Reviews for Dawn
SF31 chapter 15 . 5/20/2017
Poor Hermione
SF31 chapter 7 . 5/20/2017
I know Dudley wasn't nice, but shouldn't Harry have checked on him?
SF31 chapter 4 . 5/20/2017
Or they could go to a muggle supermarket?
I'd have thought Hermione would have suggested that one...
Titasha chapter 51 . 5/8/2017
Fué una historia increíble. De verdad amo como escribes y tus dramione son los mejores que he leído.
Guest chapter 51 . 3/31/2017
It funny it would be so like the griffindors to destroy society because they were not the ones in charge. Seriously the society was just starting to stabilise and becuase the "right" kind of people were not in charge they threw a temper tantrum and threw it to hell. as it stand society ends up in chaos and ends. No way the two dueling factions would eve compromise on any thing, not the way they go at one another.

Kind of depressing really.

Ego vs Control
dragongirl2101 chapter 51 . 2/26/2017
This made my brain hurt, but in the good way.
Autumnvicky chapter 51 . 2/23/2017
You write darn good stories! Thank you!
Mistress-Cinder chapter 51 . 2/20/2017
If anyone has read your stories, they would know that most of the time they don't end happy. Ouch! This story bruised my little broken heart. Amazing stuff though. Draco behind the scenes was trying to be the Svengali or Puppet Master of Britian. You can argue whether he was going really to kill Hermione or if he was going to hurt her and make her and the baby come home with him. The important thing was that she defended herself. I wonder whether Harry took the Minster position after this. I would think he would just to ensure that things worked better than they had, but then again what happened to Nott and the remaining Slytherin who fought on the wrong side with the weres... Are they all political enemies of the state now? Harry was never understanding with any Slytherin accept for maybe Pansy. I love how Hermione's actions in saving Draco helped cause the civil war. Being Hermione and knowing what she knew at the time, there was nothing else she could have done. A lot to think about.
Midnight May chapter 51 . 1/10/2017
With your Draco's personality, I expected that kind of ending.
happiness8000 chapter 51 . 12/16/2016
Dark and good.
YolZiiKiir chapter 12 . 10/23/2016
Well that was a bolt from the blue.
YolZiiKiir chapter 11 . 10/23/2016
I am getting some serious Lord of the Flies vibes. I withold judgment until further notice.
YolZiiKiir chapter 5 . 10/23/2016
This fic has such potential. I am eager to see what you achieve with it.
Fleiur chapter 51 . 9/22/2016
*sigh* idk, man. I just so love the plot of this story. And this is my favourite, not one of my favourites but my only favourite among the Dramione stories that you've written. I read "best enemies"and "utterly despicable" but this plot/ story stood out 'cause the premise of this story is sooooo very good. SO WHY? . I will just think that they should end up being a power couple ruling the new era. They are. They can.

Where's forgiveness. Where's redemption. ? idk, man

But I respect you as an author and this is your story so..
Happy chapter 51 . 9/14/2016
Ugh - heartbreak! Betrayal! Ugly human choices! You're a great writer.
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