Reviews for Resolutions
Guest chapter 120 . 2h
So nice with two updates this weekend even though you're on holiday, thanks:) Hope to read about the important thing L needed to talk to M about and hopefully Dr. Travers will give M some insight in how he can improve his relationships with Louisa. Looking forward to it.
fanficfan71 chapter 120 . 11h
Some food for thought for Martin. Great chapter.
Bonnie Raper chapter 120 . 12h
Please enjoy your holiday but hurry back! This is such a good story
earlgrey152 chapter 120 . 12h
Love the reference to the dishwasher fiasco! Looking forward to the next instalment this weekend :)
lemster1 chapter 119 . 7/27
Sometimes Martin can't help but be Martin, between Louisa and Dr. Travers he is mellowing, but not so much that an outsider would notice. As always a good chapter.
Boots1980 chapter 119 . 7/25
As someone who works with various contractors on a daily basis, I had to chuckle at Martin's belief that his supposed managerial skills would be effective or appreciated by the contractors he hired. Professionalism aside, there is an inverse relationship between the "helpful" suggestions a client makes and work proceeding well.

While Martin and Louisa are having a restorative end of summer holiday, I am happy that Lindsay's romance with Alex continues and that she is willingly off to a family wedding. Let's hope this foreshadows a marriage for them

A virtual bouquet of flowers to you for the fourth anniversary of your treasured tale
reallybodmin chapter 119 . 7/25
Can just hear his rants. Can he ever practice radical acceptance?
andithomas1 chapter 119 . 7/25
Louisa and Dr Travers will have their hands full trying to keep Martin from losing his mind. Time away with Louisa is just what he needs to calm down but she might have to kidnap him. Loved the chapter and looking forward the next!
DysfunctionallyCute chapter 118 . 7/25
The ring is absolutely perfect, looked it up - simple, solid and functional, yet genuine, beautiful and prized. Encompassing what they are as well as what they are evolving toward. The concept of 'happier ever after' is also brilliant. I'm happy for them and their house find, now to see how they will make their house a home. Glad Martin understood his need to contact Dr. Travers and crissing my fingers that the advice will be helpful and that his professional future will soon be secured. Looking forward to the next installment.
Kumquat12 chapter 119 . 7/25
Thank you for the long chapter, and the direction it is going.
4runners chapter 119 . 7/25
Oh Martin, in the doghouse with everyone it seems. A lot of stress piling on him from many different directions right now. I suspect we are all curious about what it is that Louisa wants to discuss with him, but we, like Martin, must be patient.
Four years! Congratulations on keeping all of us involved in this long journey. Martin and Louisa have both come so far in that time, weathering many storms. Thank you for taking the time to make this real for all of us. It's has been a fantastic read, so well-written. Hope you have many more months of entertaining chapters in store for us!
Guest chapter 119 . 7/25
Wonder what the important matter is... a pregnancy? Martin really needs to let go and go with the flow, let the contractors do their job, be patient and instead enjoy his time with Louisa and work on their other project. Please don't keep us in suspense for too long :)
Apl9662 chapter 119 . 7/25
Funny that Martin wants to interfere with the construction people, but gets angry when someone interferes with his own job. He always wants to be in control. Good advice of Dr. Travers to do some exercizing. I really hope the romantic weekend works it out for both of them. Looking forward to the next chapter.
Chapin chapter 119 . 7/25
Thankfully they did have a holiday off and away together. Also thankfully Martin realizes the value of therapy and the advice he has received and followed. Now fellow readers, for a treat, read chapters 47-50 of A Long Way by Bodmin for a very similar scene when Martin goes crazy with workmen renovating their house. Louisa actually sends him away, but James Henry intervenes.
Thank you for another good chapter with more to come.
BWagner60 chapter 119 . 7/25
Not being in complete control is something Martin will always struggle with I think. But Dr. Travers has given him some good advise. Since they are on a holiday sounds like he is listening. what does Louisa need to talk about? On a personal note four years invested in a story is quite an accomplishment well done you. With the number of followers you must be doing something right.
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