her with dead rabbits and since then he has a phobia of rabbits dead, the mere mention of scared and not know the name of that, if not, how would you?, why I'm hyper?, what I can to do to concentrate in class?, is it normal for my friend when she was two years has been placed in the middle of the street, or to be put on all fours and bark at that age, or who escaped from the kindergarten to go home and escape from the house to go to kindergarten?, it is normal to bite my friend? (everyone can give their opinion if they want)

Warners: give me a tip to exasperate the friend of a friend ... I love to drive her crazy, acts as Otto, when he shouts: SHUT UP!, PLEASE SHUT UP!, AHHHH! GOD YOU PLEASE BE QUIET!, and grabs his head XD, well for something I said I'm a little crazy ... almost like you do, and it is natural.

well that's all, hope you do not have sounded crazy ... Although I do not think more than the dream that my friend told me that was about a cat with a bottle of milk, after it is taken, winks, and fly ... adios, sayonara, I love you, bye.-if it is wrong translated, blame the translator
Yasser majayef chapter 13 . 9/17/2011
i have a question for the cast (yup, even for the new warners). what's your favorite greek god?
Pichicha123 chapter 13 . 9/14/2011

AND I'M LIKE "Yeah, why do you ask?" "You've been staring at it since you woke up and its already 12 o'clock" YAY!

Anyway, here is the vid!


If you can't find it that way, look for Impossible becomes possible



Cast: What do you think of the vid?

Do"t: Did you know there is an anime character that looks a lot like you? I mean she's a robot and she looks like a human girl, but her hair cut! And she thinks she's cute too! Her name is Zoran from Astro Boy, well actually her original name was Astro Girl, then she was named Uraine or Uran, and then there is her japanese name Wulan, look for her on Youtube and Google, you'll see what I mean.

Yakko: What do you think of the movie Astro Boy?

Wakko: Same as Yakko!

Scratchansniff: When I was watching animaniacs some hours ago I heard the Warners calling you "the studio shrink" why? Where does the word come from?

Hello Nurse: Where you a nerd at school? Or a cheerleader? What is the difference between a nerd and a geek? Speaking of cheerleader, check out this vid:


If you can't find it that way then go to Youtube and look for Time Warp: Cheerleaders in Slow Motion.

Cast: What do you think of THAT vid.

Plots: What were YOU in high school? A jock (Unlikely) or a geek? Scratchansniff: What were you in high school?

Katie Kaboom's family: Have you ever considered sending Katie to boarding school or Boot Camp?

Katie Kaboom: Why do you act like that? You act as if its the end of the world when your boy friend is late by a minute! I know girls that have no parents to tell them that their boy friend is going to be there soon but that actually burned them with hot iron and that their boy friend is a gangster that got them into drugs, and they NEVER complain, actually, those kids are really nice (My mom works at and orphanage, I get to meet lots of those kids)?

Well then, see ya later alligators!

Pichicha123 chapter 12 . 9/10/2011
Hello People!

First I want you guys to look at this user/Pichicha123?featuremhee#p/f/39/dlwMk3jepDU

If you can't find it that way than go to Youtube and search "Chicago- Cell Block Tango (Lyrics in Description)"

Yuval: What does you being Jewish have to do with anything? (Not meant to offend anyone!)

Staff: What do you think of the vid?

Katie: What DO people say about Central American music? (NO ONE DARE INTERRUPT HER!)

Yakko: What do you thing of the vid?

Dot: What would YOU do to the guy who cheated on you?

Hello Nurse: Same question as Dot.

Mime: When are you planning to propose to Hello Nurse? Where and How?

Katie: How do you manage to keep such a perfect figure? Do you consider yourself prettier than Hello Nurse (I personally do!)

Now I must go, my tutor says my 3 minute break is over!


I am going to tell you one of my social studies' teacher's jokes (His name is Mr. Roach ((No kidding)) )

So here it goes (clears throught)

What do you call a snail on a ship?





Animanizanny chapter 12 . 9/10/2011
Hiya again. I got struck by inspiration. Dot, if you could go head to head against hello nurse and minerva, what form of torture would you use against them? Wakko, I give YOU 10 seconds to list every wonderful thing about you, ending with the best thing. And Yakko, can you sing the song I'm Too Sexy? It just seems like it would be your theme song. Okay I love you, buh bye!
Animanizanny chapter 11 . 9/4/2011
Why helloooooo. I figured I'd bring myself back into the picture for old time's sake.

Yakko: I give you 10 seconds to list everything about yourself that you love to pieces, ending with the number 1 thing. GO!
Mikki Warner chapter 11 . 9/3/2011
Uhhh . . . Hiya! I just started reading your story and decided to ask some questions. (Is that alright?) Anywhoozles!

Yakko: Do you have a girlfriend? If you don't then be my boyfriend! Sorry you don't get a say in the matter. (Demanding aren't I?)

Dot: Why are you so convinced that YOU'RE the cutest?

Wakko: What's the wackiest thing you've ever done?

Plotz: HA! A lot of people hate you! Why is that?

Cool story so far! Happy writing!

~Mikki Warner
Pichicha123 chapter 11 . 9/3/2011
Hello People!

