Reviews for Maddie is Human, David Divine' Part two
Maryval chapter 1 . 4/28
Oh! Where do I begin in expressing my enthusiasm for this wonderful,endearing,romantic and sigh enducing story,one that gratefully delivered an ending that Moonlighting's numerous fans deserved and more especially,one that honoured,respected and paid sincere homage to the love story that was Maddie and David?!
I loved every second didn't reading each chapter of the Arc. Yes,some were harder to read than others but what I admired most was your honest portrayal of the deep turmoil and anguish that each character laboured under,the learning curve each had to experience and that joy and happiness gifted to them and us wgen the scales fell from their eyes and they saw west we,the readers/viewers had known all along...that they strangely,yet fittingly,completed each other,that ultimate happiness count only be guaranteed in the arms of the other and that sometimes you no choice but to take the only step afforded to you,look to the future and not look back.

I hope you know the happiness that you've gifted your readers with this beautifully worded and totally enchanting story.
From the bottom of my heart,thank you!
Zuzu's Petals chapter 1 . 4/1/2016
I absolutely, positively LOVE your version of the end of Moonlighting's season 5, starting with your Annie Arc series! I feel like this story is more real that the televised slop we were served. Thanks for this! This is a true ending (and a true beginning!) for David and Maddie. Your writing skills are wicked too! (Wicked awesome in this case.) Bravo!
Nicole10 chapter 1 . 8/24/2011
I just finished reading this set of stories and I loved them. You guys write David and Maddie perfectly. The dialogue you come up with for them is impressive. I wish that you guys wrote the fourth and fifth seasons!
Ro38 chapter 1 . 7/31/2011
I've been trying to find the right words to use for this review. I can't even begin to tell you both how much this part means to me as a Moonlighting fan!Part 2 of epilogue is just truly the most amazing part of the whole story & truly the most amazing story i've ever read in all my years as a fanfic reader,JMO. I have been devastated since 1989 when the show ended the way it up many scenarios to make this heart not be broken anymore by it & Well the 2 of you have made that dream come true!I have never been so moved by a story before!It truly brought me to real tears of joy many times while i characters feel so real to me,Tell me these characers are real people right? LOL this is how i see the end of season 5 now! Maddie & David are together&happy&fighting&making up the way they always should have been!

You both capture the essance of the charaters to perfection from not only Maddie&David but Agnes&Bert too!

ok some My fave lines :

'Are you kidding me? Wash the Blue Moon Shampoo girl's hair? This is another dream come true for me.'

He shrugged for the third time and simply said: 'You're here.'

Bert was hugging a pair of binoculars close to his body as if they were his favourite Christmas present - and he was unwilling to share

'You missed me!' It wasn't a question, it was a statement

'You surprising me on a daily basis, Maddie Hayes,' he murmured against her lips - amazed.

'I surprise myself,' she replied a little breathlessly, 'and I happen to enjoy it.'

'Well, go ahead and surprise away,' David purred and tightened his embrace. 'I love surprises

she said, smiling. 'We are soul mates David, aren't we?''We are Maddie,' David confirmed

He covered the receiver with his hand and said with a smirk: 'The John and Yoko thing.'

'I said you smell good,' she repeated in husky, appreciative tones – voice like a saxophone.

'You're scaring me,' he replied dryly. 'Usually you say I smell awful.'

When she spoke, her voice sounded sweet and promising. 'I hate it when you leave.'

The music choices were great to for the scenes too!

The story was sweet&funny&moving& yes very very sexy&sensual&hot but in a very tasteful way! Thanks for that!

I now want to thank my sis Sandra for the most beautiful mention ive ever recieved in the credits! It has been nothing short of an honor to have helped you on this journey.I never ever thought of opening up to anyone with any of my ideas in my head but you took what i gave you weather is was a small scenes or a line or a song choice & made it all your own in a way i couldnt have & did it so perfectly! Thank you for the that! Hope to see M&D story continue one day again here! Keep on writing ladies! You are both fabulous together!
ktrost chapter 1 . 7/28/2011
Ok...where to begin.

I will start off by saying I just loved the entire Annie Arc! Even the scary parts in the begining, because I knew our wonderful writers would never let us down. :)

Now for part 2 - steamy steamy steamy! As steamy as Maddies shower! I want David to wash my hair! THUD! Sorry...passed out there for just a few.

Loved the funny many of them made me ROFLMAO! "I would kill for a stiff cappuccino" hahahahaha!

And the flower delivery...THUD AGAIN! Sooo romantic that David not only remembered that poam but put it on paper for his girl. Sigh...

You made me think...what the heck is suss? So you made me work...had to look that one up. :)

Loved the scene with Bert and David. Bert just always made it to darn easy for David to get those lines up on him!

Loved how you showed Davids thoughts here...and Maddies in the following scene. It just shows how much they truly love each other. (Although, I would have loved to hear Maddie actually say it to him).

The next THUD came with the entire wearing Davids shirt scene...nuff said! OMG!

Bert loosing the script and the wooblies fixing the scene the way they wanted to see it end...pure perfection! I could so see this happening on the show! As well as David up on stage singing karaoke! (with Davids girls - loved that little easter egg!)

And I loved how you finished it off refering back to the first big bang with Maddie having David bring some of his stuff to her place and doing everything from bed John and Yoko style.

Needless to say...LOVED IT! Sorry to see it end, but you ended it with perfection! In my now ends like this! Great job ladies!

Cant wait for more stoies from you both!

Thanks for all the hard work! Your fanfic fans just love you both!
anadxof chapter 1 . 7/27/2011
Now this is what I call an ending. Is it to late to send it to Glen in order to make a tv movie? Yes? Well, ladies, thanks for the proper ending. Loved it.