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Boots1980 chapter 111 . 3/16
I love that you write Louisa as a competent woman who excels in her profession and manages her life well. She has assumed the burden of finding a house while interviewing for a new post, leaving an old one and moving house. This is the sort of woman with whom Martin Ellingham should (and did) fall in love

People like the Thompsons contributed to her success, and it is lovely that she will have tea with them. I hope Louisa tells them about the progress she has made with Martin. They will be thrilled
reallybodmin chapter 111 . 3/16
Hope this house works out. Things are really coming together.
4runners chapter 111 . 3/14
This would be an ideal location, although maybe not enough distance from the villagers for Martin's liking. It would be an easy commute though! Hope Martin goes for this one!
Bodmin chapter 111 . 3/14
Things are looking up. I just hope Martin likes his new home so close to his former purgatory.
spottedhorse chapter 111 . 3/14
Another good chapter. So glad she got the job. And it sounds like she has found a house too. hings are moving along...
fanficfan71 chapter 111 . 3/14
Hopefully the house will be suitable. Great chapter, thanks for the update.
Chapin chapter 111 . 3/14
"It takes a village." Louisa owed a great debt of gratitude to many people who helped her to be the person she is. I believe she lives here life with this awareness and to use a contemporary idea she "pays it forward."
Susie Sagitarius chapter 111 . 3/14
Welcome back! So glad to pick up this story.
Apl9662 chapter 111 . 3/14
Oh, I do hope the house meets their requirements. Louisa feels bad about not having visited the Thompsons during a previous visit. That's what often happens, the rush of life makes us forget to do such things and afterwards you regret that. Well described!
earlgrey152 chapter 111 . 3/14
Is it possible? Could this be the beautiful stone cottage from Martin's dream in Chapter 1? Have you brought us all this way to complete the circle? How delightful to consider the possibility that Martin will find himself, finally, at home with Louisa; a testament to their perseverance and commitment to each other.

Even if it is not so, and the Thompson's house is not the one from his dream, this real estate prospect still has all the markings of being *the* house for our beloved couple. Looking forward to seeing how it all plays out - hopefully without too many bumps along the way.

Thank you for another excellent chapter!
robspace54 chapter 111 . 3/14
Nice chapter and I am very glad to read of positive things for Louisa and Martin.
Snowsie2011 chapter 111 . 3/14
How like Louisa to feel awful at the perceived neglect of two old friends. She is kind and loyal, qualities Martin admires in his fiancee. It's unfortunate he cannot find the words to tell her how he feels.

The house on the hill sounds perfect; close to the village but not too close as to make Martin uncomfortable.

Another piece of lovely writing. Thank you for sharing.
ke0212 chapter 111 . 3/14
Hm - it is on the edge of the village so Martin can have some privacy, but close enough for Louisa to walk to the school, but is it free from dry rot or the need for extensive renovations? And it means that Martin will have to drive through the village to get to work. It will be interesting to see what he has to say about the house. I wasn't expecting a new chapter today. Many thanks
BWagner60 chapter 111 . 3/14
One of the many joys of writing fanfiction you can invent a house just where you need it. Anxious to see how it goes. Perhaps next Saturday.
heypolly chapter 111 . 3/14
Great way to start a Saturday morning! What pressure to make it all happen... A huge transition...hope this home is the answer to their problem...and is the home that meets their need nice!
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