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lemster1 chapter 97 . 3/12
An excellent story with a logical working out of problems both for DM and LE. After 97 chapters I'm still not sure where we are going to end up. Thanks for your efforts on this.
Apl9662 chapter 97 . 3/1
What a splendid cliffhanger... I suppose we all hope that you finish quite rapidly viewing series 6 and will find time to continue. Nice metaphores, applicable in real life too. Aren't we all Martins and Louisa's at some point of our lives? With crucial crossings and intersections that require well thought decisions? Shall I cross or shall I wait...I like the parallel between the metaphore used by dr. Travers previously and the ones used in the reflections made by Louisa. Please, don't make us wait too long for part eleven...
Chapin chapter 97 . 2/22
Read it this morning - been thinking. Boots has good comments. There are questions: Is Louisa as pained by this time apart as Martin is? Which is harder for Martin - losing his ability to do surgery or the possibility of losing Louisa? Is Martin being as analytical as Louisa has been on this walk to the hotel? Is there a sine qua non for each of them or are they both open to really figuring out how to build a life together. I.E., "No baby, no Martin." or "No surgery, no Louisa." And you say you want to see Season 6 before doing Part 11. Uh Oh! The edges of our seats are getting a lot of wear here.
Bodmin chapter 97 . 2/22
Martin's issues are the need of being in control and unwillingness to share.
Louisa's are insecurity and inability to give in.
Two characters not suited for each other but in love nonetheless.
How can they proceed?
Guest chapter 97 . 2/22
Loving ur story ... but may just be drawing it out a bit too far? Eagerly awaiting chapter 110 :)
fanficfan71 chapter 97 . 2/22
Great chapter, I like the traffic light analogy.
Boots1980 chapter 97 . 2/22
As someone who daily traverses urban streets by foot and by car, I understand your stop, go, proceed with caution analogy of the traffic lights. However, when one is involved in this activity, just as one is involved in a relationship, the nuances of how to behave become apparent. Which stop sign is a "rolling" stop sign; which countdown clock on a pedestrian intersection allows a few more second to reach the other side and which one ends at 60 seconds. Is it an easy right on red or one that demands vigilance because school children cross at the intersection?

If Louisa understood how to behave in urban traffic, she might not be as cautious as she is with Martin. Why didn't she ask him if she were to spend the weekend with him at the hotel? Why doesn't she ask Martin if he has developed a reasonable compromise? Why does she believe Martin doesn't comprehend what she wants? Why is he oblivious to her worries? Louisa is acting like a woman who is clinging to a a fairy tale and will do anything to make it happen. It is time for her to bolt through that orange light and face the reality of her situation. She can think about it but until she acts on it, nothing will be settled.
abbybuk chapter 97 . 2/22
I love this story and am most anxious for Loiusa to get to the hotel. Because of the visualization exercise and his work with Dr. Travers, Martin, I think, has come to the realization that he has to be with Louisa, and that all else is secondary. So, it seems that their upcoming talk in the hotel might bear some ripe fruit.

When does S6 finish for you? Is that when you plan on writing again? I'm afraid I'm not the patient type. No pressure, though!
Susie Sagitarius chapter 97 . 2/22
The suspense you have built is killing me. But ... your exploration of what it takes to make a relationship or have a successful one is so spot on. Wonderful counseling. Prospective brides and grooms could benefit from reading something like this. Will be happy when you start part eleven.
BWagner60 chapter 97 . 2/22
I will try not to be sad that Part ten is over-but I will gladly be looking forward to Part eleven. Guess it's time to take a step back and decide what will happen next. It seems you take great care in choosing just the right words to express what Martin and Louisa are thinking. While it's in the context of the story some valuable life lessons are explored. Will be watching for your return.
spottedhorse chapter 97 . 2/22
Very insightful chapter. I like that Louisa is seeing that her dreams might not be Martin's dreams and that's she recognizes neither may be able to compromise. The difference between the two though, I believe, is that her identity is tied to Port Wenn while his is tied to being a surgeon/doctor. Martin's identity/ happiness doesn't depend on location as much as hers does. So the question becomes, can they find a way to live in or near Port Wenn where he can rebuild his career.
Guest chapter 97 . 2/22
Declans, this a wonderful cliff-hanger to the ongoing saga of Louisa and Martin. Louisa nows how lonely it will be without Martin, if it comes to that. She likely wonders how Martin would fare if they broke up. Yet the click is ticking, her clock, and some things will not wait forever. As she walks into the hotel lobby, she must think that on one if these meetings, it might be the last...

Sensitively written, with a deep understanding of our heroes, and how they think and act.
reallybodmin chapter 97 . 2/22
Wonderful. Your writing is so helpful in pointing out the real challenges of a life together for this couple. How much do you realistically live with in making a choice of life partner? I think everyone contemplating marriage HAS to think of this. For you will be giving up some things no matter how well-suited you are. In US culture (don't know enough about others to comment), I don't think we pay enough attention to this - we subconsciously think we can change our spouse. Hooray for this story that teaches an important life lesson.
Boots1980 chapter 96 . 2/17
Ah to be the plastic couple having to bend only to the whims of the crafty window dresser and marketing director.
Guest chapter 96 . 2/16
Hurry to the hotel Louisa! Don't get sidetracked by unrealistic romantic notions!
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