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Read this chapter 41 . 1/30
Shipping rant from some brilliant analyst

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1andonlyjack chapter 41 . 1/18
Nice stories.
LuNa Rant chapter 41 . 8/6/2016
This guy wrote a rant about why luffy and nami make the most sense as a pairing.
When it comes to the validity of the arguments used in pairing discussions it's best to look at the weight of each argument presented. And by weight I mean the magnitude of supporting evidence and backing/credibility that each pairing has. Which for most parings theres very little. Especially when compared to Luffy and Nami the amount of things one could use to suggest a possible relationship between the two are stacked to the ceiling whereas most other parings just have weak circumstantial evidence that one can point to anywhere. Like how most people will point to some random insignificant scene of Nami and some other male standing next to one another or Nami simply being nice to someone. People often blow stuff like that out of proportion due to shipping goggles and a lack of understanding of real relations are, how they work and how they form.

When you examine each possible relationship between Nami or Luffy and other characters realistically it only leads to one conclusion. That they have the strongest bond and thus have the greatest reason to form a relationship. Ultimately thats what it comes down to. Looking at Luffy and Hancock the dynamic between the two set up by Oda is one of mere jokes. It's pathetic sappy teen love thats played for laughs.(The only people even support this relationship anyways are SaNa shippers who want Luffy to be with Hancock so that Sanji can have Nami) Even with Luffy's blatant rejection of Hancock people still think this is going to be a thing just because she likes him. This is a childish "she likes him so they should be together" mentality which can only be likened to that of elementary schoolers. Thats not the kind of thing a real relationship is based upon. The same can be said of Sanji and Nami being in a relationship. Now the idea of this relationship being valid is in itself inherently delusional because it springs from the mind of Sanji fans and Sanji the character and he himself is essentially delusional as well. He loves all women and believes that all women love him. Though people often point to the fact that Nami is the only person she refers to with the "kun" honorific, this is redundant for the fact that it means nothing other than that she's firmly establishing that he's just a friend. It's not an argument with much weight either because there are characters in numerous series that do this and it has nothing to do with love or even affection. Kagome from Inuyasha refers to Kouga as "kun" yet she only refers to Inuyasha the person she's actually in love with by just his name. Nami however also refers to Jinbei as "chan" and is the only person to call him such yet it clearly has nothing to do with romantic love. This is just one example of how shippers will isolate insignificant bits of information and ignore everything else that doesn't support their delusion. They bring up nonsense about how Sanji joined the crew specifically for Nami but so what? He would have done the exact same thing for literally any other pretty women who happened to be in the crew at the time.

When it comes to those who support Zoro and Nami this is probably the weakest pairing there is considering the only supporting arguments are how they are somewhat similar in their drinking habits, but people who are too similar often simply hate one another's guts just as Nami and Zoro are shown to. While they obviously respect and cherish one another as friends they have an obvious distaste for one another's personalities. People who think Usopp and Nami should be a thing only think so because of their one time team up and their similarity as weaklings but it's already been canically established that Usopp has a thing for Kaya and Vice Versa. Robin and Zoro is another utterly weightless pairing based on virtually nothing but some shippers silly notion of, "hey I think they look good together hurr durr".

Going back to Luffy and Nami the reason why this pairing being the most reasonable outcome is largely in part due to the magnitude of supporting evidence. Now obviously there hasn't been anything explicitly romantic (most people tend to look for generic stuff you'd find in some shitty harem anime such as blushing kissing etc) but what I mean by supporting evidence is evidence that corresponds with the basis of every real relationship. Thats a strong bond & trust. This is because of the massive impact he's had on her life. This is the person who freed her from years of torment by destroying her oppressor, reignited her dream and brought joy back into her life as well as her family everyone she cared about. This the person she expects to save her when she's in trouble(see when she's captured by the Yeti Cool bros) and who she runs to when she seeks emotional comfort. (And honestly how could any woman not fall in love with someone after doing all of that?) A lot of people try to make the hug scene on Zou seem like it wasn't a big deal because the scene with Usopp at the start of the timeskip but theres a clear difference between the two scenes. With Usopp she was merely glad to see a crew member she hadn't seen in a while, and she hugged chopper out of that same excitement. However with Luffy this is someone she immediately ran to when feeling emotional distraught. Yeah she was upset about what happened to Sanji but actions speak louder than words. Despite her crew being present it's Luffy she ran to seeking comfort, and a shoulder to cry on. Not only that but they trust each other completely and without question I don't need to elaborate on the significance behind Luffy trusting her with his prized possession numerous times and Luffy's refusal to think that she'd murdered Usopp but when the same was accused of Zoro he immediately tried to kill him, but Nami has willingly put her life in Luffy's hands. Now so does the entire crew when theres a crisis obviously but this is significant because she's the only one to state such a thing directly to Luffy. By doing so she made it personal. Even in the recent chapter she states outright that she believes that Luffy would never lie. Thats real trust, and a powerful bond. These are things that are used as the basis for forming an actual relationship. These are actual reasons for two people to truly care about one another and it goes far deeper than two characters simply having the same drinking habits or one pervert who devotes his life to being a female whipping boy. Thats why Luffy and Nami have the most credibility among pairings.

Thats me speaking from a purely objective standpoint. Because if Luffy had this kind of bond with any other female then thats who I'd argue for. I go with whats most reasonable rather than any personal preference.
StevenUniverse1 chapter 41 . 3/11/2016
You're such a brilliant writer. I look forward to the next big story you do even if you can't make one right now. I hope you've got more drabbles in mind for this story too.
RayneaLuna chapter 9 . 1/16/2016
so funny~~
well, most of people who watched Strong World didn't have a thought of something random like this... ,
LuNaOTP chapter 31 . 12/31/2015
But the sexual innuendo is the best part...NEEDS MORE SEXUAL INNUENDO
Monkey.D.Rocket chapter 13 . 12/30/2015
Seriously. You are the greatest LuNa writer on this site. What happened to Contiguity and 38 weeks later? Those were the best stories on the site. Are you ever gonna continue them? Or at least start a new story were Luffy gets Nami pregnant. Those stories are rare and when you see them they're often not done well.
GlassGazer chapter 39 . 3/11/2015
Ok, this one was one of my favorites. "Robin materialized a hand..." how do you come up with this stuff? XD
I can't chapter 13 . 11/10/2014
All your innuendos- just -CANNOT.

-SS ;)
The Okama Way chapter 41 . 6/8/2014
I CANT STOP LAUGHING XD IT HURTS * Dies from laughing to hard*
The Okama Way chapter 13 . 6/8/2014
Thisaccountmustbedelted chapter 21 . 4/20/2014
I'm so confused.
Bakadesunee15 chapter 41 . 4/4/2014
Can't. Stop. Reading. Chapters. 3
The fluffiness, the humor, the FEELS
You've made me remembered why I love this couple in the first place and how much i really want Oda-sensei to make them canon. I especially love how in every chapter, you're able to write Luffy and Nami in character. This is the one of the best LuNa fics that I've read so far. I really enjoyed reading every single chapter of this fic.
Bless your soul for writing about this pairing. Looking forward to the next chapters :)
Bakadesunee15 chapter 14 . 4/4/2014
This chapter just made me smile like an idiot...
Bakadesunee15 chapter 13 . 4/4/2014
Omg, my fave chapter so far!
Leave it to the crew's imaginations about what luffy and nami were talking about hahahaha
Great chapter, 13 chapters in to this fic and you just got yourself a new follower :))
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