First off, can you watch the video:


If the link doesn't work then go to Youtube and look for "La duena del swing, Los hermanos rosario (This is the type of song you'll go to dance in a party in Christmas Eve where I live in, I'm not kidding! Every-time I go to a party with my parents in Christmas Eve this song is put at least once!)

Animaniacs staff: What do you think of the vid?

Warners: What is the most painful thing that you could do to Plotzy?

Scratchansniff: Normally I don't drink coffee, I have to sneak it into my room so my mom doesn't see it, she says that it'll stop my growth pattern (Not that that matters, after all as you get older you grow shorter) anyway, what is you favorite physicological disorder?

Hello Nurse: What would you do if you met Michelle Jackson (if he were alive)?

Warners: What would you do if you could Parody Osama Bin Laden (I'm not going to say he's dead because he has "died" at least 9 times already, wouldn't be surprised if he bombed the Empire State and declared war on the universe)

Mime: What do you think of Osama Bin Laden, is he dead? Or alive?

Yakko: Who is you favorite "best friend"?

Wakko: You're not dumb, just cuter than the universe itself! Can you eat other toons?

Dot: Do you thin the Barbie movies are an insult to humanity (like I do)? (I think its because of Barbie that blondes are deemed dumb)

Hello Nurse: Same as Dot's question

Well, see ya then!
grandma family chapter 10 . 8/31/2011
i have a question for pesto. who do you think have a shorter temper-you or katie kaboom?

that's all i have.

so here are some more questions!

wakko- why are you so dumb?

dot-why do you hate hello nurse so much?
Pichicha123 chapter 10 . 8/29/2011
Hellooo Nurses!

So, my first question is directed to:

Yuval: Can we ask for you to see videos on Youtube and ask for your opinion on them? (Please say yes!)

Yakko: Do you think (like me) that Twilight dishonored Dracula? (I mean, vampires don't shine in the sun! That's ridiculous!)

Dot: What is your favorite song?

Wakko: What song do you think describes you best?

Scratchansniff: First off, Grandma says hi, second, this is sort of my medical problem, I have ADD, I can't concentrate at school! One second I am listening to the teacher talk about the Punic Wars, the next I'm on the moon watching Princess Tutu dance ballet with the Warners, I multi task a LOT (Right now I am doing my homework, while listening to music and writing this review while eating ice cream), any advice for me dude?

Hello Nurse: You are a nurse, any advice for me too?

Minerva: Just so you know, I AM GIRL! What is the most horrible thing that has happened to you?

Mr. Plotz: What is the most messed up video you have ever seen?

Mime: How did you manage to have HELLO NURSE as your girlfriend?

Warners: What do you think of my multitasking problem?

Yakko: What is the most awesome place you have ever been to?

Well that's about it! Bye!
Yasser majayef chapter 9 . 8/27/2011
i have a question for skippy and colin. there are rumors that you became best friends after the big wrap party. true?
mwang chapter 9 . 8/26/2011
hey, so this one is for the hosts:

why is it that you guys hate "modern" cartoons? I mean, think about it-REALLY think about it, don't just dismiss this as some stupid person because then I will pay Slappy my whole college tuition and more to seriously hurt you. okay, so really, what you think of modern cartoons (that they are crappy and stupid and all that) is probably what your parents thought of the cartoons YOU grew up with.

just saying...

because (call us nutzo, crazy, wacko, boingled, bonkers weird person) we kind of like phineas and ferb. they do good parodies too.
Pichicha123 chapter 9 . 8/26/2011

Anyway, first of all, I wanted to answer Minerva's "I'm surprised you don't have a crush on me" well dear, sweet Minerva...


Back to the questions:

Warners: A friend of mine saw me in a sugar rush and decided she liked the way that I looked high, so she had dared me to have, 17 cups of coffee, 15 sodas, 5 candy bars, 2 bubble gum packets, and one piece of cake! Should I? Or shouldn't I?

Otto: Ugh, first off I have to give you a message from my grandma,so here it goes: Are you married? (! Me: Grandma! You told me you were going to ask him if he could arrange a Psychiatric appointment with you!

Grandma: Oh but he's so handsome!

Me: Eww! Naughty Grandma, Whatever happened to grandpa! You married him for Pete's sake! Now go over there and do... whatever old people do.

Grandma: Bye Otto! See me at the café on the other side of the street!

Me:Go do you stuff Grandma!)

Phew! SOOO Sorry about that, she has "issues", anyway, Scratchy, which of the Warner's do you think is the craziest?

Hello Nurse: Do you have a boyfriend? I mean, with your looks, I'd be surprised if you didn't!

Minerva: I hope you understood that I am a GIRL! Anyway, I haven't seen many episodes of you in them, so what is your main purpose in the cartoon, I mean do you get chased around like the Warners, do people want to eat you like Slappy, WHAT DO YOU DO?

Mime: What has been the most painful thing that ran over, fell over, or bit you?

Slappy: Have you ever had the desire to blow up the director of one of your cartoons?

Skippy: What is your birthday?

Warners: If you could be in a crossover with the Teen Titans, what would you do? (help them fight evil, kiss them, dance with them, WHAT WOULD YOU DO!)

Well then, G'night Everybody!
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