Reviews for Bruises
Thumana chapter 1 . 7/30/2011
You really did, didn't you? Create a canonverse in which Ike and Soren are particularly stupid about each other, I mean. And every time, Ike wants to hit someone who looks at Soren the "wrong" way.

This is beautiful, as usual. I loved Ike's thoughts as he watches their noble client with Soren. And then the guy touches Soren and Ike stops thinking altogether. Soren's defense of Ike is just as rapid and potentially more deadly. Soren also wins verbal sparring: "pompous, poorly plotted and easily overcome" is a delightful response to threats of revenge.

Soren fussing over Ike after Lord Vexen is gone is lovely, too. And the awkwardness persists...

Think I might go look back at The Birds and the Bees and Idiot heart now.
barefootbean chapter 1 . 7/30/2011
...I grinned stupidly while reading this, because your portrayal of Ike and Soren always make me get all mushy and dopey. And lookie - you published so many fics with these two today! Yay~ :D