Reviews for A Degeneration in Mass
winddemon199 chapter 26 . 4/22
Shepard is kinda a hypocrite huh seeing as she manipulates jack but gets mad at Liara for supposedly doing it to her so weird. Doubt she's gonna get called on it though.
JimmyHall24 chapter 11 . 12/1/2016
Samara is a monster.
magnusvictor chapter 46 . 8/19/2016
No matter how many times I re-read this story, it's just as beautiful as it was the last time. Bravo!
SixPerfections chapter 49 . 9/28/2015
Damn fine job.
SixPerfections chapter 36 . 9/27/2015
Huh. There were hints of suicide but I totally didn't put it together. I really like what you've done with the character.
SixPerfections chapter 29 . 9/27/2015
A fantastic story so far. Even the fights are pretty exciting. You should think of writing as a second career. :) Yay!
SixPerfections chapter 15 . 9/27/2015
Sorry I havent reviewed to this point, but this story deserves some feedback and praise.

Surprised it hasn't even crossed Abby's mind to spill what she knows about the future so she can... I dunno help Shep save billions of lives across the galaxy when the Reapers come? That seems a little strange maybe.

Other than that this story is very well written. Original and enjoyable and well done, realisitc, coherent, well done character interactions... just one of the best written SI-type stories by far in the ME Fanfic pantheon out there. Fantastic job. The fact that you are a mature author as opposed to a teenager with wish fullfilment fantasies shines through and it is great.

Look forward to more.
magnusvictor chapter 49 . 8/23/2015
Goodness, my feels. Very well-written.
magnusvictor chapter 28 . 8/21/2015
I'm feeling sorry for a murderous alien vampire.

That's good writing, right there.
TheFallenSpectre chapter 49 . 8/20/2015
I've spent the last couple of days just reading this story from start to finish and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I've never really been a fan of stories where somehow one of the characters has managed to arrive in the game from our timeline, but yours is the exception. Loved every second of it, never come across a well written Samara/Shep coupling before. Now its time to move on to Shadow Play and find out what happens between Asura and Abby. Absolutely brilliant story.
Fake Nails Real Heart chapter 49 . 5/24/2015
This was so good.
RheasHelm chapter 49 . 8/19/2014
Excellent story.
You managed to integrate you original character really nicely into ME; the only thing that I did not like so much was that you kept reminding people that for Abby, ME was a game. I could have done with less of that. Besides, Aria and Miranda's theory is so much better - that Abby is an experiment that's being field tested. Who knows, maybe she's even a joint Asari-Human development, something like a Nexus android from Blade Runner, to improve the lives of their Ardat Yakshi population, or to identify and neutralize rogue ones . Although her almost symbiotic relationship with Asura also reminded me of Bioshock's Little Sister/Big Brother pairs.
On the other hand, this might all be in her head and the real Abigail lies in a coma in a hospital after her attempted suicide. Or these are her last moments and her brain is escaping to ME as her body shuts down.

The way you portrayed the Abigail-Asura relationship and how it developed was very well done. In the interest of fairness, however, you should refrain from calling Asura "the AY" so much. You don't refer to Abby as "the Huntington's Sufferer". Sure, sometimes what Asura is is relevant to the story, but other times she's just a person who's struggling with her life.
I wonder about the memory transfers between Abby and the Asari, the results seem extreme. It was great in the story, to have Abby re-experience their memories and thus tell us about what happened in the past, but I hope that the memories will fade over time or else Abby may well go mad eventually when she can't distinguish between dream and reality anymore, between what is herself and what are Asura and Lenelle. But if she stays with Asura and they start melding on a regular basis (lol, Aria already called Abby Asura's bondmate), this will probably reinforce the foreign memories. But maybe Asura can teach Abby something to manage this aspect of their union, she did not seem to be affected by it as much as Abby. Once she's mastered that Abby could become a Consort Shaira for AY! I'm sure there'd be good money in it. :)

So this is also a Samara-Shepard story, well, kind of. Poor Shepard just can't win, Samara's so conflicted and caught in her rigid code that she flees temptation in the end rather than show some flexibility. It is ironic and sad that Shepard, who helps and literally saves so many, is unable to do the same for herself, that the very act of kindness that she displays towards Asura and Abby dooms her own happiness (although I think Asura was just a convenient excuse for Samara to bug out, she's never been comfortable with her feelings).
Shepard's "natural beauty" is all courtesy of Cerberus/Miranda though.
I doubt Shepard would mind being seen naked by Samara. On the contrary. So there's not need to "protect her modesty".

There was an interesting dynamic between Shepard and Liara as well. Liara seem to be a lot like Samara, only that her defense mechanism against being swallowed whole by the force of Shepard is to reject the Human, to wall herself off, to be angry. Shepard's stubborn refusal to acknowledge that Liara seems to have feelings for her and that this is probably the reason for their strained relationship is interesting, however. Liara drops hints left and right, Miranda lets slip that everybody - that means her as well! - around Shepard feels completed by her and changes, Garrus even tells Shepard outright, and still, she keeps on pretending that all there is is Liara manipulating her. Wow, that level of denial is staggering.
I did not understand why Liara would brush off Shepard's attempts at re-establishing their friendship ("Don't ask me for friendship, it's the one thing I cannot give you. Not anymore."). Is that because of Samara? Is being "friends" not enough?

