Reviews for The replacement captain: Ichigo Kurosaki
Great chapter 61 . 6/30
A good ending, although the part with Ichigo and Sode no Shirayuki was a bit confusing since they had already met earlier in the story, even if it was briefly. Also, Nel seems to have disappeared from the last chapters. Anyway, Looking forward to more!

PS IM missing the carrot-top babies,
Sailor Pandabear chapter 61 . 6/16
RomitriIsMyMaximumMortalFlaw chapter 13 . 6/15
That was intense! Poor Ichigo... I can't wait to read the next one!
Aramus13 chapter 61 . 6/15
A beautiful wedding, a beautiful ending.

Aramus13 chapter 55 . 6/14
I kinda agreed with the head captain here. Order must be established.
Aramus13 chapter 53 . 6/14
That is one awesome Bankai, very versatile.
Aramus13 chapter 52 . 6/14
Now the big guns are unleashed !
Aramus13 chapter 51 . 6/14
Ah, i really wanted Kira to advanced. Really like that Shikai of his.
Aramus13 chapter 48 . 6/13
Aramus13 chapter 47 . 6/13
Ichigo is actually really good with kids, despite the constant scowl.
Aramus13 chapter 46 . 6/13
I like the Shihoin family already. Less elders mean more power. Cant wait to see Byakuya's reaction.
Aramus13 chapter 45 . 6/13
I didn't expected that. They are all family! Nobles also.
Aramus13 chapter 43 . 6/13
So his Bankai was perfected?
Aramus13 chapter 42 . 6/13
Epic fight scene! Love it!
Aramus13 chapter 40 . 6/12
Although it's nice to see Harribel with her fraccion and Grimjow again, i have a bad feeling something about to go down in Hueco Mundo again...
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