Reviews for Resolutions
Boots1980 chapter 115 . 2h
I have analyzed this chapter as methodically and meticulously as Martin assessed his dinner. Based on these clues from our author: "facets," "details," "rich color," "magnitude," "size," and "splurged," I am guessing Martin has brought a tiny box from Liverpool - hopefully Boodles.
andithomas1 chapter 115 . 4/26
I enjoyed the newest installment of our couple's journey. I bet he brought her a dessert! How sweet!
Bodmin chapter 115 . 4/25
Louisa, give that man a chance. He isn't a complete ogre. I just remember the wine at Penhale's party and the cheese and apple after their engagement dinner.
Besides, she should be thrilled he's throwing a child in the equation.
fanficfan71 chapter 115 . 4/25
I wonder what Martin's surprise is? Great chapter.
spottedhorse chapter 115 . 4/25
Oh my goodness, Martin brought something from Liverpool in place of dessert? This is a great hit or a complete flop, lol. Love the wya they are planning and getting along. Also love the way he just dropped having a child into it all.
robspace54 chapter 115 . 4/25
Afters? Good afters?

Great chapter, but now I am need of dessert.
lemster1 chapter 115 . 4/25
"Do you think we can afford it?" Progress! ME seems to have embrace his role as father to be.
abbybuk chapter 115 . 4/25
Wonderful chapter. It almost seem that Martin is excited about the prospect of a child. Now that they have committed to each other, are buying a house, and are trying to have a baby, I hope they finally tie the knot and make it official.
ke0212 chapter 115 . 4/25
Oh my - I hope it's a surprise she will actually never knows with Maritn. Nice interaction between the two of them
Susie Sagitarius chapter 115 . 4/25
Thank you for continuing this story. Such a good job of it, too. Take your time. I love how you've boiled things down to their essence.
maryjoeh chapter 115 . 4/25
Thanks. Nice little chapter to enjoy this weekend.
Guest chapter 115 . 4/25
Maybe a croissant and cinnamon bun for dessert? In an earlier chapter Martin bought those for Louisa in Liverpool because she fancied them. A way of showing that he cares and loves her... Another great chapter in a great story.
Chapin chapter 115 . 4/25
As always a pleasant read on a rainy Saturday morning. No matter how many years, there are always adjustments in a marriage. Their love drives them to optimum effort.
BWagner60 chapter 115 . 4/25
It sounds like Martin has accepted the fact they may start a family. While there were some tense moments they seemed to get through unscathed. Thinking before they speak is real progress. You have me wondering what he brought from Liverpool.
heypolly chapter 115 . 4/25
This story reads very true to the characters of doc martin. It is almost lunchtime and I got very hungrybreading description of the meal! Kudos to martin picking up must be solo hard not jumping to conclusions. What a busy weekend for them both
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