Reviews for The replacement captain: Ichigo Kurosaki
Opinion chapter 33 . 10/7
I'm surprised you're bullying this pairing too much. Getting annoying as the chapter go on. With mission tossed aside like unimportant business just to provide "romantic scene"
Opinion chapter 31 . 10/7
Romance is fine, but Urahara is getting annoying
Nightangel52 chapter 49 . 10/2
You may want to consider changing the rating to M... This is considered M rated material, I thought it would be good to warn you since I don't want this story taken off.
alicia.jen.havens chapter 61 . 9/12
I would love an epilogue even if it's just the after party and Isshin getting an whooping for the inappropriate way he would act. Funnier still if Hisana gave it to him. A little peek of true sisterhood.
emla 2013 chapter 58 . 8/25
So yah Bleach didn't end the way I expected or WANTED. So looking for some Ichiruki comfort brought me across this beauty. You're an awesome writer and i really enjoyed this story. Wish there were more.
Lily D. Cave chapter 21 . 8/21
It's too bad Ichigo doesn't suffer from PTSS since he did went through one hell of an experience. Not even nightmares...should have made the story a bit more complete in my opinion.
Lily D. Cave chapter 35 . 8/20
Did Ichigo not use that Reiatsu-restaning bracelet? I would have if I were in his shoes...would have made it easier to keep everyone from fainting.
Lily D. Cave chapter 8 . 8/19
I can't believe he drank and got drunk, expected him to say 'I am underage' or something but eighteen is a legal age in a lot of countries so who knows.
Lily D. Cave chapter 3 . 8/19
I laughed so hard when I read the captain vows. I mean, serious Yamamoto? You asking the person who BROKE the rules and ignored your orders to promise to obey them? When did he ever listen?! I thought Ichigo would have said something like: 'Depends if they are reasonable.'
Oddballzebra chapter 17 . 8/17
This is just getting stupid.
Oddballzebra chapter 14 . 8/17
Did you even read the manga or watch the anime? Ichigo's hollow isn't really evil. It, just like Zangetsu, only wants to protect Ichigo.
Guest chapter 11 . 8/17
Seriously. Why the fuck is Rukia suck a bitch?
Guest chapter 10 . 8/17
Ichigo really needs to work on impulse control.
Oddballzebra chapter 8 . 8/16
Are you kidding me?
Oddballzebra chapter 6 . 8/16
Seriously? He got his ass handed to him by Momo of all people? I know that he was holding back but this is ridiculous. Also why is Rukia such a bitch?
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