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Queen of Spiritual chapter 12 . 8/31/2011
Once again great story. I sure didn't like Susan Cooper in the end.
Queen of Spiritual chapter 11 . 8/31/2011
Glad to see Paul was the one to wake up Mason and the trick did it. Usually does.
Queen of Spiritual chapter 10 . 8/31/2011
I'm sure Mason heard what Della was saying even if he wasn't awake from surgery as yet. She might not know it but it's my guess he could hear her tell the nurse she loved him.
Queen of Spiritual chapter 9 . 8/31/2011
The ending of this chapter was scary. Hope Mason will be okay. Hope it isn't a heart attack!
Queen of Spiritual chapter 8 . 8/30/2011
I know I didn't get to review this story when it was completed, so I get to review this chapter now. Another good one as usual. I've always liked these characters since I was introduced to the series through my mother. I first started reading the books but tried watching the TV series but I could never get into the TV show. I keep trying but I still couldn't even if the characters are from the imagination of Gardner himself.

I think I'm better off reading the books and fanfiction stories of Mason and Street. At least I had that idea of my own for Mason a while back and have it reposted so that one might be the only Mason story I might do.

Hope to see more Mason stories like this one from you in near future! :) I would have to agree with kwm on this chapter and some other reviewers, esp. kwm. Keep up the great stories!
tengland2 chapter 12 . 8/23/2011
Tragg trying to keep Paul in line. The nerve of Susan Cooper calling Della "trashy" Loved the fact the both Cooper's got what they so richly deserved, as apparently have Della and Perry. Perhaps another chapter in the works?
tengland2 chapter 11 . 8/23/2011
Loved the interaction between Della and Paul and eventually with Tragg. Glad to sse Perry has come out of it.
razraz chapter 12 . 8/23/2011
Whoops - the security on this won't let me review against the chapter - so here they are going on one.

Chapter 9

"Now this is entirely preliminary and I hesitate to make any sort of report without ..." poor Jackson, he wants so much to be 100% on his facts, this made me laugh, its sort of a precise ramble and I imagine he is sweating ever so slightly at the pressure PM puts him under. "The man was altogether too reliant on the intangibles. Jackson believed in research-cold hard research to verify that his choices could stand the greater scutiny of the courts. Mason believed in charting new courses and creating precedents, rather than living by them." - these are fabulous descriptions - telling so much about both men at the same time. You are masterfully subtle.

Paul drumming his fingers on the steering wheel nervously - great image. And angry Perry - that was just controlled Perry stirring up trouble - nice Paul/Perry interaction. ( I know nice is an insipid word but I'm tired and running out of adjectives). And the last two scenes - great tension, sensational tension .

CHapter 10

Della is such a cool cat - the short interspersed scenes are great and work really well - great pace and sustaining the tension of the previous chapter.

The medic shaking his head almost imperceptibly - now I was already tense and you throw that in.

The Tragg/Della interaction was soo good - and Della leaping out of the car before it stopped. Your attention to detail is bang on.

Paul and Della moments - awhhh!

Della telling the nurse she loves him - double awhh!

"When she spoke her voice was a ragged whisper."You are a son of a bitch, Perry Mason." This is my favourite scene and line in this chapter

Chapter 11

this chapter's details are great - particularly given how hideous it is waiting for anyone in a hospital room - favourite line "She skipped the front page story."

(Oh and I love Paul).

"You'd be surprised how many women there are out there..." did I already tell you how cool this was - she is totally without jealousy on this, just stating a fact - go della!

Chapter 12

"Gold digging working girl.." great line - I was starting to feel sorry for Mrs Cooper by this point.

"Mason returned her gaze, and shifted his hand on the bed, weaving his fingers into hers, "I know its true. I know it." - okay so this is my favourite P/D moment .

Your stories are soo good - you never loose sight of the plot, the whole mystery drives the story zooming along - way too long between nice tie offs of the different possibilities.

Great story - great characters.

E. Wallace chapter 12 . 8/22/2011
Great wrap up with lots of great bits through out.

Paul and Tragg working together, but Tragg keeping Paul on a short leash.

Fantastic addition of Millicent arriving at the hospital, Tragg's attempt to warn her about what she would be walking in on and him getting to laugh about it all the way down in the elevator.

