Reviews for Written in the Wind
Rio Azules chapter 1 . 9/13/2011
Ah! My favorite kind of fic! Self-angsting! I promise that is not sarcasm! And for me to get to read an Otogi Zoshi fic that I wasn't even looking for is a happy thing indeed. There is not /nearly/ enough fic for this amazing series. Although this has a few bits where editing could have benefited from, the overall message was clear and the ideas and thoughts are brought out clearly, so this was a triumph! Thank you for taking the time to write and post this fic for everyone to read, your time is appreciated!

~Rio Azules
Daisuke-fujisaki chapter 1 . 8/13/2011
I can't help but to like this story.

The Heian arc had awesome scenes. The Tokyo arc in which with all Honesty, didn't seem intresting at first. For me, after watching the Tokyo arc, It leaves me sad that he had to go but, it kind of left me with some satisfaction on why he needed to create a new capital. Not only did he protect her because she had to correct the timeline but, loved her as well.

(I own the complete box set of the anime and Kept on watching it many times)

It's still sad though, she would keep on reincarnating without her past memories at all. Sometimes I hope that in one way or another she and Mansairaku would see each other again.