Reviews for Lord Charming
asteroeis chapter 20 . 15h
i was gonna say 'look what you signed up for, kagome,' but technically she didn't sign up for anything. welp.
asteroeis chapter 19 . 15h
well. that's a no one situation. poor kags. looked down upon by pain in the ass demons.
asteroeis chapter 18 . 15h
appraising her, recognizing her strength, bless.
asteroeis chapter 17 . 15h
i feel the rage kagome, i feel it so bad.
asteroeis chapter 16 . 15h
aww, kags, you're so adorable, getting so excited over a demon village.
asteroeis chapter 15 . 15h
well that was rude, sess. didn't need to drop her like that.
asteroeis chapter 14 . 15h
i don't know if silly is even in sesshomaru's vocabulary, kagome.
asteroeis chapter 13 . 15h
well, that's ridiculous, sess, are you telling me this hadn't crossed your mind sooner? you wouldn't have had to kidnap her then.
asteroeis chapter 12 . 15h
damn right, more his thing.
asteroeis chapter 11 . 15h
kagome, dear, you've got your work cut out for you.
asteroeis chapter 10 . 15h
kagome has stronger will power than i do, because answers like that directed at me would have earned him a solid punch in the arm. i'd probably regret doing so, but that's not the point.
asteroeis chapter 9 . 15h
aww, she was offended for him. i was too, to be quite honest.
asteroeis chapter 8 . 15h
sesshomaru coming to kagome for advice in regards to women. the best thing ever.
asteroeis chapter 7 . 16h
poor sess. sensitive about his lack of limb. that sounds so much funnier than i intended, & it makes me feels bad that i said it to begin with.
asteroeis chapter 6 . 16h
a looking out kagome. impressing sess with your perception skills.
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