Reviews for Succession
Little Kunai chapter 1 . 5/20/2013
Oh geeze you made me think she had some kind of terminal disease. Do we get to see said twins?
Sanzano chapter 1 . 10/19/2012
Aww, poor Amiti, but he doesn't have an excuse, he said he knew how babies were made so he shouldn't be surprised of the outcome.

I am a little disappointed that Ivan didn't show up, his daughter is pregnant and he's going to be a grandfather! He should at least be paying visits.

Anyway, it was cute.
Mystics Apprentice chapter 1 . 7/30/2011
NIce to see another one of your works of fanfiction. As with Sins of the Father, this was written beautifully, and I cannot express how much I enjoy your writing style. You convey the emotions of the characters beautifully while dragging the reader in to experience them for themselves. The flow of your story, the vivid picture that you depict of the scene... all of these are wonderful elements in creating a strong story such as yours. I had seen some of this within your SOTF, and was glad to see it continued here :)

I always enjoy anything with an Amiti and Karis pairing - regardless of the setting really, hehe - but this is one of the better romantic'ish scenes I've seen with the two of them. Either the two are too bland, or they're too 'much', but this was really nice. I thought Karis was a bit... ah, forthcoming with a statement of hers and I was really surprised that she actually said it, despite the fact that she'd been thinking it, but I think that's more my own issue there lol. I shouldn't have been listening in on their conversation is all! :P

I thought that you got their characterizations down nicely - particularly Karis. She was just exactly as I remember her from the game; that kind, compassionate Jupiter Adept where at times she'll become a little mouthy and obstinate, but that's just apart of her charm ;) Great job on that! I was a little surprised at Amiti, to be honest. I would've imagined him to attempt to be brave about being a father - if not for his own sake, for Karis's - but the reasoning that you gave behind it was completely understandable, and easily made sense and I can accept that. It was just an interesting take on Amiti's reaction - and one that I liked - it just surprised me is all.

The grammar was superb, though I hadn't expected any different, with very few typo and spelling errors :) The only thing that I could point out would be the word 'Psynergy' would need to be capitalized, as I noticed that you used lower in most instances, but of course this is rather minor and doesn't affect the story in any way. Just thought I'd point it out - it took me forever myself to learn that it needed capitalized!

Anyway, this was an excellent one-shot, and I greatly look forward to your update to Sins of the Father once you find the time and inspiration to finish it. Great job, and keep up the amazing work!