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gykinga chapter 42 . 10/20
Hi, any chance you will finish this story?
Guest chapter 42 . 10/17
I have reread this story so many times! I don't know if you will ever update again, but I keep hoping that you will!
Renee Aubin chapter 33 . 10/15
While they’re waiting to see how Renee’s visit unfolds:
‘"What are you thinking?" Edward asked as I tied up my shoes.
I looked up and smiled at him. No matter what happened, he was mine, and we were going to be together.’
She should have simply told him exactly that!

Pretty funny, and very Jacob – Bella gets annoyed with his ”failure to communicate” when he meets them on her front porch:
‘…Jake's continued silence. I released Edward's hand and rushed up the steps to stand in front of him, snapping my fingers in his face.
"Hello? What is going on? Why are you and Billy still here?"
His gaze finally left Edward's face and fell on mine as he chuckled. "Shit. Calm the hell down, Bella.”’

Not a bad strategy in this case, to get Charlie and Billy buzzed. A hilarious image:
“Your dad can't stand on his leg, my dad can't get out of his wheelchair, and they are trying to throw punches like two prizefighters in a ring. It was ridiculous."
I also enjoyed “Miss Alaska was none too thrilled with me when she showed up…”

Wow – way to draw the line, Charlie:
“I meant every word I said last night, and I'm finished discussing it. If you can't get past your biases, then we have nothing more to discuss.”

Oh shoot, Bella’s shield accidentally shoves Billy’s chair into the wall. True: ‘Maybe I understood the testosterone pissing match better than I thought?’

Renee’s radar is pinging:
“You know Dad would have told you if anything was wrong."
"No, I don't know that. Both of you are being so cryptic.”

Yikes I can’t imagine Renee is ready to hear this, re the timing of the wedding: “Actually, since you are here maybe we can do it before you leave."
She hasn't even met Edward yet!

The Alaska plan seems like a good diversion plus, of course, it’s true. Charlie sure took the heat off Bella.

Snicker: ‘I looked over at Charlie. "Tanya's here, too."
She sniffed and tried to look uninterested. "Tanya? Never heard of her."’

Funny that Charlie ‘was a better liar than I ever imagined.’

Oooh, meeting four of the Cullens/Denalis all at once! Kind of like the Forks High cafeteria scene, where the presence of a whole group of them just emphasizes their “difference”.

Smile: ‘Both Mom's and Tanya's eyes narrowed slightly, each sizing up the other.’
A bit more subtle than a “testosterone-filled pissing match”, but with the same intent.

What a conclusion Renee jumps to: "What is this?" she whispered furiously. "Are you and your father in some kind of cult?"
I can see that it makes some kind of sense, but I don’t blame Bella for cracking up!
MyladyNancy chapter 42 . 10/13
thank you for sharing your immense talent. Can't wait ti see the fall out to all this.
MyladyNancy chapter 38 . 10/13
excellent chapter. I have so been enjoying this story... Please continue it
Renee Aubin chapter 32 . 10/5
Oh my gosh, what an awful vision, that if Charlie tells Harry the whole truth, Harry would have a heart attack. Something like that is so unpredictable from normally available human info, so Alice’s gift is priceless this time.

Yeah, big improvement over the canon prom: ‘I was glad I wouldn't have a cast on my leg this time.’

Kind of startling: ‘I smiled for [the photos], whether it was because Emmett kept making us all laugh or perhaps because it would end up being one of my last human memories.’

Smile, at the dance: ‘The stares we garnered on a typical day were nothing compared to the stillness of the room when the six of us walked in together.’

Cute: ‘"Well, Edward, if you aren't going to dance with Bella, I'm going to take her out for a spin," Emmett said after we had been sitting there for a few minutes.’

A lovely moment with Jasper:
"I'm ashamed to admit that when Alice first had her vision, I didn't want you to come here. … I've never been happier about being wrong."

See, Bella? Putting up with a little primping is totally worth it:
‘I rested my head on his chest as we swayed back and forth. No words were necessary between us, and it was nice to simply enjoy the energy that flowed as we pressed together. …I heard his sweet voice in my ear.
"Are you glad we came?"’

Wow, what a great surprise, their cottage from Alice’s vision. Perfect site for his proposal.

Ha ha:
"So, Charlie's all right with this place?" I asked.
He grimaced briefly. "Bella, I really don't want to think about your father while I'm in the act of seducing you."

Oh heck, Renee’s in town? With Tanya? And Bella’s brand-new engagement ring? And with so many people having knowledge of the supernatural creatures?
Renee Aubin chapter 31 . 9/27
Awww: "Bella Swan, are you telling me you want to marry me?"

Nice use of “don’t keep me waiting”. Echoes of Alice and Jasper.

Yeah, sounds like Edward: "Keep taking your pills until after we're married. If we do have a child, I would prefer we were married first.”