I thought the comment from Samara about Asari children being their mothers' true life companions, since their bondmates so often die on them, was very moving. I would think that they also retain strong ties to their siblings and other relatives. But do those ties extend to the families of alien parents? This is the first time I've seen this idea explored. I found it fascinating that apparently, Asura was accepted as family by the Turians and provided shelter and protection, even though technically she's not even a blood relative (I'm not sure one can even call Risha that, given the way Asari reproduction works).

With all the big things going on, I also liked how you had Kelly and Kasumi take care of Abigail, and how even Jack came to accept her.
Speaking of Kasumi, she was hilarious. Her attempts at getting Shepard and Samara together... lol.
Kasumi calling Abby "pet" reminded me of DA2's Isabella calling Merrill "kitten". :)

And Mordin programming a drone to shoot mites off Garrus and Grunt... omg, that was too funny.
ScOut4It chapter 14 . 8/7/2014
Yeah, Liara was stone cold in ME2 and I wished that so many other female crew were romantic options for F-
Shep. I thought that Liara deserved to get abandoned; I still pursued her, but talk about playing hard to get...
ScOut4It chapter 13 . 8/7/2014
I like the asari.

So glad that you wrote more on this story in further adventures :D
Sky66 chapter 49 . 6/28/2014
Chapter 4:

I was confused for a few chapters before I understood what was bothering/
irking me: the first sentence being in bold for each scene/POV shift. At
first it was strange, but after a few more chapters, it's much appreciated
and unique.

Chapter 7:

Was trying to take a nap, and my eyes were growing heavy, but then I came
upon "'Damn it,' he muttered. 'wrong alcove.'" I was laughing for a good 15
seconds. Actually, whenever Mordin talked at all, I was chuckling. There
goes my rest time.

Throughout: I was chuckling at a lot of characters actually. Thank you, its
something I really needed.

Chapter 15:

At the end of this chapter I felt ... that we were going to be just fine.
We as in anyone who is to end up in a situation of being displaced from their
home and falling within the ME universe would be 'just fine.' You really
bring out these characters so much so that it just makes me feel ... (smiles)

Thank you. (laughed up a storm during chapter 16. It's a funny coincidence
because I recall thinking about the scale itch that is mentioned in the game
before this chapter)

Felt this throughout.

Chapter 17:

I tried out the tapping exercise ... (chuckling) I didn't know it would so
difficult! My ring pinkie finger on both hands have the most problem
doing the exercise. Man, I have to start doing something about that. It
was fun though (laughing at myself too).

Chapter 22:

Whenever I see Abby described as a "vet" I keep thinking veteran rather than

Wait! "Sheldon" ! (gasp) Did you sneak a Big Bang Theory Easter egg in there?

Chapter 26:

Trying to go to sleep ... "'What the fuck Shepard?' Jack exploded. 'I'm no
fucking babysitter!'" (laughing)

Chapter 32:

Wow ... this is awesome! Just when I was thinking about Abby slipping up,
as most Self Insert situations have, it occurs!

This is amazing. There are good writers, great writers, and epic writers;
now I have to make a new section: meta writers.

Abby keeps saying 'fine' and I keep thinking 'freaked out, insecure, neurotic,
and emotional.'

Chapter 34:

What's with everyone's obsession with airlocks? (chuckling) I mean they
also had this fetish in Battlestar Galactica.

Chapter 36:

Throughout the whole Abby Asura scene, I kept imagining them having cloaks/
hoods while trying to speak softly with each other.

Chapter 37:

I notice that a few words keep popping up as misspelled or misused:

chocked choked
send sent
to too
rodger roger
though thought through
was were
believes beliefs
build built

At the end, my thoughts "... oh shit."

Chapter 42:

It's Tali isn't it? Wait ... Garrus? HOly shit! LMMFAO!

Chapter 45:

You did it again meta author, I just knew you were going to pull that scene
off with Shepard being able to fire her widow while Abby thought she shot
Lenelle. Just like Saving Private Ryan.

Chapter 46:

"... that it was the Normandy's. Dr. Chakwas and Mordin Solus got out ..."
I knew there was someone missing! (hand to four head) How could I forget?

Chapter 49:

"'I can't do that Jane'" (laughing) oh HAL, I love it!

I'm still amazed that you were able to come up with this story between games.
Hm, it makes me sad that this story is more to me than ME3.

... May I ask a personal question? (if 'yes, you may' follow up question)
What's your personal take on ME3? Mine was that the journey was great, but
the ending was ... disappointing (before additional DLC updates and even
after, even more disappointing). And it makes sense. The first game had
4 years of development, 3 years for ME2, and finally 2 years for the final
installment. Plus ME3 had multiplayer more DLC than I would have liked
(I don't have XBox live no DLC/updates). Whatever was on the discs
what I was able to experience.

Overall: I had a blast.

Best of luck, stay healthy, and update soon!

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