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coliseums chapter 16 . 6/29/2012
Awesome :D
Although, it could have been longer but oh well xD
at least you updated
Good luck on le next one :D
Rika Senpai chapter 16 . 6/23/2012
OMG please update soon and I mean soon because I can't take it anymore! I feel- no no no I am not starting this but please know that I will wait for the next update!
Veline Shee chapter 16 . 6/23/2012
Uhohh finally update ;A; #cried happily#

Thank you for the update and listening to my wishes :D

I am touched ;_; poor Kuro, poor Luka, I hope they can be happy walking their ways they choose later. And thank you for making Len super kind for Luka, I love Len more and more now XD

Once again, thank you author, by the way I love dbsk too #chang min 3#

I'll be waiting for the update and I hope you will update this cute story asap :D
Veline Shee chapter 15 . 6/21/2012
Oh my God... Author, would you update this fic asap? I've been waiting for 2months already...and you know, this story just stuck in my head, wanting to read a new update so badly #refreshing the page everyday# :'''''''''(

About your comment, I AGREE! Kaito should get through many things first if he wants Luka to lie him again! He has been so cruel to Luka, and I can't accept his apologize easily! Luka must feel the same too!

I like the way Luka realize that she'll do the same like Kaito did to her, if she goes back to Kaito, its just so true, not like that drama queen in the tv! XD

This is one of the reason I wanted the update so badly! _

I think Kuro is really kind *want a boyfriend like him* and why not Luka fall for him? I'll go for Kuro if I become Luka, #nosebleed dreaming of him# XD

So, hey my dearest author,pretty pretty please update this fic anyway you want it to be, and please let Kuro be happy too, #hugs Kuro, I love him :3 #

I hope u will give bonus like double or triple chapter for us readers that patiently wait for this story to be updated ehehehe :D

Thank you, author! sorry for writing the longg and full of emotion comment, because I can't stand Kuro to be sad anymore ;_;

And lastly I know my english really sucks, especially the grammar... I know it very well... So, sorry for that... If you don't really understand what I meant because the grammar error, just ignore it... I'm not good writing in english :''( but I can handle reading though :3

Another thanks for the story up till now, its been magnificent! Yaayy! Super thank you author #hugs#
xXMrs.RaymondXx chapter 15 . 6/14/2012
Please update soon! I love this story, I'm literally hanging on every word.

coliseums chapter 15 . 5/22/2012
toolazytolog chapter 15 . 4/19/2012
one word: AWESOME!

right, and I'll be looking forward for the next big thing to happen.

lolwhatever chapter 14 . 1/6/2012
You!. .AW3SOME.! xD

it's getting more compliated. Please make the story more complicated! _ i can't imagine how this story will turn out.






Don't u dare slacking off! :D

Write ! Lol.

...And update~
ChiAnh chapter 13 . 1/3/2012
simply a plot device. There's no need to get so worked up!

So, now I must wait for the next chapter. I hope you update soon!

(My review got cut off again, sorry. Dx )
ChiAnh chapter 12 . 1/3/2012
NEW CHAPTERS, HOORAY! I realize that chapter 12 has been up but… I've logged in for the first time in months because of this story. ;u; Okay, it's review time.

Chapter 12:

D-R-A-M-A! That is how I describe Meiko's wedding. C: Owaah, she's so clever making Kaito and Luka dance like that! Poor Lily, getting dumped at such a festive event. Kaito's such a womanizer, then he turns around and wants Luka back when he sees her with Kuro-kun! The nerve! (I still love him though. xD ) They caught the wedding couple's items! Forshadowing I think! Cx By the way, I think Meiko and Kiyoteru make an adorable couple. Maybe in the future, Yuki can be their daughter! w

Chapter 13:

Kaito is after Luka! Poor Kuro-kun is now like a fall back boy. I can tell he really cares about Luka, but he's getting a bit possesive. I think he might sense her feelings for Kaito are still there. And Kaito running off with her doesn't help. But this chapter had some really cute LuKaito moments, even if Kaito was a little rash and threw her into a fountain. xD Poooor Miku-chan! She must feel so hurt and conflicted, but kissing Kaito won't fix anything. She knows perfectly well about Luka's feelings for Kaito and vice versa. But please, for the love of Len, please don't let him be SPICE! playboy Len! Surely the date with Lily was just a misunderstanding? ;A;

Two reviews in one, how about that? I really loved these chapters, but I spotted some grammer mistakes. Other than that, I think they still have a good length and super fluffly content, making it enjoyable. Cx

And to you Kuro-kun haters, stop your complaining! It will get to more LuKaito in the end! D: And as much as I'm pained to say it, Kuro-kun is sim
samasbananas chapter 12 . 12/28/2011
Wow... this is so intense! Please update soon!
samasbananas chapter 2 . 12/28/2011
I have bee in the same situation. Ya know, minus the whole Vocaloid thing! I was in Luka's position and the girl he liked was my friend. Plus they were both younger than me!
Skaian chapter 12 . 11/26/2011
OMG yaaaaay *u*

Um, watch for run-on sentences. They're kind of annoying xD

But omgggg I looove it :3

Now put Kaito and Luka back together D:
lukaluka anynomous chapter 1 . 11/15/2011
This is so sad somehow...your story...TT_TT it really touch my heart. I feel so heartbroken now...the way you write the story is really dramatic. Amazing! Keep on writing!
Goz1 chapter 12 . 11/15/2011
D: you haven't updated in forever! haha jk im not mad. this chp. was well worth the wait. i still really wanna punch Kuro in the face though. .
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