Reviews for Surrender
phoenixgirl26 chapter 20 . 7/23
I absolutely loved this story, :)
Guest chapter 20 . 7/21
Yes. Just. Yes. This was amazing!
Thanatophobia kills chapter 1 . 6/27
i do not want to know what slughorn and tom did when he turned of age! im so scared right now all i can thonk is sometging gross and eeeewwwww EW LILY KISSED SLUGHORN!? well i can see it was for a nice reason but still... Ew please tell me its the real draco kissing blaise!?PTERODACTYL SCREAMINGOML CEDRIC IS ALIVE! are you an expert on champagne? i honestly have no clue about liquor except it taste like nail varnish remover why would you eat uncooked pancake batter? its not THAT good. i would know. i made pancakes just this early afternoon it seems you portrayed James Potter as having a red hair fetish... did he transfigure lily? like how a persons animagus form won't show on the map? IS LILY IN A DIFFERENT TIME!? shes there but not there, TIME-TURNER? BITCH I WAS FUCKING RIGHT OML THATS A FIRST I KNEW IT A FUCKING TIME-TURNER AHAHAHAHHA!
Guest chapter 20 . 6/2
I just loved this story, I was always so excited to get into the next chapter every time! Sad to see it end, ill look for other works by you! This fic though, so amazing, so much fan service! Diggory, his parents, Harry's parents, Grindlewald- you hit so many good points and literally left no (resurrection) stone unturned! Bravo! Thank you!
CharitinaX chapter 10 . 5/16
What in the world is happening in this story lmao?

I don't know exactly what I expected from this story, but because 99% of all other Tom/Harry fanfics I've read have been very much angst-ridden and tragic, I clearly half-expected this one to be that way as well (especially given the rather morose beginning). Now, it's practically turned into a crack-fic and I LOVE HOW LIGHTHEARTED IT IS.

Ugh. Thank you.
ermileentalavera chapter 20 . 4/2
I usually don't like Harry/Tom pairing but this is good. I love the ending..
Grania chapter 20 . 3/13
I love the way you ended this! I think Harry/Tom is now my favorite pairing, and this was a great fic. Well done.
Grania chapter 10 . 3/12
I loved this chapter! Especially the part where Harry told them about the Veritaserum! It's so good to see Harry back with his parents and's something that none of them ever got to have in the canon universe.
Grania chapter 8 . 3/12
Okay, I've noticed a discrepancy more than once: since when does Tom have silver eyes? When I first saw it, I thought it was just because he looked like Draco at the time; but this is different. He's clearly in his own form, but he has silver eyes. I don't get it.
Grania chapter 5 . 3/12
I thought I was going to explode from trying not to laugh. Especially McGonagall's ranting. Brilliant.
SCrystal chapter 1 . 1/19
Okay, Tom is just like doctor who
JstAnotherFanGrl chapter 2 . 1/11
I love this story, and I'll read it again and again. The characters aren't exactly true to character but I love it; Tom and Harry's relationship is the sweetest thing. Your voice is exceptionally original.
rinievermilion chapter 1 . 11/14/2016
can't help but cringe because this is so oit of character and voldemort do not call harry by his first name in the first chapter, except when he's mocking him or of the sort. but who am i to judge, i go my own way, and you finish this story of yours. or is it finished already i never know lol
paz chapter 20 . 11/11/2016
Xyori Nadeshiko chapter 2 . 11/2/2016
Interesant! Fantastic!
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