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Pancakestack chapter 95 . 1h
I’m so happy you decided to get back to writing. Your writing is anazing and Audrey is one of my favorite characters in any story. She got so many layers and isn’t your cookie cutter “Harry’s Sister Fanfic” character. Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to the next chapter!
Littlecosma001 chapter 95 . 14h
I have literally done nothing for the past week except read your story! I am absolutely in love with it and I can't even find the words to express how impressed i am, you're truly a talented writer and this is without a doubt my favorite Harry Potter fanfic :D
I really hope that Fred (like Sirius) doesn't die at the end and I'm hoping for a happy ending with Draco involved... My heart was beating so fast when I read the part about Draco and Astoria getting engaged, and I couldn't help but feel bad for Fred who was probably upset about all his efforts with Audrey going to waste...
I'll be waiting with baited breath for your next update :)
LOVEtoLIVE17 chapter 95 . 18h
I really enjoy your story seamlessly hoping for a real Audrey and Draco interaction soon, one where they get to talk about everything. I hope that you are still going to keep working on this srory and that updates will keep happening.
faeriefully chapter 56 . 7/21
Yikes! It’s been a while since I reviewed- I’m sorry!

However, this chapter is so intense- not with action but with emotion. The conversations and just Audrey’s thoughts. It’s all so good. And I love imagining Draco and Harry’s squabble.
thegleeksbiggestloser chapter 1 . 7/17

I am new to but I've been following your story for years!
If you don't recognize me from twitter, I asked you from your recent Q&A about this story "Will we be seeing any future Draco and Audrey scenes" (something among those lines).
I am still absolutely in love with this story and this is definitely my favorite Potter Twins story by far. I do hope everything will end happily for Audrey as this story ends...Or as happy as she can be. I really do hope this story will come to an end, though a part of me doesn't so I can keep re-reading Audrey's story while I anticipate her ending. If that makes sense.
Sorry for this long review, I've just been meaning to write this review for the longest time and I've finally got around to it.
I can't wait for whats to come!

- R
crazyhappyneko chapter 87 . 7/16
I agree with what the others said. I think this chapter did Ron good. I'm grateful he asked the question and he took the time to listen to Audrey.
sarahmchugs chapter 95 . 7/13
It would be nice to see how this ends.
sarahmchugs chapter 19 . 7/11
I'm surprised there aren't any astral assassins.
The Realms Guardian chapter 25 . 7/7
The Realms Guardian chapter 23 . 7/7
In the maze right now thinking, "please don't kill Cedric." Please please please don't kill him off. ..
Half Cactus chapter 1 . 7/4
I'm coming back to read this after a few years and I remember being absolutely OBSESSED with this story. Like, losing sleep and not eating kind of obsessed. Excited to get back into it again, especially now that you're posting again! xoxo
eminamtalic chapter 16 . 7/4
I have just discovered this story and I read 16 chapters in two hours I LOVE amazing!
simslovr1 chapter 95 . 7/1
Ahh I love how different the last chapter was. Honestly Ron has never been my favorite but the camaraderie he has with Audrey here makes me appreciate him so much more. Im so torn between Fred and Draco at this point. Fred is so loyal and good and sweet. I wish she would give him a chance because he more than deserves it. But then there’s Draco who’s like her one big love! Ugh I’m so conflicted. I would love to see the engagement party be crashed though, that would be awesome! It’s really interesting how you write the differences in Audrey. None of the Gryffindors save for Ron would understand why she’s going through all this trouble to “torture” someone but the fact is he’s likely done much worse and doesn’t deserve a reprieve. I think the only other Gryffindor who would understand is dumbledore and his devotion for the greater good. I was so relieved at the end of this chapter when she finally got the potion to work. I really appreciated how Ron brought up how busy and confident and hardworking Audrey has been without them by her side. It really shows how much she shines without Harry taking the spotlight. I have to admit I don’t like harry in this story lol. I feel like he’s made too many mistakes and let down Audrey too many times for her to ever trust him fully. I’m excited to see what their reactions are to seeing each other again. Ron even admitted he’s never liked Audrey and the feeling was mutual so he didn’t feel bad about leaving her behind. I almost feel he is the easiest to forgive in the sense that they didn’t have a great relationship from the beginning, it’s not like he had any friendship or loyalty towards her like harry or even Hermione. Sidenote I also really enjoy her interactions with Ginny. But no friendship can replace daphne and Theo. I’m really wondering how Daphne is coping with her sister and Draco being forced together. Okay I think that’s all as I’m beginning to ramble haha. I’m just always so mesmerized by this story!
ArctechTypes chapter 95 . 7/1
I’ve just caught up to chapter 95 after a week of reading. What a journey. First and foremost I want to congratulate you on every milestone you have on this story. You’ve made leaps and bounds on this story, with over 1 million words and many, many reviews and favorites. And now to plot: Audrey is a beautifully crafted character, very believable human being and not mary sue in any way shape or form, good job on that. The relationship with draco is a very forbidden fruit type and it really puts it together without seeming like “match made in heaven” and all that. Audrey’s choice in not going to her brother is a very smart move i think, and i actually prefer that she didnt, and has her own adventures along the way, like you have been giving her. Having Audrey go to hogwarts this coming chapter is going to be interesting, and i will want to see how that plays out, especially the sneak peeks you have posted on your twitter really shows the multitude of ways things can play out. It gives thought, as well, to the question of whether or not Audrey will stay with Draco or leave for Fred. I, for one, believe that the relationship between her and Draco makes for a) a better story, and b) it gives the people what they want. Audrey and draco moments. Lastly, dont kill audrey or I will... unfollow you. yeah, ill unfollow you. Thanks for the great read, keep the updates comin. Cya
faeriefully chapter 55 . 6/29
My goodness, this chapter is probably the one where I realized that this story was the best HP fanfic I’d ever read.

Your descision with Sirius makes me so so so happy, but it’s so well written because if there wasn’t an original OoTP you’d assume Nott was always supposed to die. You didn’t just save Sirius and give no explanation. Ugh it’s great.

Also, the wands. I love the whole dynamic with the wands. I’ve got some theories, but I’m super excited for Audrey to meet Ollivander again in book 7, when I catch up.

Oh there’s so much in this chapter. Like Audrey’s curse. Audrey’s relationship with death. My goodness that’s still one that makes my head spin.

Sorry the reviews have slowed down. Ironically I get more busy in the summer. This story is amazing though!
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