Reviews for Choices
fanofthisfiction chapter 2 . 16h
I appreciate the time you took to introduce the characters: who they are, what their abilities are, how they operate, etc. Even a Twilight novice can understand the first chapter and become immersed in the story.

The possibility of changing fate using Alice's future telling ability makes it all the more interesting. Thanks for sharing.
bella0609 chapter 19 . 11/20
Edward should have know that Alice would be calling with an emergency! Silly Vampire!
bella0609 chapter 18 . 11/20
Bella's power seems to be able to access in a split second - better than when she's trying to think about it...
bella0609 chapter 17 . 11/20
Love that Bella is getting "in touch" with her shield. She always felt that this is where she excelled - being a vampire with these powers. She is really going to be powerful by the time she becomes one!
bella0609 chapter 16 . 11/19
Hmm... she did throw Edward's scent around, but Sam was already enraged.
Ana Cecilia chapter 42 . 11/18
I'm SO glad you're going to finish this fic! :)) And I think what you've in your mind. Bella is going to meet Aro as "Alice" with help of Sebastian's gift, right? I can't wait to read your next post! Please don't take long. Take care.
Annie's words chapter 42 . 11/18
Thank you
snoopylover60 chapter 42 . 11/17
Oh please update! I am dying here! I followed from a FB rec... so dang good! Please hurry an update :D
Guest chapter 42 . 11/16
Good sorry. Thank you
EmmaJH chapter 42 . 11/15
This is freaking awesome and I really mean that. I love how Bella so adroitly accepts everything and charges into this adventure. I also like how Edward drops all of his stupid angst and just accepts everything so he has a chance to be truly happy. I also love how Tanya and Charlie become mated. Awesome work! Please finish this!
SandytheSandstorm chapter 36 . 11/15
That was scary. Then when ive come to grips with Charlie and Tanya Charlie vhsnging is the key. I kinda felt bad for Harry and Billy..theyre losing brothers. This was a must but happening so fast. Hes so different in the wake of Tanya.
mrsvixter chapter 42 . 11/14
great update
well done
SandytheSandstorm chapter 28 . 11/14
Question...i assumed laursnt and Victoria hadn't read up to nor all of the vision to know to go to Denali. So am i to assume she did up to a point before interrupted?
Bobbie Francies Reisen chapter 42 . 11/14
nice story so far.
Guest chapter 42 . 11/11
I am so glad you are back. I really missed this story
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