Reviews for Resolutions
reallybodmin chapter 117 . 5/5
Great! Was hoping for this. Makes up for the short chapter :)
reallybodmin chapter 116 . 5/5
This one killed me - way too short!
Susie Sagitarius chapter 117 . 5/5
Delightful slow drawing out of this precious time for Martin and Louisa over the last two chapters. Loved it!
Boots1980 chapter 117 . 5/4
What an engaging chapter! You have neatly tied up Part 12 in a white satin ribbon as distinctive as the blue box it encased.
Apl9662 chapter 117 . 5/3
What a beautiful chapter to introduce the pause, thank you so much for this romantic engagement. I sincerely hope theause will not be too long.
earlgrey152 chapter 117 . 5/3
Delectable. Simply delectable! I wanted to savour every word, unwilling to rush through this beautiful scene.

And really, it's such a significant improvement from the first proposal - carefully considered and planned, not spur-of-the-moment; containing heartfelt declarations, not desperate blurting; and with a stunning ring to seal the deal. Well done, Martin! Or, more accurately, well done to them both - that they have succeeded in overcoming so many obstacles along the way in order to reach this point of mutual commitment and shared vision is something well worth celebrating. Cheers to the happy couple!
fanficfan71 chapter 117 . 5/3
A lovely way for Martin to propose, yet still forget to actually ask.
Bodmin chapter 117 . 5/3
Further unwrapping to do...
4runners chapter 117 . 5/3
Very smooth, Martin! Very smooth! Sweet that Martin put so much thought into this proposal. Louisa should have taken that box upstairs with her. You can have your Martin and chocolates too!
Blue Morpheus chapter 117 . 5/3
Lovely! Thank you for leaving them at a happy point until we hear from you again. Very well done. I did find the ring. Very unique and I think it does fit Louisa's style.
Chapin chapter 117 . 5/3
We waited for this chapter patiently (not). Maybe less is more at this point - this reader just wants to say THANK YOU.
spottedhorse chapter 117 . 5/3
Yea Martin! He got it right, every little detail; well, almost every little detail ;-) Beautifully written.
robspace54 chapter 117 . 5/3
Ah, yes! Certainly a fitting 'end' to Resolutions in their evolution to something new and better than before.

Marvelous, DeclanS. Thank you for this lovely chapter.
Guest chapter 117 . 5/3
Oh what a lovely chapter, really enjoyed reading it and makes me wanna read the whole story again ;-) Now we just have to be patient for the following chapters. Well done!
andithomas1 chapter 117 . 5/3
I thought it was an engagement ring. Well done and enjoy your hiatus!
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