Reviews for Not Your Average Capture the Flag
casper chapter 7 . 2/14
good one! can't stop reading it
casper chapter 6 . 2/14
good one again! just go on and you'll be all right
casper chapter 5 . 2/14
again awesome! keep going!
casper chapter 4 . 2/14
Good as always! Maybe there can somewhere pop up an invinceble Roman warrior or so. Like Jason from the second percy jackson series. or egyptians like sadie and carter kane
casper chapter 3 . 2/14
i cant wait until i can read the next chapter! this serie is so awesome!
casper chapter 2 . 2/14
Again really cureous whats coming! please go on!
casper chapter 1 . 2/14
good one! really cureous what is going to happen!
DoomieTurtle chapter 16 . 1/16
This story was great
And SHÎT I smell
Ignore that last part.
DoomieTurtle chapter 5 . 1/16
BigThree Kids GONNA win
YA know why
Cause PERCYS the best swordsman in three hundred years
Plus he's the most powerful demigod
And you got the other big three children
Emma Engerson chapter 16 . 11/24/2015
Pretty good story
Guest chapter 16 . 9/30/2015
don't worry about it too much. i've read a fair share of fics written by college-aged authors and even thou they're in 3rd to 4th year of college i've found myself mentally correcting word and even phrases to make some sense of them. besides, this is probably the fic with the most original plot idea i have ever read and a few spelling errors won't change that.
Guest chapter 11 . 9/30/2015
just land a lightning bolt on clarisse and you're on your way.
some fucking random guy chapter 16 . 8/15/2015
go to main menu - publish - manage stories - not your average capture the flag - content/chapters - delete located on far right of chapter, or replace/update chapter at the top center
KrayKrayKat chapter 15 . 6/2/2015
I am so glad they won! Like shit, Thalia, Nico and of course Percy(he's like the mot amazing character ever) are so awesome! This was great!
Well done!
Aviendhaphiragon chapter 16 . 5/14/2015
Okay. You know where you go to add a new chapter? Go to that screen. On top, there are the blue words allowing you to replace/update chapters, or post new chapters. Under that, it lists all the chapters. It also has some options for each chapter (export, download, or delete) Delete is the red circle with the "-" sign in it. Click that, and then click yes.
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