Reviews for Lord Charming
WritingRin chapter 712 . 7/10
I was not expecting that! Awesome
WritingRin chapter 705 . 7/10
Ach, beautiful!
WritingRin chapter 674 . 7/10
I know you always do but thank you for including Shippou it’s really precious. He’s not just a token character I matters a lot to me when he’s made important to the story, included, like you’ve been doing with him so far
WritingRin chapter 633 . 7/10
They fly under the stairs! I love it.
WritingRin chapter 570 . 7/10
I got goosebumps! I love how meaningful it is to THIS story. And I’m so excited yay! It’s kinda an epic thing to say to a man that’s after you... even if she didn’t write it herself.
WritingRin chapter 562 . 7/10
Oh my gosh! I can’t wait!
WritingRin chapter 524 . 7/10
I have to tell you how EXCELLENT those headlines were here. Just oooh so good. Truly have always loved your writing... still do after all this time. Ack I just realized how much of this I’ve read in one sitting! Even if they are drabbles. Yowza 524! I must applaud you on that too because it’s very compelling
Lelecocopuffs chapter 518 . 7/6
I always adore the way you write Kimi!
Lelecocopuffs chapter 53 . 7/5
Lol chou means cabbage in French! I wonder if Kagome would feel less intimidated if she knew that
brunhilda9 chapter 800 . 7/3
This was lovely, thank you :)
Tar3820 chapter 339 . 6/30
this is definitely the best chapter I've ever read in a fanfic.
Baesagi.Tsukino chapter 800 . 6/29
Lovely story! I never wanted it to end!
Baesagi.Tsukino chapter 80 . 6/27
Just found this story and I’m so intrigued! I died at “Are you mocking me?”
Daughter-of-the-Moon-7 chapter 800 . 6/22
This was such an awesome story! I lost sleep spending most of the night reading the story, and then finished it the next day in between answering emails while working from home. I loved the slow build up and how in character everyone was.
Guest chapter 800 . 6/18
Loved this. Thanks for sharing!
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