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MaggiEsk chapter 11 . 10/9
Darcy 11. Party time!
Ok why they're sending the invitations at the last minute? The party is that same week and everyone knows since like a month before.
Troy is going to be a big star. *can you hear my eyes rolling?* but that is what Kendall says so that means that my theory that Kendall is/was something else to Troy is true and she wants to keep him around cause he most be good and thats the reason why she is helping him but still she LOVES Logan like she is obsessed so at the same time doesn't make sense but...Yes Kendall is all over this. I know it I can feel it. I'm right!
"You used to be friends" along time ago? Lol! Now he's the worst thing that can cross Logan so shut it Trina.
Ok annoying even Trina can see the LoVe what the hell does that says about Veronica that she's oblivious or that she doesn't trust her instincts cause she feels it too. That attraction or LoVe? maybe? *hopeful* still mention Veronica friendship to Troy like that's is a treat to Logan please!
Where these bitches get their info cause there is no way they can know IF and it's a big IF Veronica is a slut how the fuck they know the only person that is around them is Meg that's just their assumptions cause they're jealous. Hate these bitches.
Ugh! Annoying talk about Troy and all his lies I want to skip that part but I can't do that! I just need to remind myself that it's not Piz. (Is Piz going to drop by? Please say no)
"to have an ironclad excuse to not like him" So she likes Logan ok I call that progress she admit it.
SURE! he got clean drinking scotch from time to time. That doesn't make sense if he did go to rehab he will never drink anything. She is over thinking this to much stupid Troy.
And yeah she will die if she doesn't mention that Logan was a little bit mean when they met. She needs to get over it! he will apologize soon, and I can't wait for that ;).
"Dad's taught me what to look for in a liar" ok now I get it all of this is Keith's fault and he didn't teach Veronica well and that's the reason why everything Troy says is right and why she is so oblivious to Logan's feelings.
Thank God! That lady isn't going I just can imagine how embarrassed they will end if she was coming.
Sure Lianne! maybe if she followed Meg's example she will be married to the son of a what was ambassador and without five daughters.
Veronica getting all pretty for Troy I get so angry for that I hope that when she finally gets together with Logan she wears something much much better.
Aww Meg even when she is a good girl she is going to suffer that's so unfair. Just cause her mother is "pimping her out" lol see even without go there that night Lianne is already making some damage.
Why didn't they talk a little bit that night then it will be a less painful later when all comes.
Is that Logan's house from KtD? cause sounds like it is and if it's the I want the reunion in that same place.
Duncan smiling to them and I keep thinking run Veronica even when he's after Meg.
"his presence was consuming" just make out already. Why are we even mentioning Troy he's not here just one night free of Troy is all I ask but nothing no mention no thinking, not even to hate him just once all be about LoVe. And then she's looking for Logan again. These two are so frustrating sometimes.
"to taste her" when you put that I can't stop thinking his vampire tendencies come from Josef.
Mac was visiting New York she can live there with Casey! That's so mean of you make me believe that my MaSey ship is close but I know the cruel evil truth that it's coming.
"Really look at him." The moment we are completely sure that Mac is in team Logan. "he's a serious catch" Mac knows how to sell the guy I will give her that. I absolutely love that Mac knows that both feel something for each-other but says nothing.
It was that a question or a command cause he didn't give her the chance to say no and knowing Logan that was the plan since she already got the audacity of reject him once and no one dare to do that.
And she brings that again! she can't trust whatever the hell Trina and Madison say and when he did say it was before he actually spend time with her and because he was under pressure Madison was waiting for him to say something.
So the mention of Casey was just purely to crush my MaSey dreams!
"Tonight's the night" RUN LOGAN RUN! This scares me more than when Duncan or Piz are trying something with Veronica, so old using the cleavage to get the attention of the guy and So Sad that it didn't work out! But thinking in Madison all angry cause he prefers dance with the town slut than with her that must be really hard on her ego.
Get lost Casey! It was just a dance and he already was trying something, see that's the kind of behavior that make people think she is a big slut and I hate it.
My favorite moment the dance is so Sway with the awkward between them and at the same time trying to not show all the feelings is like a mixup with the epic thing where Veronica is not believing what Logan was saying but with a sober Logan. They're not in their own bubble of LoVe yet but they on their way.
This is great Lilly is being the slut and no one says anything but Veronica is just dancing and they say all that shit. God! They really shouldn't be there Lilly with Chip and Mandy is about to make a spectacle of herself.
And we're back to talking about Troy. Why?! He's probably having sex with the real big slut of this story Kendall, I really hope Logan finds out about that, he is going to break all ties to her after that and I can't wait for that to happen and for Kendall going all crazy to Veronica after all this "predictions" happen.
I love the nine thing but clearly he's a ten or eleven. I don't see anything wrong in him, I don't know why she doesn't just ask all the shit Troy said and get over with this little game cause she isn't going to believe him so lets skip that and move on she is so sure whatever Troy says is the complete truth.
She doesn't always take rumors like truth and then why we're here? She is the one always lying around Logan. And Yes all those rumors are truth but with the guy she is trying so hard to defend. Just tell him!
I know the world is about to collapse if I'm feeling jealous that Meg and the Donut are so perfect.
And now Dick, He's starting to pissing me off, he is interrupting LoVe first dance and then he will crush my MaSey dreams.
Follow your gut and RUN LOGAN RUN! Madison is so cute thinking Logan is going to tell her what he feels please everyone that knows him knows that he's so in love but she doesn't really knows him. So funny how his only concern is that Jake finds out. That's the Logan I love!
