Reviews for Lord Charming
Guest chapter 800 . 5/16
Question, do you ever go into detail about who the Western Lady ended up with? Is that in a connecting story?
girlwhodoesthedishes1 chapter 800 . 5/5
Re-reading this at 2021. Still as good as I remembered. I will be back next year.
Monomyth chapter 800 . 5/4
I'm so glad I found this years later when it was complete. I blitzed through it and adored every moment of it. This must've been quite challenging to do and it's testament to your skill and hard work. You made effective use of your word limit and really made it work. Masterful storytelling :)
KagLover684 chapter 305 . 4/8
Girl, claim what's yours haha
KagLover684 chapter 302 . 4/8
*screams* I...I...girl he got you good
KagLover684 chapter 120 . 4/8
I cannot with him lmao
KagLover684 chapter 105 . 4/8
Her last thought. LMAO
KagLover684 chapter 56 . 4/8
yes she does
KagLover684 chapter 48 . 4/8
Mother's hilarious I love it
ClanMcCloud chapter 756 . 4/7
That was a beautiful mating gift "Storyteller-Sama" gave to Sesshomaru and Kagome!
Now that's poetry!
Guest chapter 522 . 4/5
Wait, how is Kagome hearing modern things like planes while in the feudal era?
Guest chapter 800 . 2/21
Really great story! I read it twice within a week 3
CraftyKitsune chapter 643 . 2/6
"Mad kitsune skills. I haz them." Tehehehe
Guest chapter 800 . 2/3
I really don't even know what to say. I've been reading the story for years, and I've just now finished it because I was impatient on waiting for updates and I wanted to wait until it was done to finish reading it. To get the full effect I started it from the beginning this last read, and finish it all the way to the end. you have created something beautiful and wonderful. Thank you so much for making this story it's brought me joy for years. The written word is the greatest tool that humanity has ever wielded and you use it magnificently. This is a story that I will be reading over and over again for years to come it's an absolute favorite thank you so much.
CraftyKitsune chapter 213 . 2/2
.. and then he licked her forehead! X'D
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