Wow this is more mature than canon Bella (of course, almost anything would be!):
‘"Do you care if people think that [she’s pregnant]?"
I shrugged. It would irk me if people didn't believe Edward and I were in love, but there wasn't anything I could do about it. Ultimately, it meant nothing in terms of the bigger picture.’

Whoa, Bella! ‘I wondered how worked up I could get him…’ Yeah, that would be fun. But … cockblocked again. Funny that the other Cullen siblings mostly want a break from Tanya and Charlie.

Cute: ‘Alice was bouncing around more than normal, so I assumed she'd seen my decisions.’

Laughed out loud when Emmett called Charlie “Chuckles”. Predictable reaction, though.
A good Charlie line: “Why am I here with you yahoos?"

Yummy: ‘I hadn't had her in my bed since our first time together…’ He certainly made the most of it. Sweet idea that he liked keeping the bent bed frame as a memento.

Nice job, on Edward’s thoughts second-guessing what Bella had decided:
I had to trust her. She knew everything, she had all the information. I needed to believe her when she told me this was what she wanted.’

An interesting variation on the Port Angeles events. What a surprise for the creeps to find themselves confronting a female vampire instead of their expected human victim. Nice that Charlie got a chance for a little fatherly revenge too.

Smile: ‘Tanya and I working together to get another girl's father to allow us to marry was something I never thought I'd witness.’

Ooh, creepy that Bella’s having scary dreams. A little surprising that she hasn’t told Edward.

Nicely said: "I always thought being the Chief was the most important thing in my life. Then Bella came back and now there's you," he said, looking at Tanya. "I suppose this break from the job because of my leg has also given me a chance to take stock.”

Ha ha, after Charlie and Tanya continue to flirt,
‘Bella and I were definitely going to need a private residence. I couldn't handle being around them all the time.’
momma2fan chapter 42 . 9/26
OMG! You left it there!? You have to finish!
Renee Aubin chapter 30 . 9/19
That is an interesting point that during Alice’s Vision there was no attraction between Charlie and Tanya when they met at the wedding. ‘It made me wonder exactly how the mating connection worked…’ No kidding. Not something you’d expect to be variable.

Smile, when Bella touches Charlie:
‘I stood up and pulled Bella behind me when Tanya hissed at her.’

Nicely said: ‘Obviously everyone was used to Tanya's exploits on males of the world, but I knew it went much deeper than her usual short-term succubus attention span.’
Ah, and of course Jasper can pick up what’s happening.

Even though Bella surprises Edward (again) with her reaction to Tanya and Charlie,
‘With her wrapped around me, I no longer cared much about her explanation.’ Snicker.

A nice touch: ‘I would have spent the rest of the day putting my scent over every inch of her body just to be sure she knew, and everyone else knew, she was mine.’

Aww: Charlie ‘looked at Tanya with such hope in his eyes; my heart actually ached knowing he must have felt so lonely all these years.’

Ooh, yeah, that is a complicated question whether it’s now best to tell the Denalis about the Vision.

Wow, Eleazar was certainly pushy about Bella and Charlie not having a choice re being changed.

Good for Bella: "That's none of your business. Those are decisions that have to be made by me and my father.”

‘You can trust us," Eleazar said.’ Huh, I’m skeptical given his threat to report to the Volturi if Bella and Charlie weren't either changed or killed.

Now this is a good question:
‘“It's curious why Laurent was back in Forks anyway after going to Alaska. Why would he come back to kill me, on Victoria's whim, if he was so tightly bound to Irina?" I asked.’

It was interesting to see the fracture between Kate and Tanya over Laurent and Irina, and their possible threat to Charlie and Bella.

What a creepy idea, that Heidi and Victoria knew each other.

‘What scared him most was the Volturi finding me when I was still human.’ So what is Bella up to now?
Roochi chapter 42 . 9/18
One of the best fics I've ever read... I really need you to continue it. Please update soon and don't abandon this story
Renee Aubin chapter 29 . 9/12
I’m still (very pleasantly) surprised when Edward gets undressed before getting into bed with her, under the covers. Dreamy sigh. Also with all they’re dealing with, it still startles me when they have to go to school. But didn’t you feel that way in high school, that your “real life” was so much more important than school trivia?

Edward’s explanation re Tanya: "In the times our families have seen each other over the years, she was interested in more than a friendship…”
That’s a LOT of years he’s talking about. I wonder how many days/weeks the Cullens and Denalis accumulated together over those decades. And I do find it hard to believe Tanya never jumped him, at least to kiss him, although come to think of it, he’d be hard to surprise.
Bella’s definitely right about this: ‘How could I really blame her for being attracted to Edward?’

