Reviews for REWRITEN: Iwaki's Baby and Katou's annoyance
Guest chapter 10 . 5/30/2015
Nice, there are a lot of spelling errors, beside that nice story
gf chapter 10 . 1/22/2015
thanks chapter 10 . 2/24/2014
what a clever was romantic and had . some funny enjoyed it .You regally captured the two leads personalities.
Guest chapter 10 . 10/23/2013
hurry up and finish the awesome story, and if u dont mind i think it would be great if the whole world foumd out about the pregnancy: jazzy
miu39 chapter 10 . 10/23/2013
jajaja going to start changing attitudes of iwaki
katou mood you can with this

very good fic

good you leave

Ariel chapter 10 . 8/24/2013
Make more
Akira Nishikawa chapter 3 . 4/26/2013
Iwaki Kousuka


Kyosuke Iwaki is the correct name
Akira Nishikawa chapter 2 . 4/26/2013
The story seems nice have enjoy it so far but what I thick its funny is the fact that despite of beeing married they still call each other for their last name and not given name and that Katou still use the - san - xDD so odd for a married couple in my opinion.
Guest chapter 10 . 3/11/2013
Nice story...pls continue
Guest chapter 9 . 11/9/2012
my story similar to what happens with iwaki san ...
Guest chapter 10 . 11/9/2012
i like thhat
Amie chapter 10 . 9/10/2012
So funny. It's good , loving your work.
fionamoto chapter 9 . 3/5/2012
Loving this so far, Iwaki-san and Katou are just so sweet and cute together. I cannot wait to read the next chapter, please update soon and keep up the wonderful work!
tierrayaoi chapter 8 . 1/3/2012
Awesome awesome TT-TT BEAUTIFUL
Black Kitty77 chapter 7 . 12/29/2011
so nice~~~~~~~~

next chapter plz!

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