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Guest chapter 1 . 9/23
oh thank you I’m not very good with understanding random Japanese phrases -_-;;; but ahhHHH kid Rin and kid Yukio are so cute I cannnnnt~! Literally had to take a few breaks just to calm myself I really enjoy your writing style :)
Aren serathy chapter 21 . 9/20
Late to the party review but when it comes to tourniquets the main point of contention is leaving in on for an extended period of time causes tissues to enter necrosis from lack of blood. In the modern day even in active combat zones that risk is minimal compared to the benefit of stemming extensive blood loss. Ex: a GSW, shrapnel wounds, amputations, all are initially treated with a tourniquet, prior to gauze and/or stitches then removed afterwards.
Ironically that’s why gut shots are so bad as there’s no way to apply a tourniquet, internal bleeding almost always occurs, and the bleed is slow enough that death can be drawn out for hours, horrific way to die.
Aren serathy chapter 18 . 9/20
Holy shit am I glad no one was listening in on shiemi and rin. Those words change immensely without context lol.
noctex chapter 27 . 9/2
so my story about how i read this fic is sort of a Long (TM) one, i actually read this a long time ago when i first got into ane, and it was back in the chapter where yukio and rin where 11 y/o kids trapped on halloween, was transitioning out of and it ended up with me forgetting all about this /wonderful/ fic? i found you on ao3 actually with your gintama fics and one thing led to another and here i was rereading this fic nonstop!

i really do love your fic, because i think it took some of the problems i had with the manga and it's almost like a fix-it? because i love family relationships and i always felt somewhat robbed of shiro / twin interactions and this just gives me everything? like their dynamics of all the characters are wonderfully done, and i don't know the fact that rin was able to grow into his powers earlier, shiro having a chance to /fix/ his relationship with rin proper was just so good to me?

just, i love how you follow canon in terms of storyline but because of this one /simple/ difference suddenly dynamics between people are changed and the story takes such an interesting turn? just i love the twins dynamics (rin's occasional doubt because he's the son of satan and yukio's need to take things up on his own) and wanting to protect each other? that at least for a second yukio was going to text rin and his dad, and even if he didn't just that he was going to?

AND! the friendships? like while i was lik when bon did the whole shed thing, their acceptance for rin and their joking nature? because he was their friend first and its so much easier to digest and there's no outright rejection, because /you're our friend/. and i love shiemi, i love seeing things from her point of view and her quiet strength and support. she speaks out when it really matters and she's so strong and protective. i've never really shipped her in the series, but i've always loved her strength and goodness.

idk, how you write the characters because you don't make them ooc? but you take my favourite parts of them and make them shine? and their friendships and how they interact with each other, and shiro's pov that always makes me cry a bit inside because we'll never get it in canon, but here he is being such a good and protective father, who wants the best for his sons and knowing that there are people who wouldn't look past their birth lineage?

also, shura! i love that she's rin's teacher early and is doing so much to protect him? and you write her so nicely because i think her voice is sort of hard to capture because she's very multi-dimensional?

but ultimately i just wanted to essentially write a love letter about how i adored this fic? and the parts of canon we would never get to see, is being explored here in such a lovely way!
G4bbyisawesome chapter 27 . 8/29
Fantastic fic, still waiting to see what happens next. But are you still going to continue writing it? If so please tell me when your going to update it. Probs the best Blue Exorcist fanfic that I’ve ever read and can’t wait to read more of it
x444.666x chapter 27 . 7/26
so let me just start off by saying DSHKJSHKJFALKZHK
I just finished binge reading the amazing work of art and is by far the BEST ane fic i have ever read just auuuhggggggggg like how have i never read this before? its so well written and interesting like i never once was bored just EVERYTHING lIke the pacing the story the reactions PERFECT
this, THIS IS JUST BEAUTIFUL HOLY SHIT the premise itself ive seen done before just never this perfectly there's not a single instance i felt as if any one character was OOC and your balance of multiple POVs was masterful
i especially love your handling of shiro and the brother's relationship
at first i was skeptical of how the story would handle him being alive and instead of actually dealing with it shiro would be shoved aside but the execution could not have been done better by the author herself this is much better a than any shiro lives au i could imagine
AND THE TWINS RELATIONSHIP AJKHKJFAJKAKHLAFHLKJ holy crap like a lot of yukio's issue come from his isolation as a child but in this he had his brother and bc of that as a teen they have a healthy and loving relationship yukio actually relies on his family and its wonderful now if only Todo and Mephy weren't such fucknuggets smh crossing my fingers for a twins/shrio family talk after this but somehow i have a feeling that rin will have to use kurikara ahhhh the suspense!
anyways this is defiantly one of my fav fic ever in any fandom just the thought and effort put into it is so clear ill probably be rereading this for the next month just to relive your writing! and probably go though all your other fics too... ;
erica.phoenix16 chapter 5 . 6/25
Please update soon.
GoodVibezzz chapter 27 . 6/24
I was going down the list of my 'follows' section and came across this, so I reread it & it's just as captivating as the first time I read it. Update soon, please~~
NoelleShadows chapter 27 . 6/15
* prays for any chance of the author getting back to this* i fucking love it holy shit
NixieGlow chapter 27 . 5/13
Are you going to keep writing this fic? I really want to know what happens!
KSchweitz chapter 27 . 5/13
Oh please, please update. This story is amazing!
KingRagnarok68 chapter 1 . 4/16
Please continue this, it’s phenomenal
BlackPetals4 chapter 27 . 3/25
This is the best AoEx fanfiction I‘ve ever read! It‘s a masterpiece and I really hope you are going to continue writing it someday. I‘m aware that two years after your last update the chances of that happening are slim, but I will definitely keep an eye on this fic.
The characters are perfectly written, the scenes are detailed and the dialogues flow naturally. Everything seems so real and I feel like I‘m right there in the story, tensing in suspense every chapter. The plot is very well planned, you can also see the effort you put in creating the atmosphere with Japanese culture and German words. They‘re like the cherry on a huge sunday of awesomeness.
About the German titles, there is a small mistake in Chapter 3. You wrote „Der Tag der Unscharfe Grenzen“, correct would be „Der Tag der Unscharfen Grenzen“. Just add an „n“ to fit it to the Deklination of the noun.
Also, the word „Befürchtung“ is commonly used inside a phrase or a sentence to describe what is it that someone fears. For example: „Ich habe die Befürchtung, dass etwas schlimmes passieren wird.“ (I fear that something awful will happen.)
Sorry if my explanation doesn’t make much sense, I don’t know how to explain it better to a non-native speaker!
Anyways, „Furcht“ would fit better as a chapter title.
Der Rest deiner deutschen Wörter ist komplett richtig geschrieben und es freut mich jedes Mal sie zu lesen! Danke dafür, die meisten anderen Autoren arbeiten mit Google Übersetzer, das ist jedes Mal ein Horror!

If you chose to continue this story someday, I‘d support you with reviews till the end and you could always ask me about German words, foods or culture in general.
Love, Petals
Guest chapter 27 . 3/20
I've reread your story twice and I'm missing it terribly please start posting again I want to see what you do with Kyoto arc. And will Rin finally draw kurikara and unleash his true demonic power.
grandshadowseal chapter 2 . 3/18
I really miss this and hope you'll update again...
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