Reviews for Lord Charming
aokakesu-otaku chapter 507 . 4/14
Ahhh oh my god, I first read this like almost two years ago, and there were maybe 200 chapters? I just happen to glance on this yesterday and saw 500 CHAPTERS. I reread this whole thing in a day. And I love it even more than the first time.

Please tell me you'll update soon! I love your style and flow
Drops of Azure chapter 507 . 4/11
Interesting. Your portrayal of the characters is amazing, in my opinion.

I look forward to the next chapter.

Maira Saw chapter 507 . 4/11
crap i got up please update soon
kag-and-sess-4-ever chapter 507 . 4/11
i always love reading this story even the new ch.' s thx for continuing it and i look forward to new ch.'s or a sequel!
Sarah'sStory chapter 507 . 4/10
Its been over a month since you last updated! I need more fluff! Will you pretty please update soon? I've been reading this story ever since you started and when I finnish a chapter I always look aroung me, sigh and say "yup, I'm addicted," so will you please update soon?
poop chapter 507 . 4/8
is this story like on HAITUS or something?
Maira Saw chapter 12 . 4/9
this is gold! hahahaha
young kagome chapter 507 . 4/8
Ugh I was sooo behind I had like a hundred chapters to catch up on and I LOVED IT! These chapters are way too short for my liking, you really know how to keep me coming back! I wish I had a hundred more to go. Ah well, I adore this story as usual and keep up the great work! P.S. I love their lil sleepover lol it's cute.
Kurai Ummei chapter 506 . 4/7
Where is 508?! I'm begging you to write more!
markljenkins chapter 505 . 4/7
Please update! It's been a whole month already TT
Uncertain Shifter chapter 507 . 4/5
Poor Seshoumaru.
*Snickers*Poor Kagome!
Raven Angel Storm chapter 507 . 4/5
This was really nice! I really want to see how Miroku and Sesshoumaru will interact with one another!
Kurai Ummei chapter 507 . 3/27
Your 100 word snippets continue to enthrall and infuriate me. Uggghhh.
Merlie chapter 507 . 3/24
Love your stories. You always have that delicious slow build up that is not only entertaining but believable. Please update soon. I got used to your daily updates and miss having something to look forward too at the end of the day.
markljenkins chapter 506 . 3/23
Please update!
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