Reviews for Lord Charming
Yukiji chapter 529 . 5/23
Please please please continue soon!
Treeni chapter 529 . 5/21
I forgot how good your writing is. It's been forever since I've indulged into your stories.
Treeni chapter 237 . 5/20
Erm... oopse.
Treeni chapter 235 . 5/20
"I live, therefore I please." - this is one of my favorite lines period. I want to make this my new catch phrase.
Treeni chapter 65 . 5/20
Bullshit this is gonna be a 'once' occasion.
Guest chapter 529 . 5/10
I adore this! I just came upon it two months ago, but I've already reread it a couple times! I know you get busy with real like and deadlines, and I pray this is what is keeping you so busy now and that you will come back. We miss you and your wonderful tale!
soso chapter 132 . 5/8
heaven's-myth chapter 529 . 5/10
Mistress Saturn1 chapter 529 . 5/5
love the story. I wanted to ask if this has been abandoned?
Mama Kat chapter 529 . 5/2
I miss this stories updates. I hope you can come back to this soon,,,
L'alchimiste de Castille chapter 529 . 4/28
I like how you did this. I've never seen a story worked this way, the short yet potent chapters are brilliantly done. Everyone special and necessary. You're writing if beautiful and I hope to read more of this in the future, if you return to it.
The calling chapter 529 . 4/24
Pls write more
The calling chapter 229 . 4/24
Discord1 chapter 1 . 4/25
I reviewed earlier in the week but forgot to sign in. I loved this collection of drabbles - you pulled off this challenging medium really well with succinct prose, expertly-crafted cliff-hangers, and truly interesting scenes. I loved your take on inu-youkai culture and customs. I hope you have plans on finishing this story - we have to know how it all ends!
THEMarieAnn777 chapter 529 . 4/24
Ohhhh my gosh where do I start! I fell in love with this story from the minute I had started reading it. You have such talent and potential! I was wondering if you plan on continuing this story, because as soon as I finished the last chapter I felt unfinished and this empty, sad feeling of wondering if this thrilling and hilarious story was over. Please don't give up on this masterpiece!
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