Reviews for Famous Angels Never Come From England
Verran chapter 1 . 9/27/2012
I've read this a couple of times and can't believe I've not reviewed it. Re your author's note yes, the narrative may be OOC but some salient points are made - Mario really is fighting for his own freedom. He really is the one who's being imprisoned. I don't see many fics that explore the idea of Mario wanting to leave the Mushroom Kingdom and this one brings about a very plausible - and sad situation.

His starry-eyed view of London is wonderful and I love the way you name-drop Solid Snake there.

So this is the third time I've read it, and it doesn't get old. Thanks for the read.
Souldin chapter 1 . 10/1/2011
I feel awfully scatter brained this week, I've barely reviewed anything and I keep on thinking I've already review fanfics of yours that I have not. But I checked and sure enough I had not reviewed this fanfic yet (though I do remember skim reading the SSB version of this once) and so as part of my strategy to read and review your non-ssb fanfics first I have chosen to review this one-shot.

Before I begin the heavy amount of praise that this fanfic surely deserves I feel there is something I must let out and talk of which does not affect the quality of this writing. 'The line, Why London?’, a nice and simple opening but also a good question, why would Mario want to go to London when, as I know from being a British man who has ventured to the Capital several times, it's a horrible place. The air is toxic, it's incredibly noisy, the drivers seem intent on running people over as they cross, the buildings look plain and dull (with exception to the monuments), and going to the House of Commons is best compared to going to a football stadium where two sides constantly bicker and yell out over one another. If the actual Mario was considering retiring then London is the last place I would suggest.

Anyway with that off my shoulder I shall talk about what matters; the writing which is gorgeous in every meaning of the word. This fanfic is not only one that is well written with free flowing details and decent word choices but also deep and thought provoking. It presents Mario, and the concept of adventurers in a different light and one can draw multiple perspectives from it. Some can see it as an expression of Mario's longing for a simple life of peace, while others could see his comments of 'eliminating the threats' as something sinister. Regardless it makes you think and such a thing establishes this fanfic as one of your better works, or at least in my opinion, because it's free to interpretation.

My criticism will be very light as there is little to criticise. I question why Mario never considered other places (alongside London) within the real world, or at the very least considered living in a village or countryside area where a simple life would be easier to obtain than one would ever get in a city. My other point to make is that, despite London being a pivotal piece in this one-shot, you use the word Soccer instead of Football, the English (and proper) name for the sport. This is not a major issue obviously but it felt out of place within a discussion that talked of an English place so much.

This was an enjoyable one-shot and though my own opinion of London makes me consistently baffled at why Mario would ever go there, the concept that the legendary hero always willing to save the princess longs for retirement so he can enjoy a simple life is one I can understand. Amazing job, keep up the great work!
fm0825 chapter 1 . 8/7/2011
I enjoyed reading this story a lot. It's sad that Mario may never get to retire from being a hero anytime soon.
James Terrazen chapter 1 . 7/30/2011
I'm fairly sure I reviewed this when the title was 'London, England', but it's not here. So I guess I'll just re-review this.

I love the way you humanized Mario in this. He's got his own dreams and aspirations, and yearns to be free from the 'cycle of conflict', to quote Square-Enix. It makes for a beautiful one-shot.
Tiana Koopa chapter 1 . 7/26/2011
This was really good!
PrincessDiMimi chapter 1 . 7/25/2011
Wow, extraordinary (: you truly have a way with words and developing characters. It makes sense that a seemingly fearless and forever energetic hero someday may grow weary of his endless travels. Even though Mario knows that he may never be able to be completely free of his adventures to save the damsel in distress, he will always dream and wish for a more serene life. Excellent piece :)