Reviews for Adaptation
Rokesmith chapter 1 . 2/12/2012
This is my favourite of your Songbirds stories. It says such wonderful things about these two incidental characters and the relationship that sadly we only got a glimpse of. But mainly, I like it for what it says about relationships, Sally's slow uncovering of Larry's deep rooted insecurities about how an introverted geek is supposed to maintain a relationship with a bright, beautiful girl with whom he shares very few interests. This is something I imagine a lot of geeks find themselves confronted with in relationships at some stage, which is why the resolution is so touching: Sally's gentle but inescapable affirmation that no matter what their differences in interests and dreams, they love each other and that's what's important. And it's all brilliantly tied together by a comparison to 'Sense and Sensibility' that fits so well with Sally herself. A perfect meeting of Doctor Who, classic literature and compelling romance, which is everything this pair should be.
noideagirl chapter 1 . 8/15/2011
whew, that was amazing! I was shocked to note - after reading this - that you had no reviews! Ridiculous!

Lovely depiction of the relationship between Sally and Larry, two great characters who I was slightly concerned would be ruined.

Great story, keep up the good work,