Reviews for Resolutions
Susie Sagitarius chapter 110 . 3/1
"...moored in a safe harbour now, together." Lovely, just lovely.
reallybodmin chapter 110 . 3/1
Ah the negotiating that must go on. I like how you have shown it though and how the commitment has made all the difference.
Bodmin chapter 110 . 3/1
Definitely progress in the communication department. I hope Martin could calm her worries and I hope even more Louisa will be able to find a house that suits even Martin.
Boots1980 chapter 110 . 2/28
This is Louisa's second go at a fixer upper, but this time it's a house rather than a man. She's tended to Martin's dry rot (grumpiness), mould (stick-in-the-mud-ness) and faulty wiring (prickly view of life) to reveal his character, ambience and charm in the guise of an acerbic wit

My only concern is that Martin wants no interaction with the villagers while Louisa wants to be in the thick of village life. Louisa's next renovation project - on the man, not a house - may be reconciling Martin to Portwenn
4runners chapter 110 . 2/28
Martin's quip about developing a jealous attitude is reminiscent of his conversation with Roger Fenn in hospital (series 1 episode 2 I believe). Martin seems to have become the leader in the relationship lending reason to their conversations. Well done Martin!
fanficfan71 chapter 110 . 2/28
Nice to see Martin making a joke. Great chapter, thanks for the update.
heypolly chapter 110 . 2/28
Enjoying observing Louisa and martin work thru life issues.. Nice...we have seen Louisa and martin hit wall after wall...nice to be invited in to their life thru your story..txs for brightening our Saturday
spottedhorse chapter 110 . 2/28
I love how you weave the theme from the song they danced to at their wedding into the story... sailing. And they are doing so much better, navigating the rough waters better and finding more calm ones. Nicely done.
ke0212 chapter 110 . 2/28
Great chapter with lots of interaction , both contentious and loving, between our two protagonists. The perfect solution, of course would be a large cottage just on the edge of the village...will that happen? We;ll be looking for the next chapter at the end of March? Poor Bob, wonder what the "immediate stressor" could be that's aggravating his eczema; I doubt Martin has a clue.
Chapin chapter 110 . 2/28
The up and down relationship of Martin and Louisa keep us returning to the canon. Add to that the quirkiness of Portwennians. BUT what happens in between will determine the success of their marriage, and that is at the heart of "Evolutions." Your reviewers know this. Hope the writers of S7 have taken note. We don't want a new M and L, but neither do we want a continuation of a caricature. Maybe after Resolutions you could have a column entitled "Dear Declan."
robspace54 chapter 110 . 2/28
A safe harbor yes, but they need to stop quibbling about which mooring to tie up to!

Really nice writing.
reallybodmin chapter 109 . 2/23
Glad he is realizing all of this.
earlgrey152 chapter 109 . 2/22
And now we have Martin's perspective. He is able to articulate his appreciation for the sacrifices Louisa has made in order to nurture their relationship, and he is realigning his own personal preferences and expectations to better suit their shared future. Yet another example of how far they have come in their journey together, and this mutual submission to each others needs will serve them well, I'm sure.

Favourite line from this chapter: "Life was no longer painted in black and white. Louisa had ensured that the palette now contained an extensive range of magnificent colours; some soothing and calming, others vibrant and vivid."
heypolly chapter 109 . 2/21
Like how 108 was her view...109 his...I thought both chapters great now that they have transitioned into a new place in their relationship. ...and new projects abound...job search, Realtor and did you put it...something fornication...never seen that! Looking forward to Saturdays!
robspace54 chapter 109 . 2/21
Wow. Quite the changes in the Doc - changes he knows are due to two things; Lousia and her doggedness. The thought of his research into "optimal positions" is either cringe-worthy or hilarious! Yet oh so Martin...

A great chapter and I am so glad to read your newest output!
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