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TereseLucy384 chapter 20 . 4/8/2012
I love all these little Drabbles. One can never get enough Dusty/Gilligan/Rufus/Maynard . . . never!
Louise Hargadon chapter 20 . 7/30/2011

Dusty even grossing out Lulu - entirely by accident!

I bet it is possible. I've seen people do it on't telly like. And make milk come out of their eyes. badabing.

Poor Dusty. It'd be a dead good trick too. "He made it look so easy..." awwwwwwwWWWWW!

Loved this little updating sesh. Can't wait fer't next one!

Dunno why I've gone so northern in this review. My apologies.

Ell Aitch xx
Louise Hargadon chapter 19 . 7/30/2011
Yeah, you forget, Mr Callahan - Dusty was the long-lost son of an Indian chief. He has a half-moon on his sittum down place.

I think the whole world is in love with the Dusty's Bum ep.

Well. Us.

Love the fact although the Indians are always portrayed as being a bit slow and a bit dim cos they use bow and arrows rather than bullets, even they treat Dusty like a child! Poor ol' Dusty. You've gotta love that boy.

Yay for Cal and the Indians having a mini-QB sesh at Dusty - and Dusty probably just blithely grinning at them and thinking they're a reet friendly bunch. Bless.


Moi xx
Louise Hargadon chapter 18 . 7/30/2011
Betsy's doughnuts. Mary Ann's pies and pancakes. It's a miracle the castaways and wagon trail gang haven't all keeled over with heart attacks years ago!

Aww, everyone loves Betsy's doughnuts, and nobody's as big a fan of Lulu's corn fritters. Poor ol' Lulu. She don't care none, though. She's Lulu McQueen. Cajones of Steel, baby.

Mr Callahan and Dusty almost reinacting a Father Ted joke ("I love egg. In fact, I love egg so much that I think one day, I'll just turn into one giant egg!" "Yes, well, I think that transformation's already taking place, Dougal." "Wha'?"). Lovin' it. They have such an awesome bromance.

Really lovely chapter. Onto the next one!

Myself xx
Louise Hargadon chapter 17 . 7/30/2011
Hahahaha! This reads like it was lifted straight out of an episode! It's brilliant! I love it!

Don't confuse the lad, Mr Callahan. He knows what he means!

Between all the hooves, feet, hands, knees and bumpsadaisies I laughed my head off reading all of this! Fabulous, fabulous chapter!

...oh, you know who I am...xx
Louise Hargadon chapter 16 . 7/30/2011
Dusty feelin' the groove...erm. As it were.

Tapping his foot to the sippin' an' a-swingin' sounds of the wagon trail blaze. What's your beef, Daddio.

Love the way he can go from a swingin' jazz musician to a tree-huggin' hippy in one thought, feeling connected to the earth through the music of the wagon train.

Great tune. It's bound to be a hit!

Once more unto the next chapter, my friends... once more...!

Ell Aitch xx
Louise Hargadon chapter 15 . 7/30/2011
Another Busty chapter! Love it.

Everyone getting the right words in the wrong order at the wrong time during yet another rendition of My Darling Clementine.

Dusty and Betsy bumping shoulders. Betsy hoping one day they'll bump more than just shoulders and that eventually they'll nudge more than each others' ribs...

In the (ungodly hot) words of Donald O'Connor - "We can start a fire without rubbing two sticks together..."


*gazes off distractedly*

Sorry...I got a bit lost in thoughts of Donald O'Connor. I'm back now.

Another epic chapter of epic! Can't wait to read the next one!

Ell Aitch xx
Louise Hargadon chapter 14 . 7/30/2011
Oh c'mon! Andy and his magic whimmydiddle? *roars with laughter*

So Much Innuendo, So Little Time.

"When another stick is rubbed across its notches the little propeller turns." I'm sure it does!

"The Whimmydiddle is a lie detector." "Yeah? I thought it was another name for your-" "IT ISN'T! It's a lie detector!"

