Reviews for Lord Charming
DarkMoonDiamond chapter 800 . 14h
I read all of it in two days. It's amazing. Thank you for writing it!
KagedIn chapter 800 . 11/21
Can we say 800 snippets of awesome! I really felt like I was watching their story unfold and it was such a lovely one! Thank you so much!
sayrahsunshine chapter 800 . 10/30
God damn brilliant
MoonPrincess919 chapter 240 . 10/29
Loving it so far. Just one question...Where's Inuyasha and why has he not tried to come and take Kagome back yet?

I guess that's technically two...
Kitsuki26 chapter 800 . 10/29
*flails* I started reading this on Dokuga ages ago, when there were only around 350 chapters. Then I got distracted by shiny new fandoms and never made it back. I am so, so happy to find this again, so much longer and even finished! _
InuYaoi chapter 1 . 10/23
"Hanako-sama was only after...whatever it is she got." I am screaming this is so funny.
InuYaoi chapter 184 . 10/23
This is bloody fantastic! Still have some ways to go but this is up there with "tales from of the house of the moon." Good lord you are gifted. What a unique way to tell a story. Your writing is just so lovely. You're the kind of writer I admire so much.
Morganna Manko chapter 800 . 10/13
Oh my heart, words cannot do this story justice. Simply exquisite!
fieriz chapter 800 . 10/7
I'm a new fan of SessKag, and I'm honored to experience the pleasure of reading a hundred words snippets, woven in 800 chapters which written splendidly. I have a theory that you are one of inuyoukai's descendants, or probably one of inuyoukai's mate. I mean seriously, it feels like this is written by one who experience it in first person. I am beyond amazed, you are truly brilliant. God bless you for writing this masterpiece and decide to share it with us mortals. Thank you very much!
young kagome chapter 800 . 9/29
I loved this so so so so so so SO very much! I wish you'd gone into more detail about Sesshomarus other half brother! And who his mom was pregnant by! Who is future Inuyasha happy with? So many more questions that I have that will go unanswered. Ah well, amazing job!
Tzarista chapter 800 . 9/29
great story :-)
Lillaflor chapter 800 . 9/13
Still so many questions about what will happen(/happened?) with everyone in the future, but the ending was good! Truly enjoyable read!
Lillaflor chapter 261 . 9/13
*dying from cuteness*
Rinkashi Namiki chapter 1 . 9/9
I always come back to this story. Your writing is so lovely
brigette.corbett chapter 800 . 9/6
I am usually not a fan of short chapter stories but it worked so well in this story! I loved the whole thing! I've read your stories before and you've never let me down. Thanks for a great story and characters I loved soooo much!
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