Reviews for Bags of Flesh
Katherine chapter 1 . 7/13/2013
I wonder why not just tag Vic as the main character? It's obviously Zsasz lol. I like him in an odd way (just so long as he's fictional and I never run across anyome like him lol - I have to stay a zombie, other zombies need me haha). He's one of the ones with a real purpose not bent on wealth, just twisted 'ethical schizophrenia' in a way... He's aware, intelligent in his own manner, but it's his sense of ethics we take for granted that's off. Those are the good ones, the scary ones, the ones who think they're actually doing the right thing. Far too realistic. This story may be years old and this review unnecessary, but thanks for giving a heads up to one of the creepier interesting villains.
0093 chapter 5 . 10/31/2011
I love all I can say. .YOU!

Amazing story I am truly a fan of your work my friend.

May your days be filled with dissapiontment and unfulfilled promises.

Good luck my friend.
Matt the Batman Fan chapter 5 . 10/3/2011
Well, I will admit that I did see the ending coming. Then again, I suppose we see a lot of things coming when we read but sometimes it can be so entertaining that you'll keep going for the little details. The story was a little to short and full of the flashpoints for me to fully have that feeling but your penchant for taking on the horror genre that I enjoyed it in a good way.

Sorry for taking so long to read it, mate. Maybe I'm just spending too much time fighting my own war for meaning.

Ah, God bless comics and their melodrama-laden characters! Where would we be without them? (thumbs up)
Matt the Batman Fan chapter 2 . 10/3/2011
Once again, you're making me regret the fact that I killed off Zsasz so early in The Misfits. As simple of a villain as he is, he is undoubtedly fun to write and a great deal of fun to read when someone gets him properly. Comics are all about making the extraordinary look ordinary and, subsequently, the description of the first three murders and Bruce and Jim just going through the motions matched that tone quite nicely.

Again, the only complaint is that I wish the story was stretched out. Perhaps that makes me a little sick that I want to see Zsasz's scenes stretched out but I'll just leave that psychology aside and roll on to the next chapters.