I do love that Rosalie is Bella’s friend too, not just Alice. And as you say, clearly wants her brother to be happy. So sweet that they bug her to ask him to the dance. And good for Bella:
‘What the hell? I could suffer through a dance if it would make Edward happy.’
Thank goodness she’s mature enough to realize it won’t kill her!

So when she asks him,
‘"Yes," he said, before giving me a kiss that made my head spin.’
Totally worth it.

Ooh, when Edward hears Charlie’s thoughts about what he wants to say to Bella, we get a taste of how canon Edward didn’t exactly put a premium on communication when he felt threatened.

Wow that’s quite a strategy Charlie had to test the strength of E&B’s connection. What would he have said if she agreed to go to Jacksonville? It’s a good touch too that even after he backs off she still doesn’t really understand why he did that – all too common between older teens and parents.

Oh my:
‘"The only option is whether you want to be a part of my life or not," I told him.’
Good for her.
And then Charlie ratchets it up by asking when she plans to be changed. He’s no dummy.

I like that Bella is determined to stay in contact with her mother somehow. I always thought that was lame in canon.

This is great – the heart of the matter:
‘"Just say it, dad."
"I'm scared for you. Aren't you scared?" he asked.’

Excellent: "Is that why he's in your room every night?"
Oops. Sooner or later Edward had to be distracted enough to forget to monitor Charlie’s snores!

This made me laugh out loud, when Charlie’s done for the night:
"You can call them. They can come back in. I'm sure they've got the house surrounded."

I bet Edward wore a groove in the turf or sidewalk somewhere, pacing:
‘I stayed within listening distance the whole time Bella had been talking with him, ready at any time to go and get her out of there.’

Interesting, from Edward: ‘…nor was [Charlie] happy with the arrangement of my being with her at all times…especially at night. I understood his dilemma on that front to a point. However, my vampire nature would not tolerate any obstacles between me and Bella.’

It’s amusing to imagine Cullens sprawled all over the Swan house as you describe.

Wonderful, perfectly Charlie:
‘"How do you know?" Charlie asked… "Oh yeah, that mind thing," he said, gesturing towards his head. You are sitting too close to my daughter. Did you hear that?’

I enjoyed how Jacob just made himself comfortable in a room full of vampires. I snickered at Edward’s annoyance with his table manners. It was nice, too, how everyone pitched in with solutions of a place for Jacob to crash while his father was being an idiot.

A fun variation on canon: Charlie ‘hobbled outside and Jacob phased for him. It took a couple more beers before the shock wore off.’

And finally she gets to see Edward’s skin in the sun. ‘She barely noticed the food I laid out for her as we sat on the blanket. She was too enthralled by the way my skin sparkled in the morning sunshine.’ Well duh!

A good detail: ‘Eleazar and Carmen shook [Bella’s] hand gingerly, not used to contact with humans.’
Funny little hissing contest between Bella and Tanya.

Charlie once again laying down the law to a group of vamps:
‘“…it would be dangerous for you if the Volturi knew of your existence," [Eleazar] explained.

"And none of you are going to tell them anything," Charlie said.’
It’s hard to imagine Carlisle or Esme being that direct with their long-time friends.

Understandable too that Kate and Carmen are worried about the two humans knowing too much.

Well since I’ve read the whole story before, I know what’s up with Tanya, but I’ll save my comments till next chapter.
Renee Aubin chapter 28 . 9/6
I enjoyed how Edward’s blatant territory-marking kept the doofuses from school from asking Bella to the prom.

The story about turning Lauren and Jessica’s nasty trick around on them was good too – they did it to themselves! Jasper was smart to warn Bella about the risk of accidentally revealing her shield.

A good point: ‘… being able to hear thoughts didn't necessarily equate to understanding them.’

Good for Bella, re avoiding the original blood typing fiasco: "Mind over matter," she said. "I refuse to be the weak girl Alice saw."

I’ve always thought there’s something so … intimate about this: ‘"You need to hunt," she whispered.’
I guess because it reflects how much she knows about him, and that she worries about his well-being too.

Smile: ‘I stayed there, hiding in the restroom. I sighed to myself for being over a century-old, yet forced to deal with teenage drama.’

‘The two of us had decided with Carlisle and Esme in her house taking care of Charlie, we would refrain from sex until things were back to normal.
In other words, Bella had decided on no sex.’

That was yummy how their need for one another was so urgent that even Edward was ready for sex in the car.
A good rule: "No teasing while I'm still inside you."
And a sweet detail: ‘I laughed, leaning over to check the floorboard between her legs for a missing button. I gave her a few kisses to the inside of her knee before sitting back in my seat.’

I like how Charlie is treated as fully a member of the family when they don’t attempt to shield him about the Laurent situation. Loved this:
‘"Shut up!" Charlie yelled. It was humorous to see all seven vampires being muted by the Chief.’

Go, Charlie: "Now I know you two think you're already bound forever, but I'm still her father and she's still seventeen."
Kind of astonishing that Charlie and Edward end up in a stare-off.

