Reviews for Resolutions
Chapin chapter 124 . 15h
I must say as an introvert I am resonating with Martin here. In 1965 we had an accapella ensemble, ceremony, cake, nuts and punch (oh some mints too), a receiving line and we were off in the '59 Chevy with cans clunking behind. Simpler times. Oh I was different than Martin. I ate the cake.
Bodmin chapter 124 . 21h
Wedding plans that suit both of them are downright impossible. He won't the village GP, so it's not his business if the buffet is giving everyone the runs. And no one says he's got to eat any of it.
Guest chapter 124 . 8/29
It may not look like it but these two really have come a long way and I'm sure they'll find a solution that will suit both of them. Thanks for the update.
Boots1980 chapter 124 . 8/28
This is an easy negotiation. Wait until Martin tries to negotiate with Louisa on the use of an epidural when she is in labor. Louisa may make a different use of the paddle navigating their boat through marriage.
Guest chapter 16 . 8/28
Every time I read this chapter I really wish that Louisa had stayed for dinner. He would never make more food than necessary. She should have told her friends she'd only be able to make it for drinks.
Bonnie Raper chapter 124 . 8/28
After reading these last 2 chapters, I just don't see how this marriage can work. Martin is the prototype wet blanket and I don't think Louisa is an unreasonable social animal. I'm more than usually curious to see how you fix this. Well done.
robspace54 chapter 124 . 8/28
Martin has not learned to say "Yes dear, whatever you want."
ke0212 chapter 124 . 8/28
With all the angst your protagonists are experiencing I felt guilty laughing, but i could just see their boy language. It is so sweet that they each have learned to appreciate what the other is feeling and working to find some kind of compromise that they can both live with. And I loved the last sentence bringing back the nautical theme you have woven throughout your story over the past four years - well done
Apl9662 chapter 124 . 8/28
Conflicts of interests...happens in most couples, I think, but not that extreme. I am lokking forward to the next part!
BWagner60 chapter 124 . 8/28
Now you have me confused. You always post Saturday morning. I'm not complaining just a little surprised. It does sound like Martinis trying to see things from Louisa's point of view and that a hugh step for him. Always a pleasure to see a new chapter no matter the day.
fanficfan71 chapter 124 . 8/28
At least they're working together to solve the problem. Thanks for the update.
Bodmin chapter 123 . 8/25
Not singing from the same hymn sheet yet.
DysfunctionallyCute chapter 123 . 8/25
Progress that Martin is at least attempting to see his future life in Portwenn from a different perspective, makes me *almost* feel bad for him when he enthusiastically goes on and on about their private dinner after the wedding...almost!
Bonnie Raper chapter 29 . 8/25
These last few chapters are by far my favorite part of the story. He is so tender and sweet you could just eat him up!
Bonnie Raper chapter 123 . 8/25
I could have sworn that I wrote a review for this chapter but, once again, thinking and doing are two different things. In my story, starting from a much earlier time, I too tried to get them to communicate better. I took it WAY too fast. You are doing so much better than me and this chapter is just more proof of what a talented writer you are. More please.
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