Reviews for Wieners, Gonads and Bunnies
vergissmeinnicht chapter 1 . 10/18/2012
I'm quite fond of stories exploring 'missing scenes' and I really enjoyed yours. The introduction was well done, very Ted-like and very funny!
My favourite passages in the story are however: “..."You didn't treat the bunnies!"
Silence fell upon them. Not the comforting type, not even the solemn 'something bad just happened' type, but the scary, horror-like, realization dawning kind of silence. "Oh my god, Ted. What did you do to the bunnies?"...“, followed by the Barney-Ted-Zoey-interaction.
I'm afraid I cannot tell you precisely why I love these scenes so much, but maybe it's suffice to say that I like them so much I wish I'd written them myself.
Overall, great story and I would be very happy if you wrote more stories centering on Ted.