Reviews for Take Her Best Shot
Tear of Light chapter 1 . 8/4/2011
This was a wonderful one shot. Very well written and definitely well researched. You had me giggling in some parts, going awwww in some parts, and smiling in some parts. Just wonderful all the way around. :)

Well done!
deathcurse chapter 1 . 7/27/2011
In reference to the Author's Note, I'm amazed that you've put so much thought into this, enough to write a whole fic about it! (Not that I'm complaining-ficcage!).

Vivio walking around with her nose in a book makes me think of Yomiko from Read or Die P, and of myself for having that same habit! D It definitely shows Vivio to be more bookworm than fighter right off the bat. Although I'm disappointed that she was reading an e-book instead of a paper-bound book! _-

I did like how your street gang of dastardly thugs included both girls and guys: gender equality!

This is definitely a "Kid" vs "Parent" difference _-: when *I'm* leaving for a trip, my mom makes *me* the delicious food! But I suppose that Fate as a mom would be making the meal for her family D.

It's neat for me to read your fics where Nanoha is breaking down Vivio's technique and giving her commentary, just like she would for her students ). It's always so interesting to read! It's nice that Nanoha did recognize and tell Vivio that her immediate impulse to help is a good thing, but one that has to be tempered by logic and experience.

Now, Vivio's crack to Nanoha about how Fate never turns her back on her in the kitchen...that can be read many ways _-. But it's cute how Fate will likely be more distracted by Nanoha; or that Vivio is the better thief, LOL!

I actually didn't think that this was a Shadowverse story when you mentioned Lutecia being a Device Meister, since that was in ViVid...but then the comment about her many injuries had me nodding and going "Yup, must be Shadowverse" _;;.

""I'm not sure this is a good idea..." Burning Glory didn't quite yelp, but it was close." - Don't worry, Burning Glory, it could be worse: *floating stuffed bunny form waves*...

"Especially since I keep finding myself in situations where I have to use my magic to fight." - *Snicker* Lampshade hanging from the author? _-

Cute ViCia moments there D, and Burning Glory practically has his own personality now! And the omake made me grin, and imagine Vivio in a spaghetti western _...
Solarius Scorch chapter 1 . 7/27/2011
I'm not really familiar with the Shadowverse canon (yet), and my inherent difficulty with reading manga or comics make it hard to go past the anime, but it was a story as entertaining as you always deliver. Great job, and inspiring too.
CeeLes chapter 1 . 7/26/2011

Another amazing Shadowverse story. Well Vivio was again in trouble and managed to rescue the woman without many setbacks, hehehe, that still makes me laugh and Nanoha made known her continuous mistakes. I love the glory burning device is really great, I prefer to kris. Thaks a lot for sharing this story.

I loved the small omake theater.

Again, i apologize for grammatical errors, i have to retake classes T_T.
RadiantBeam chapter 1 . 7/26/2011
I like this a lot, obviously. I was curious with what you would do ever since you mentioned the idea, and I love how you worked it all and put it together from my original concept of Burning Glory having a Revolver Form. As always, the focus and development on Vivio is much loved and appreciated, and I still maintain that you handle her much better than I ever could!

Also a nice little touch and shout-out to canon, having Lutecia being good with tinkering with Devices (I'm now imagining her messing around with Victor's Device just to screw with him...), and as always, it's a cool little callback to see Vivio so worried about Lutecia's job and what she's been doing to herself before her breakdown, since it reminds you even in a little way that all is not right for her.

Also a nice little touch on Vivio noticing it's gotten "worse"... which means it probably took a nosedive somewhere around the time of Miranda's death, and has been going downhill ever since, as "Shadow" and "Sunrise" attest to.

And the omake is just perfect. It was cute to see Burning Glory get so much focus, and damn if he doesn't sound like Raising Heart's kid a few times in the fic. And the thought of him going "Draw, partner" every time he sees a gun-shaped Device makes me snicker. Someone is very proud of his upgrade!

Keep writing! You know I'll keep reading. :)