Of course the whimmydiddle says Andy's the smartest guy in the world. We all know men define truth by their whimmydiddles!

(on another note, I'm just wetting myself laughing at my accidental typo - I just called the whimmydiddle a whimmydidn't...)

Can you possibly better the laugh riot of these 100 words?

I know not... But I reckon so!

Ell Aitch xx
Louise Hargadon chapter 13 . 7/30/2011
Awww. I love your friendship pieces for Dusty and Cal. They're so lovely.

Mr Callahan being all Pollyanna and being glad it wasn't as difficult for them as it would have been for the first lot of travellers, and Dusty just being like "Whatevs, man, you're three feet taller than me and could probably lift a locomotive with your index finger!" and before Cal has time to reply, Dusty's fast asleep! Bless. And how can you not find a sleeping Dusty unbearably adorable? It's true. You can't.

Onwards and...well, just onwards (I'd be a lousy wagonmaster...)

Ell Aitch xx
Louise Hargadon chapter 12 . 7/30/2011

You're right. Dusty and Andy are a brilliant comedy double act! Andy's a brilliant straight man.

Wearing a belt and braces, he can't be much else...

I love Dusty's irrepressibly curious nature. And Andy trying to stop him killing himself by accident!

Genius. Love it.

Ell Aitch xx
Louise Hargadon chapter 11 . 7/30/2011
Mr Callahan guilt-tripping Dusty into obedience FTW...!

"Water may be heavy but dead friends are heavier. That's right. If you don't get water, people will die. And it'll be All. Your. Fault." "Eeek!"

It's true though - it's not all fun, games and arresting people on a wagon train. I'd imagine. I dunno. But I'd say you were right there, Ted.

Love it! In the words of The Foo Fighters, done, done, and I'm onto the next one...

Ell Aitch xx
JWood201 chapter 10 . 7/29/2011
Ok, so there's no way I can review all of these right now b/c we're on our way out. BUT these made me so happy. You were writing and uploading faster than I could read, let along review. o.O

I love snippets of life and I love how they all seem to mean something. I think my favorite so far is Mrs. Brookhaven's. I love how Dusty took Cal's question literally and answered in an inadvertantly profound way, like he always does.

Also: Lulu's cojones! Hee!
Louise Hargadon chapter 10 . 7/29/2011
I love Dusty's imagination! I'm not just a scout for the wagon train - I'm a Pony Express rider! I'm one of the most important men in America! Without me... well... nobody'd get anything delivered!

I'll bet one day he does get them found. And, like the time he got them lost, it'll be entirely accidentally and while he was trying to do something else, equally good-natured and fabulous.

*sigh* I love Dusty!

Moi xx
Louise Hargadon chapter 9 . 7/29/2011
Oh, Dusty. You'll never be a man of Business. But we don't care. You're a man of Wagon Trailing instead!

He's not as daft as he looks, Dusty. Don't you give your money to Mr Brookhaven! He's a typical banker - he'll let you put money in all day long, but when you want to actually get at it, then it's a different matter entirely! Besides, none of his dollar bills are lucky - they're just regular dollar bills! Why would Dusty WANT any more dollar bills when he's already got one lucky dollar bill?

I loved this. I love Mr Brookhaven, he's hilarious!

It's like Christmas, all these updates. Hope someone else reviews soon, I look like a right boring old sod...

Ell...oh you know who I am...xx
Louise Hargadon chapter 8 . 7/29/2011
Ay Chihuahua! You're like some sort of crazy uploading machine, there, Ted.

Hooray for bringing up sheriff!Dusty! I bet he did get teased loads after locking them all up in prison for passing tresses and being caught red-handed with the black dirt etc. Still, he DID save their lives. They should be grateful!

Aww, I love how he doesn't mind getting teased at all by the girls, and joins in the teasing. It's like he's just a grown up Gilligan. It's lovely.

Another fabberoonie chapperoonie. Can't wait for the next one - although my boss might want me to do some work instead...nahhh...

Ell Aitch xx
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