Reviews for Resolutions
Mommyanne130 chapter 126 . 9/30
Thank you.
I love the way they can now discuss points of interest. I will wait for you! The series seven is worth waiting for.
Boots1980 chapter 126 . 9/7
Nevermind the fictional 'Fundamentals for Novice Boaters,' "Resolutions" should be a must read for engaged couples who want to prepare for their marriage in a thoughtful way. Being married has very little to do with "cider, celery and clergy" and is more about compassion, care and compromise as our wise author has shown.
Chapin chapter 126 . 9/6
The Cotswolds will be the perfect "get away by ourselves" place. OK with the break - most happy if there is continuation dear Author. Thank you.
heypolly chapter 126 . 9/6
What a beautiful chapter to take a pause until the next phase of life. Well written by author. Great communication by Martin and louisa
DysfunctionallyCute chapter 126 . 9/6
It may not have been exactly the celebration Louisa had originally hoped for Martin, but she will likely enjoy the one you've come up one in unison as it will be an honest one.

Lovely 'resolution' to this segment and looking forward to learning more about Louisa's new insights and how it will affects them both in the new year!
nature of things chapter 126 . 9/5
I think I've said this before but it bears repeating.. i look forward to s7 and the continuation of your story.
andithomas1 chapter 126 . 9/5
Declan, I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed this portion of Resolutions. The growth in Martin and Louisa has been exceptional considering the difficulties they experienced in the beginning. Even though many of the fans want this couple to be happy on the show, it doesn't seem to be the direction they want to go. I will just have to image the possibilities through Resolutions and other fan fiction. Thanks again and enjoy series 7!
Bodmin chapter 126 . 9/5
The Cotswolds are beautiful, and if it's culture they're after, they should make a stop at the Royal Shakespeare.
Amazing how quickly they could agree, when every discussion delays some other business.
robspace54 chapter 126 . 9/5
I might have enjoyed reading about Martin's discomfort while he wears swim trunks. So no sunny climes. Oh well. Nice work on this chapter.

May your fictional Louisa and Martin enjoy their mutual lustfulness the next few months until you can resume this tale at the keyboard.
fanficfan71 chapter 126 . 9/5
A nice place to pause the story. I'm glad they've settled on a suitable honeymoon spot.
reallybodmin chapter 126 . 9/5
Well done. Can't wait for the rest after Series 7.
reallybodmin chapter 125 . 9/5
Loads of compromising, but at least they've finally learned how.
Susie Sagitarius chapter 126 . 9/5
Thank you so much for organizing this delightful part of the tale. Your "Fundamentals for Novice Boaters" is such a nice segue into or around the story itself. And I appreciate your Author's Note keeping us apprised of your process. Happy S7 viewing to you as well. I'm sure you must know that S7 will be available through the Acorn streaming service in Canada and the US starting Oct 5 (ep. 1) should you choose to subscribe for a month with a free first month. ( /featured). And most likely posted on one or more DM closed group pages on Facebook within a few hours of it airing in the UK on Sept 7. Since I don't know your identity, I don't know if you are on any of those DM or MC pages.
Guest chapter 126 . 9/5
As always, a wonderful chapter to enjoy. Thank you for this story. While waiting for series 7 to show here in the US, I have your story to read from the very beginning for the third time. That's how much I like it.
Apl9662 chapter 126 . 9/5
What a fine conclusion to this section, DeclanS. Have a good break and enjoy series 7!
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