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JayToTheMe chapter 3 . 8/15/2011
I'd always wondered at the extent to which Haruhi ignored the level of coincidences occurring around her. Were I in her position, I'd like to think I'd have noticed that everything always going my way was suspicious. Seriously, how could one fail to notice a level of serendipitous fortuity so blatant?

Wait a minute...Durandall throws a hissy fit and leaves , and NOT TWO DAYS LATER this story hits its stride with such masterful eloquence, gripping characterization and riveting plot development as to reinvigorate my faith in the Haruhi fandom...?

Holy crap, I'M God!
Andmeuths chapter 3 . 8/15/2011
So this plot has kicked into high gear. What's rather interesting to note is that most fanfics don't explore what happens if Haruhi learns of her powers, based on the assumption that this means the end of the world. If this the End of the World though , it's a very believable exploration of how it might actually occur , in detail. And a very well written one at that too .

I really cannot see how Haruhi can avoid giving in to her temptations for long , or her emotions . A REALLY bad day would no longer produce close-space. It would result in the re-write of the whole Universe. Is a really bad day possible now though ?

Brendan Rizzo chapter 3 . 8/15/2011
Oh man. Now things have gotten serious. I really like how well-read you are; I actually got most of those references. There were a few words misspelled here and in earlier chapters, though. You may want to go back and look at that. Other than that, this has really gotten good. Haruhi had better realize the consequences of her actions soon, before stuff really hits the fan. Taniguchi is not looking too good right now. Can you say, guilt trip?
KeRose chapter 1 . 8/14/2011
Hello to you!

Off the bat, I would like to say that I am absolutely intrigued by your story. And after a brief hiatus from reading in the Haruhi fandom, this was a very warm welcome to me. As others have said, your summary was extremely eye-catching, and you certainly delivered here in the Prologue.

I was a little uncertain who was speaking when I first read the chapter. I love how slowly, paragraph by paragraph, it is revealed by mid-chapter, that Haruhi is the speaker. At that point, I had already fallen in love with your portrayal of Haruhi's inner thoughts and persona. This is the prologue, afterall; I can't wait to see how you write her when we are deep into the thick of things. I certainly do love the small references you make to the light novels. Usually, it is the good authors who reference the novels while others of lackluster performance use the anime as a guide. So kudos.

Speaking of the light novels, were have you read the latest novels? I used to read them somewhere until they stopped translating because of the novels being officialy translated. If you could provide that info, I would be grateful.

I wish I could continue to read the other chapters you have posted, but I cannot right now since I am tired, and I would like to leave proper reviews. So you will just have to wait. P

Until next time,

~K~( )
Brendan Rizzo chapter 2 . 7/28/2011
I like this story a lot. Fics where Haruhi becomes aware of her powers are pretty rare, and worse, most of them are very poorly-written. Luckily, this one is the exception. It is probably one of the two best fics with this gimmick on this site. You have a very good grasp of Haruhi's narration; I must say I like it even better than Kyon's narration in the novels. And unlike many other people here, you seem to be quite knowledgeable about things. Mikuru listing all the (fictional) disasters to befall Bangladesh and adding that their government banned Facebook was hilarious. I can't wait for this to be updated. You've got a subscriber.
Moo chapter 2 . 7/27/2011
This is really...awesome. Keep going!
OneDream 2Dream chapter 2 . 7/27/2011
Okay! Reviewing time! Overall, I loved this chapter! It was very long, and I liked all the real facts in it! Chopping through tables, LOL! That would be an issue. They did ban Facebook? Wow! I thought that Haruhi just made that up! The Navier-Stokes equation? Guess who decided she wanted to find it tomorrow! D Exactly how hidden?

What I didn't like/was confused about: Sometimes what Haruhi said wasn't in italics, was this supposed to happen or not? {{The first boy backed away. He stumbled; he tripped. He rolled his ankle and landed flat on his ass. Hopping gingerly, he limped away. He put his arm over his friend's shoulder, and the other carried him. Serves him right. He's at least thirty-four thousand, two hundred and seventy-six years too early to be thinking about violating Mikuru-chan!

"As opposed to thirty-four thousand, two hundred and seventy-seven years?" said Kyon. "Or, as opposed to, say, you?"}} Good example of that here.

There were certain parts at the very beginning of when Mikuru was introduced to the story where she seemed a bit OOC. However, this got better and better as the chapter went on!

What I liked: There were a bunch of funny parts! {{"You do realize that four high-school students can't possibly fit behind a thin white pole," said Kyon. "It's a bit impossible."}} This was my favourite. Really, I loved the entire Santa part! You can be very funny!

As well, I love how in character Kyon and Haruhi are. Yuki's pretty in character as well! Awesome work on that! Haruhi's father? I haven't heard much about her family, and I hope you include a bit more of it in your stories. I saw really no grammar or spelling mistakes. Overall, this is very well written and I liked all the facts in it! I really enjoy reading this story and can't wait to read more! And I'm sorry if you think there's a lot of critism, I just really hope to watch you improve!
BenignUser chapter 2 . 7/27/2011
Aw, I really felt for Haruhi when all the coins came out only fifty yen. Your story is simply amazing, and I appreciate every word. You truly bring out the melancholic nature of the original works.
BenignUser chapter 1 . 7/27/2011
Looks very promising. I look forward to more.
OneDream 2Dream chapter 1 . 7/25/2011
Hello! I really liked your story, and how the machine gave her extra money! I liked that, but that part was a bit confusing. Did it then give her the money she gave plus the extra back? I did love the beginning, with the rain and all. It was really good! Everything was well checked over and written. I can't wait to hear more! Keep writing, update soon, and great job!
superstarultra chapter 1 . 7/25/2011
After I read the summary, I just had to read this and see where it would go. I like reading stories that take this plot idea, but yours is one that looks much more professional. Very smooth grammar, by the way.

Everyone has their own version of Haruhi, but yours just strikes a chord with me. Seeing how this story will be mainly set on herself and her discoveries may have to do with that.

You have a very good interpretation of Haruhi here. I really like how you handled her in the scene with her and the two girls. That was so like her to do something like that.

I cannot wait to read some more of your story for later. Best wishes and good luck in seeing it through to the end.
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