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dragonfox123 chapter 38 . 5/4
Great chapter
darthvader042 chapter 1 . 5/1
Update plz
darthvader042 chapter 32 . 5/1
Update soon
AEStarWars chapter 38 . 4/18
So Ironic, I am currently waiting for an update to a story where Mace is the good guy, and this one, where he is the bad guy (mostly). Good story though! Please update soon
Harry2 chapter 38 . 4/17
Well, now that Mace has been exposed, things are really starting to get kicked up big time! Now the ones that are hunting the Force Jumpers are being hunted by a Sith creation. Looks like its going to take a lot of work to stop these and the Sith Apprentice.
ULTRA SONIC chapter 38 . 4/16
And the fallout continues...

When they got out of the ship I thought Anakin was gonna say: "Well, any crash-landing you can walk away from..."

But wait, another fight ensues! And given that Mace and Depa were there I thought the fight was gonna take longer.

But who should save Hunter's life but Grand Master Yoda! Glad he finally came around, because now he's about to take a step into a much bigger world.

And it seems he's quite impressed with the Force Jumpers being able to manipulate the elements, which he's never seen before.

With Windu's constant setbacks - yeah, it was only a matter of time before he got kicked out, but what's this? A Sith's been hiding in the background without the Xal'Karr knowing about it? And now it's under Sith management?!

Leave it to Sidious to still have one more trick up his sleeve. But all things considered, it would be like him to make sure he's still one step ahead, even with knowing that he's about a hair's breath away from being exposed by Knightblade, aka Anakin Skywalker.

Sidious shattering the wine glass was just hilarious, given how much he hates surprises. Face it old man, you can't control everything, and deep down you fear what you can't control.

With Dooku - what exactly makes him think he's got the upper hand? His Master just washed his hands of him when he demanded Knightblade kill him, and he isn't feeling the least bit vindictive about that? Well, hopefully Yoda can help get him to sing.

"I feel [Windu] will lead me to bigger fish." - Vastor

Looks like now we got a more menacing foe to deal with now besides Sidious. Not good.

But what makes Vastor so sure Windu will lead Anakin and co. to him? Given that the Xal 'Karr are now exposed, Windu will be either arrested or shot on sight wherever he goes.

But at least for now, Anakin and co. can get a break. They'll need it for what's to come.
SilverNightfall chapter 38 . 4/13
Aw.. Yay! I was so excited when I saw this was updated and I hope for more :)
Jedi Angel001 chapter 38 . 4/13
Another great chapter. You are my favorite author keep up the work! Nice that Windu
is exposed ,but now it will be more dangerous for them all with Sidious pet trying to destroy our heroes.
sexystarwarslover chapter 38 . 4/13
THAT WHOLE OPENING SCENE! I literally was glued and gasping throughout the whole scene what a way to start the chapter
YAY Mace has been revealed to what he really is and hope he meets a cold death for the pain he has caused although this new apprentice Palpatine/Sidious has makes me curious to see what will happen but LOVE THAT TWIST!
And that last scene HOT Anakin and Padme love!
changingdestiny40 chapter 38 . 4/12
Welcome back, thank you for the new chapter, and Happy New Year. I didn't expect the Sith to take control of the Xal'Kaar. The history regarding their existence was interesting and enlightening. With Mace still alive, I can see a Xal'Kaar Civil War happening. I was surprised by the revelation that Adi Galia is also corrupt. I have two questions for you please: are you going to write a redemption arc for Mace, or will he remain a villain ? Also, is Vastor going to be your version of Vader within this story ? Good chapter and have a good day.
hissassin95 chapter 37 . 3/30
Damn, this has been really good so far. Really hope you will update this soon!
KasumiKeiko chapter 21 . 3/21
I don't understand why he keeps letting Cox leave? Even the Jedi would kill an enemy if he was dangerous, and Cox has shown that he is dengerous, willing to kill innocent woman and children to get to his prey.
ULTRA SONIC chapter 37 . 2/4
And finally, after 37 chapters, the whistle finally gets blown on Mace Windu! Sucks to be him right now!

Looks like Anakin is starting to get a handle on jumping not just himself and other people with him, but ships as well.

Shame they couldn't get into the action and help give the GAR some much needed backup, but time was of the essence.

Cunning, stealth and subterfuge at it's finest in regards to planting cameras and recording devices at just the right points!

Master Shaak Ti, get ready to have everything you think you know turned on itself.

Too bad we didn't see Anakin fight Windu. At least with him backing up Obi-Wan and Ahsoka, Windu would have more reason to fear for his life. But luckily it all panned out.

Obi-Wan struggling against Vapaad - yeah, no surprise there. As good as Soresu is, it does not make anyone completely invincible. If the opponent knows what Soresu is, they can either try to psyche you out, keep up an offensive barrage - but with 100 percent focus and well placed - or take steps to make sure the user doesn't get the tactical advantage. Do all that and Soresu becomes useless. Heck, Order 66 showed ways to get around blaster deflection.

Good move on Anakin's part to jump himself and Dooku to someplace where the latter and Syfo can chat for a while, especially since Dooku has info they all need.

And the thing is, Dooku's in a pickle. His just witnessed his master's treachery, and on top of that, he's now in an electrical prison with no way to force-jump. I think it's only fair that he divulge Darth Sidious's true identity as payback. Goodness knows, I want to see Sidious shaking in his boots out of genuine fear of being exposed as a Sith. (or better yet, have Order 65 be executed)

Hopefully Sidious can't kill Dooku with a long-distance force-choke.

Yep, it's official. Jobal is chain-smoking deathsticks. I mean, as Quinlan pointed out, there's bigger things going on right now than her own petty issues. Seriously, somebody ought to slap her.

And the fallout from Windu's exposure - namely in regards to the Jedi Order. Good thing I'm not in Yoda's sandals right now.

Let go of your stupid pride Grand Master. It didn't do you any favors in regular canon, and it sure as hell ain't gonna help you here. So to Qui-Gon you listen! With the exception of Quinlan and Syfo-Diyas, he had more sense than any of you Jedi Masters in the Order. And it's a good thing Anakin learned from those cats instead of from you guys in the temple.

"...reason with him, I must try...but prepared for the worst I will be."

Now who's being the naïve fool Yoda? But I'm glad you're also considering the worst-case scenario. And it's gonna be the latter based on what's going on right now.

Of course, now comes the decision of rounding up the traitors, which won't be pretty, but it's gotta be done.

Score: Team Skywalker - 1, Xal'Karr - 0

Obviously it's not over by a long shot, but at least now Mace's plans are coming apart at the seams. And soon, so will Palpatine's.
sexystarwarslover chapter 37 . 1/26
I Love Anakin's plan and how it came to a head and caught Mace out HA HA! I cannot wait to see what happens next and as for Jobal, HA she got hers didn't she. AMAZING and THRILLING! cannot wait for more
SilverNightfall chapter 37 . 1/25
Yay you finally updated! I love this story and can't wait to see what happens next :)
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