Reviews for Tiny Titans
GoneDeparted chapter 1 . 5/14/2013
Really enjoyed this one-shot.

Averia and Raine are adorable! Really hope to see more things with them.
Turk 4 Life chapter 1 . 4/3/2013
HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA OMGOSH! This was hilariously cute :) I love how Squall and Lightning are the one's who officially catch the two :P Aww they're so adorable and i could picture everything they did! You're an amazing writer :)

mikeymike chapter 1 . 9/7/2011
haha~ it was so cute reading a "glimpse" on a lightning & Squall family life. but one question/ i understood where the name "raine" came from, but not "averia" how did you come up with that?
Alexander - Godslayer chapter 1 . 8/4/2011
Sweet! Holy! COSMOS! I just don't have WORDS to express how cute this was to read!

I also got to apologize for not reviewing for so long. Just finished catching up with "Leave, Then Return Again", got two chapters of "Scenery Called Everyday" down and still somewhere in the middle of "Midnight Orchestra" which I'll review properly once I'm done with that, but now that I'm finally getting myself to review I feel I better cover as much as possible.

You just... I gotta love how you won't stop exploring and exploiting these characters in every way possible, be it drama, romance, comedy, action...

"Leave, Then Return Again" is progressing very smoothly. Shiva is being an interesting... foil to Lighting, you could say, and it's adorable how she keeps comparing her to Squall. I love how you used Squall's faint memories to show previous interaction with Prishe. And man, didn't expect to see Zack in there, though really, that's anything but far-fetched... although it also sounds rather tragic, considering the implications, but then again, I keep forgetting, this is Zack I'm talking about... U

Then again... maybe he's wherever Prishe seems to be staying? Oh, well, we'll see...

My only problem with that fic is that, as much as it's happening between Lightning and Squall, this "going towards the Sanctuary" feels like it's being an excuse for sticking them together and little more. I'm just not sensing any plot going on, which I'm kinda looking forward to considering what was seen in "Healing the Scar". I'm just wondering what's going on with this Cycle, if the events seen in Duodecim are happening, other than the encounter with Kuja which triggered everything, and what's everyone else doing. Well, maybe things might take another direction after meeting with Cosmos at the sanctuary.

Other than that, loving the development it's having.

"Scenery Called Everyday" seems basically an excuse to explore the pairing any way you suddenly want... and I feel tempted to start doing the same with some pairings I want to work. AHEM! Anyway, just read two so far - and definitely gonna read the rest - and all in all, they work great for whatever purpose each one is done. And while stretching things a bit and demanding some suspension of disbelief, Squall and Lightning always manage to sound like themselves. _

Now, with those out of the way, let's get back to the incredibly adorable "Tiny Titans" at hand. Maaan, I was reading most of it picturing a Chibi-Lightning sneaking her way across other characters, which... well, was wrong but wasn't far-fetched for something to visualize, and I was giggling like an idiot the entire freaking way, it was one of the cutest things to picture in Dissidia ever, specially when I do it with Anime-like exagerated expressions. XD

The sudden revelation of the Tiny Titans being Squall's and Light's daughters suddenly made it all make sense, and the cute moments with the family were just as cute if not even CUTTER, which I can't believe was possible. Like I said, words fail me to express how sweet this was. Averia and Raine are quite a pair of little devils, and I certainly feel like demanding a cameo from them in "Scenery Called Everyday", because DAMN! Too cute like to leave abandoned. :3

And... I think that covers about-

ACK! Just checking the list of your fics I remembered I also read "One of Those Days", which... dunno, felt like I got the good upcoming part of "Leave, and Then Return" kinda spoilered. Or maybe not, but whatever the case, it's all being pretty enjoyable. Just... really looking forwards to one fic catching up with the other.

Oh, and Shiva's being such a smart-ass! XD

Well, hoping I haven't forgotten to mention anythink. Anyway, whatever you gotta bring next, I'm so certainly looking forward to it. And thanks for sharing all these wonderful stories with us.

Yours, "Reviews like Mad" Alexander/Alexlayer.

Bye, bye!

PD: Lightning/Squall/Paine? I'm already sold! :D
Indurrago chapter 1 . 7/30/2011
Awwww...that was a sweet story. What I like about all your SquallxLightning stories is they work as stand-alones or inter-connecting stories if the reader wishes to see them as such. Raine is one fricking smart-ass three-year old I have to say. Speaking of Raine that was a great name for her. I remember ending of FF8 where Laguna visited her grave and reminisced about the times he spent with her...that was really touching. She was probably my favorite ff8 girl tied with Quistis. Squall seems to be a pretty happy dad and good for him since he didn't grow up with parents or knowing who he is. I remember Cecil gets a son, a possible accomplice/slave for the tiny titans. XD