Excellent revamp on the propriety bit with Perry still frustrated by it but more understanding ("The city ran on gossip..." I love that bit!)

Well done as always!

Michelle285 chapter 12 . 8/22/2011
Yay! I'm a bit sad that it's over, but this was a great last chapter! :) I also liked how long it was and that Tragg let Paul go with him when he questioned Susan Cooper. I also liked that he solved the case and I'm glad Della was right about Susan shooting Perry! :) As for Jason, I was a bit angry when he was talking about winning and such, although I knew Perry wouldn't let it get to him. His speech was amazing, and it got even better when Della said he didn't get anything! :) This was a great last chapter and I really hope to see more from you soon! :)
likes-it-bubbly chapter 12 . 8/22/2011
Oh that Cooper woman and her supposed understanding of Della's character! Man, she annoyed me so much it made my cheeks go read! LoL! :) But well done, dear! Paul and Tragg working together on this one was such a treat!

And then Perry's speech to Mr. Cooper. And Della's reaction to it - beautiful. Completely melted me. :) :)

The fact that Della had left him for the night because she might not be able to keep her fingers off him made me smile like crazy. And I loved the ending so much! How they return to their life, including work. :)

Fantastic job, honey! :) :) This was such a treat with so many good lines, tears and chuckles. More soon, please! :) :)
kmw chapter 12 . 8/22/2011
I am such a fan of yours! I have LOVED every minute of reading this story. I love your stories and I think they are very true to the characters in the books and from the tv series as well. To me, it is like reading one of the ESG novels, only we get to have the good part we always wanted! The mystery, tension and romance were great! I love the fanfiction for the romance, but it is even better with a mystery. Because after all, that is SO who Perry and Della are! I absolutely adore the stories about the first time they get together. And you write all these things so well! I could (and do) read them over and over again. I think one great thing for fanfiction writers is being able to come up with so many different scenarios of how they finally give in to their feelings. For ESG to have taken that step with the characters there would have been, as Della said, "no going back". So I guess that it really was a good thing for him to keep us guessing, using our own imaginations of what was going on behind the scences! I just wish we could have had a little something in EVERY book and a little bit of ANYTHING in the series.

Now when are you going to get started on the next one? I can hardly wait!
likes-it-bubbly chapter 11 . 8/21/2011
""I'm the lucky one, Paul," she whispered at last."

If I have to pick a favorite line that would be it. Although I simply adored the entire Della/Paul interaction.

I also loved (and was so praying that it would come) the one-sided conversation Paul had with Perry after he had sent Della to the cafeteria. Lovely trick there, Paul. I can completely see and hear him doing just that! :) :)

Also melted when Perry was finally awake and didn't want Della to leave. Needed her. Again, such a great job. Completely touched my heart. :)

Tragg, too. Loved his exchange with Della. So sweet! And then in the end, Della letting go in the bathroom. I want to hug her so bad. Made me sniffle again, dear. :)

Can't wait for more! Suspense and the romance. :) :) Great mix!
E. Wallace chapter 11 . 8/20/2011
Ah, mu favorite part, Paul telling Perry he'll gladly help Della through her grief then swoop in and marry her... after waiting the fifty or sixty years it will take her to get over Perry.

Paul's a clever man who knows just how to rile his best friend back to fighting form.

Well done!

razraz chapter 11 . 8/19/2011
Paul is the best - great scenes between him and Della.

The quick glance he gives to the door so Della doesn't walk on him talking to Perry - magic.

Paul telling her he was giving up batching - great interaction, all the while cooking an omelette.

The tears he wipes away when she's not looking - nice subtle touch. Della skipping the front page story when she is reading out loud, probably with a slightly lifted eyebrow I imagine.

"You'd be surprised how many women there are out there who believe once they've paid for his services, then they've paid for all of his services." That just sums so much of it up and can see Tragg with a knowing (but supportive) smirk on his face at that comment.

"I'll stay here with Sleeping Beauty." ha ha so Paul.

"Don't go around getting yourself shot, if you don't want me to cry." nicely Della

and this exchange

""How do you feel?"

"Feel like U've been shot in the chest."

"Imagine that."

And Della going into the bathroom to collapse.

Loving your story. Great number of suspicious persons.
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