She is talking about bedrooms! Did I say FUCKIN RUN LOGAN! OMG she is in total slut mode and that girl dares to criticize Veronica. But I will give her that she kissed him I will try it too if it was Logan. But for Logan is not ok kissing Madison I don't care if is just a peck in the cheek I'm not ok with that. "Don't you know how much I want you?" What she doesn't even know him she wants him for what he means for his last name and for what people think of him.
And I'm not the only one that is grossed out about this. Veronica not pleased about that kiss, I'm with her there but if she wants to put a remedy to that then she should be the one kissing him.
Is so weird Logan and Dick interactions here cause I can't think of them as not BFFs but at the same time yeah is like I get it so why he keeps him around in the show. He did it ask Madison to dance with him, that would be funny.
That lady is really dramatic, but hide it so well. Why bother with pool game take her to other place and kiss already. Or just to talk every misunderstood comment, thought or whatever the hell these two think of each other.
Starting the questioning with Dick just jump to the important ask about Troy and Casey we all know Dick is just his active imagination and there is nothing going on there. But all the same it doesn't matter what she says cause he isn't going to do something and the same goes to her. Why asking about Madison? If she doesn't care about Logan in that way, at least Logan is a little more honest about how he feels and Veronica is always trying to make it pass as her curiosity. But we know the truth.
And now the Donut to ruining this LoVe moment. There are not many and interrupting, this is when I hate him "can't wait" is about Madison we don't care if what happened broke her heart or make her more psycho we care about what was going on in that room. What she was about to ask about the girl "Heather"? I don't think she was ready to ask that.
Oh Mandy! You're the one after Meg that never embarrass me and now Lilly being a slut already in bed with Chip this is so wrong they're Lianne's kids this is the reason all town talk shit about them.
Duncan is virgin and is waiting for Meg that is so sweet. And how I know cause he can't even say sex he calls it "that". So cute!
So Logan feels all of that for Veronica already? Is hard to believe cause he's so much cautious about the people around him. But about one thing I'm sure is that he doesn't want to get married that is a big NO. Or maybe he will do it just because he is so sure Veronica is for him. Is so difficult think what are you going to do next?
Ugh Connor again! Seriously I'm waiting for the moment when she tells him about Connor being super disgusting trying something when Trina is practically there and more than willing to help him out with his creepiness.
"She felt certain it was Logan" ok he was a little behind but he was coming too.
He pretty much call her slut and was waiting for her to go with him. I don't think that's the way to get to her. But I don't know anymore with this lady!
And I wish he had let it go to know what Connor it was capable to do to her and get in there just in time to stop it. I hate Connor but I seriously don't believe he wi
Guest chapter 13 . 10/7
Oh my goodness. I am trembling with anticipation for your annual update which I hope is coming soon. This last chapter was perfect. I loved how the chemistry between Veronica and Logan sizzles and the last conversation between was so poignant. Veronica's comment about losing something forever is bittersweet.

I hope your 2016 has been a better year than 2015 and your writing muse is providing lots of inspiration.
Guest chapter 13 . 9/5
Waiting for an update is killing me! It's crazy how edge of my seat I am considering I've read P&P a million Kudos to you.
Sabbs88 chapter 13 . 8/26
I hope you continue. It's been a great story to read!
Laetitia chapter 1 . 8/21
In honor of the fanfiction writer appreciation day and because you are amazing!, I want to express my LOVE of your writing! You are one of my favorites writers! Your writing is so beautiful, powerful, intense and so much enjoyable!
I LOVE all your stories so much! Mr Darcy has such a special place in my heart, this story is absolutely splendid! And Bound is such an amazing story!
You are so talented, it's really pleasure and a privilege to read you!
I'm so grateful for your works in the VM fandom! Never stop writing!
InsanityGirl chapter 13 . 8/4
Hello.. I give kudos ! I just found this story and I read it in a few days! I am a big fan of Jane Austen, I've read all his books and all kinds of adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. So when I read the title of this story, I was surprised! I was a bit skeptical, but I really have to compliment you because you have represented the characters perfectly without distorting either Darcy and Lizzie or Logan and Veronica! I hope you conclude early this story that become my favorite about LoVe!
Romantic Journalist chapter 13 . 7/22
Please, please, please! Don't stop! Need. This. Story.
Sasha M chapter 13 . 7/14
Please keep on writing. I love this so much!
alinasorokina chapter 13 . 7/10
it is such a great story. the way you made VM character to fit in classic story and made everything modern and balanced is just so brilliant. i am not from american continent and we don't read pride and prejudice in school, but i got to know this book during my freshman year of university. english teacher adored this book and she told us that every person has to read this great love story. you know, i think that i love your version even more, may be it is because i adore LoVe couple so much, but i think that it is mostly because you wrote your versions of Logan and Veronica so good. You made me laugh, cry and want for more. Their talk on the roof was emotional and painful. I can't wait for the next chapter. Thank you for your hard work!
JoeCool701 chapter 13 . 7/9
Love your story! I am really happy that I decided to read this one. You pulled me in and now you got my attention! And now you have to update on a regular basics!
AmaterasuFaia chapter 13 . 7/4
Fantastic writing. I've read P&P time and time again so I feel like I should be able to predict the plot but you manage to always surprise me in one way or another while sticking to the heart of P&P. You mentioned that this story has been a challenge to write, but I gotta say you are killing it! I can't wait to read the next chapter. Update soon please!
Guest chapter 13 . 6/22
this is the best
please continue, I need this in my life
only please have more sex than pride and prejudice, so much tension yet so chaste and innocent, I almost cried
cubantigger816 chapter 13 . 6/16
This is awesome so far! I can't wait for the rest!
PoisonIvy533 chapter 13 . 5/14
I just read all of this in a few days and I love it! I'm so glad you are continuing. I can't wait for more.
Anon chapter 13 . 5/9
I need more please! It's getting so good!
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