Reviews for Finis
MalkieriJester chapter 1 . 9/9/2012
I like the portrayal of the soldier lost after her war is won, trying to re-find her humanity. Well done.
IrishPanther chapter 1 . 9/9/2012
This was a sweet fanfic you've written! I'm glad to see that Rachel doesn't have to worry about the war anymore (or fighting or leading or anything) as she can now easily breathe. I'm not a fan of Advance Wars so I can't comment on OOC-ness, but I can tell you that I loved the little Rachel/Jake friendship going on in this fic. I was glad to see Jake there to congratulate and to console Rachel after the victory! No grammar mistakes were founded here, so nice job with proofreading! Once again, I truly enjoyed reading this fic! :)
Souldin chapter 1 . 9/14/2011
You figured no one would read your Advanced Wars fanfic and you wanted a review but now it has been read and reviewed by someone, and that someone is me, a person who has only played one Advanced Wars game, never completed it, and wasn't very good at it. Still a read and review none the less. Anyway my knowledge on Advanced Wars is pretty limited and as such I'll review this mostly on the basics as I do not know about the characters and story very well.

Your writing, as per usual, is good, with great spelling, flow, and vocabulary choice. Once again style of writing has a strong presence and gives a nice tone to the story with mixes of uncertainty and happiness. It’s short and simple but works out well and though some would argue that Rachel’s line of thought is illogical (being troubled that the war is over) I can understand quite well. When you've stuck to a pattern for so long, or have been seen and addressed in a certain manner by others for so long it becomes disorienting when said pattern is changed.

Once again in my attempt to keep things simple by putting what I do not understand on the sideline I have only one point to criticise. That would be your lack of descriptions on the characters present within the story. You are not alone in this criticism for nearly all writers ignore describing the physical appearance of the series characters in the belief that those who read the fanfic are fans of the series and as such know all the characters, or at least their appearance. I feel this has become a handicap on many writers who leave out such an important detail. I do not mean to say you should have described the physical appearance of every character, but a couple of mentions in regards to the look of Rachel and Jake would been appreciated. Luckily for me this is the one Advanced War game I have played...I was the DS one, Dual Strikes or something like that.

In regards to your comments I must say that 'Paradigms' is one of your better works though I'm unable to consider it your best due to the two thoughts that plagued my mind as I read and judged. The first being "This is an Assist Trophy contest and yet Hawke has the majority of the attention" and "There's so many nods and references to Advanced Wars, that as well as having Hawke as the main character it feels like a Smash Bros/Advanced Wars crossover." I would say your best fanfic was ‘Voice Of The Mute’ but that is only my personal opinion. In regards to myself I would say my best fanfic is ‘Dull and Dulling’ (which I’ve noticed on your favourites list so thanks for that) which funny enough took the least amount of time of all my fanfics to write (I wrote it under a day, probably in about five hours in total). To wrap things up though I hope this review has been helpful despite knowing next to nothing about the series in question. Great job, keep up the good work!