I also liked that Bella is the one to correct Charlie’s misconceptions about vampires. She also makes the plan to get all the vampires to hunt, and to keep Jacob informed.

Wow, and WTF re Billy not contacting Charlie since he left the hospital? How does he think that’s going to help?

OK, why does this make me nervous?
‘"Come on. You two act like you're never going to see each other again. We'll be back in a few hours," Rose pointed out.’

Aww, sniffle:
‘"I'll be back soon." …
"I'll leave my window open."
Renee Aubin chapter 27 . 8/24
Poor Charlie, when Bella tries to throw Billy and Harry out of his hospital room:
‘I looked back at his tired face. He wasn't even fully lucid from the sedation yet. He didn't need any more drama.’

Well said: ‘I knew Edward was standing just outside, probably close to nailing himself to the wall to keep from coming in here.’

Good for Charlie, getting Billy to back off:
"I know what we discussed. I remember everything. For now, I think it's best that I talk with Bella."

I snickered when Billy pushed Bella just a bit too far:
‘Should I pour salt on their wounds and tell them about the help from the Cullens?

Yes, here comes the salt.’

When Edward is summoned to speak with Charlie alone: “I promise it will be okay. I'll tell you every word when I come back out."
How nice that she can actually trust your Edward to follow through on the “every word” pledge.

Perfect Charlie:
“…he stared at me for a minute. …Eventually, he spoke. He told me he didn't care what I was, but if I hurt you then he would end me somehow."

Excellent conversation between Edward and Bella re her evolving views on waiting to be changed. Communication indeed. You did a good job with those turn-on-a-dime emotional responses too.

It was a nice touch that when Bella stayed at the hospital overnight with Charlie, Edward stayed with her, and she of course fell asleep in his lap.

Thoughtful of Bella: ‘I had placed some of the kitchen chairs around, knowing it would be more comfortable for Charlie if everyone was sitting.’

Excellent, just what a dad would ask:
"Carlisle, Bella is my daughter, my only child, and the most important thing in the world to me. I was led to believe she is in danger because of her connection to your family. … I need you to be truthful with me. Is Bella safe?"

This must have been a shock to Charlie, re Alice’s vision: “I knew about it all before I left Phoenix."

An authentic cop detail, that when told this wild story about some of the tribe turning into wolves, he wants names!

Good one:
‘"I know you guys think I don't notice anything, but I know more than you think I do."
I gulped.
Did he know Edward stayed with me every night?’

Yaay, Bella to Charlie re her change:
"I'm not leaving you either. I want you to be a part of my life no matter what.”

‘“…how are you able to protect her and I can't? I carry a gun, you know," Charlie told them, a little indignantly.’
And another:
‘"I think all this supernatural drama should net more than two beers," he grumbled.’

Charlie handled an awful lot of information very well. It would sure be interesting to follow his thought process from hearing the Quileute version through hearing from Bella and the Cullens.
Renee Aubin chapter 26 . 8/17
How nerve-wracking, getting that distress call from Bella but having to guess where exactly she was! It turned out to be really handy to have three people in the family with medical training, too.

Nice to have this ability: ‘…I breathed over her face, wanting to keep her calm.’

‘”Can you guys come and help clean up this wreck? ..."
We were lucky no other vehicles had come through on the road yet.’
No kidding!

‘Alice began shuffling people around, giving out orders.’
Boy, between Alice’s gift and Jasper’s experience, nobody else will get much chance to be in charge.

That was kind of brave of Charlie to let Carlisle do surgery on him, given that he had just heard Billy Black’s version of the Cullens and hadn’t had a chance to clarify any of it yet.

Snicker: ‘I tried to contain my recently unearthed lustful nature…’ I enjoyed that their “interlude” in the empty hospital room was mostly pushed by Bella. My favorite line:
"Bella, Carlisle's going to be coming out to get us in about five minutes," I pointed out.
"Then go fast."

This was good too: ‘Carlisle greeted us in the hallway as we walked out of the room. Luckily, it was only with a smirk and a shake of his head.’

Clever solution to Charlie’s mobility problems, adding accessible rooms to his house. Can’t hurt the property values, either.

Very interesting, that Paul found Victoria and Laurent fighting and thought he could capture Victoria while she was distracted.

I can see how the patrol car rollover could be explained as swerving to miss deer. But how would they explain the ripped-off doors?

Oh shoot, Billy’s at the hospital. At least Charlie has already been filled in on the cover story.
BeautyisBeyond chapter 41 . 8/15
I can honestly say I'm extremely depressed because I thought the story was finished... I never read stories that aren't finished but I ended up doing just that & now I'm sad. I hope you finish this; I invested days into this story, it's addicting & wonderful. I couldn't put it down, please please pleeeease finish it!
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