Reviews for Lord Charming
Tenia que decir chapter 52 . 5/9
Después de ver Bridgerton, tengo que opinar que la reina fue copiada de tu Irasue. La suegra bonita.
Coolfire30 chapter 800 . 4/8
If I could favourite this 100 times over, it still wouldn't be enough.
Coolfire30 chapter 750 . 4/8
If I thought that I was crying when Sesshōmaru revealed that he was courting her despite her inevitable death...fuck...I am now.
Coolfire30 chapter 727 . 4/8
My heart feels...full...and my eyes are overflowing with tears.
"I will be happy"
Coolfire30 chapter 538 . 4/8
Ahh...pain...and tears...yep...
Coolfire30 chapter 476 . 4/8
Oh dios! I have only just realized from your authors note (I am ashamed to say that I rarely read any notes from any author) that you are Forthrightly! Another one of my favourite authors!
Coolfire30 chapter 462 . 4/8
You've perfectly characterized Sesshōmaru to the point that even his reticence is...romantic.
Coolfire30 chapter 447 . 4/8
I'm too emotional for this.
Coolfire30 chapter 428 . 4/8
Nothing explicit...and yet I wish I was able to blush...
Coolfire30 chapter 421 . 4/8
Needy thing isn't he?
And he doesn't even understand or realize yet...
Coolfire30 chapter 413 . 4/8
It's all very subtle...and I can't help but cry at the nuances and unsaid meanings...
Coolfire30 chapter 393 . 4/8
I feel as if there's something pressing down on my chest...I can barely breathe.
And the tears are no help either.
Coolfire30 chapter 303 . 4/8
"And caught you"
Fucking tears rn... and not being able to comment on the right chapter aggravates me.
FF . net should extended commenting limits to more than 2 comments per chapter, cause with amount of rereads I do...ugh
Coolfire30 chapter 102 . 4/8
Screaming rn.
An acquired taste?
For refined tastes.
Dios I can't handle it.
Coolfire30 chapter 90 . 4/8
ahhhh... and here is the start of Kagome's interest... hm
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