Reviews for PeanutButter, Jelly Time!
IMimelda chapter 1 . 8/2/2011
Adorable! I was even trying to guess what they were going to do with those sandwich halves and still that high-five came out of nowhere! What a cool home video.

Marte's drabble for you was so funny! I know she has Toronto in her head canon as the name of their first kid, from the Klaine skits on tour, so I could just see her thinking "but where is Toronto?" and thus the rest was formed. Cracked me up!

You gave them such nice interactions even in this short home-video filming, with them all acting exactly how it seems they would. It was so naturally Blaine and Kurt. You got them just right.
Marte chapter 1 . 7/30/2011
Awww! This was such a sweet little one-shot. Absolutely adorable. When I first read it I had a feeling that Blaine and Aaden would sandwich Kurt in between those slices thought, but the way it turned out was perfect.

Still, because of that, this little thing entered my mind:

"Kurt had been a bit hesitant about recording anything food-related. Gaga knows that the last time his husband and his son had conspired in such a setting, his Alexander McQueen sweather had been sent stright to the dry cleaners. But Kurt had a better feeling this time. Blaine was right; Aaden would grow up to be like Kurt, and Gaga knew how very fortunate they were that he would. Now; Kurt loved their first-born son to bits, but it had to be said that Toronto Hummel-Anderson constantly caused his fathers to worry. Actually; that's not entirely true. Blaine had mainly just laughed every single time (five to be exact in the last two weeks) the leaders at the music camp Toronto spent the summer at had called to complain about the aspiring musician jumping on furniture, even the dining tables in the cafeteria, and express their concern about the eleven year old shamelessly flirting with all the girls and boys when he performed. Yes, Toronto was very much like his laid back dad, while Aaden would grow up to be quite diva-like, just like his father. All in all it was a perfect family, Kurt thought as he kissed his huband and hugged his youngest son, whishing that Toronto was there as well."

Sorry for spamming the review with that little snippet. Just had to get it out of my head. But your story was so, so adorably perfect. I especially loved the ending. Super-cute.
tomoyosita chapter 1 . 7/29/2011
aaaaaawwwww i love iiit