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Sora-Chan222 chapter 97 . 6/1
Haha this was a very amusing chapter! I understand writer's block, as I've had it for a while now. I can't seem to finish any of my stories unfortunately! But I was happy to see an update from you, even if it's just a silly chapter. I enjoyed it! It could be a mini-arc if you thought of any other things for it, but if not I think a one-shot suits it just fine.
Dirkrito chapter 1 . 5/14
Now I read this story quite a while ago. I loved it. Just how you started out with the boxers, how you kept ongoing jokes. I love how you changes things up. Your ships, totally different, it was my first time sing Engmano and Denpru. It was what the fandom needed, I love how many different stories you did, it was such an adventure! It made my day, just thinking about what you have written. I felt a little sad when you said you were coming to an end. It was like when an event is over, and you were amazingly happy, you had a good time with your friends and now its time to go home, but there will always be another day. I recomend this story to everybody, I personaly love Dennor and Spamano, but just try this. Its funny, sweet and amazingly written, and I am so glad I had read it.
YOU UPDATED chapter 96 . 4/28
IM SO HAPPY! :):):):D
I like how you ended it. It was a very skirmish brother ending I suppose.
But hey I was thinking since Eurovision is coming up soon, maybe you could do something with that (maybe)?
Or maybe cosplay (but that might be OOC?)?
Or maybe they could be visiting Japan and have some train hijinks (apparently the trains are very busy)?
Or maybe some Australian Wildlife adventures (camping in the wild to see the stars and getting attacked by snakes or something?)?
Or maybe something with winter, where they are all trapped inside because they're snowed in (and the following chaos, if all of them were sharing the room)?
Meh, I don't know if these ideas are good, but maybe they'll inspire you. Hopefully.
Anyway I really like your stories so I hope you will update soon :)
Sora-Chan222 chapter 96 . 4/28
Oh man I don't think I reviewed last time! I always do so now I feel sad. I was very happy to see an update and I loved it, despite it being short. It just showed how good friends they all are and that nothing seems to get them down! Congrats to Love and Art, by the way! I read that fanfic for the umpteenth time back in December, but I've been wanting to read it again since it's my fave fanfic you've done!
I also want to apologize for not answering the message you sent me, because I had been very busy with school at the time. I'm honored to have been messaged with ideas for the fic nonetheless, and you went with what I was going to suggest anyway, haha. I'll try and see if I can think of anything for a new chapter or arc! c:
Sora-Chan222 chapter 94 . 3/26
Oh my god, a tie breaking race? That doesn't sound good in Romano's favor. I'm excited to see what else happens! The pairs for each couple amuse me each time you introduce them, and I'm still happy to see Seychelles, even if she's only mentioned briefly. It's nice to see my favorite character sometimes ;u; I'm sure no matter the outcome that it will be great! Can't wait!
JessicaStarCrossed chapter 93 . 3/19
hey, i really like your EngMano story's you and a few athors fanfic writers inspired me to write one, the fanfic name is, A new found love on the 7 seas. I really hope if you can look at it, and maybe give me a few new ideas? yeah, so keep up the good writing! :-D
Sora-Chan222 chapter 93 . 3/17
It's funny that as soon as I review on the last one the new chapter comes out! This little arc is adorable and I love it so much. Germany being carried by Veneziano is probably one of the funniest things I've read all day, haha! And England patting Romano's ass was very sly and I liked it more than I should have, probably xD Happy that they beat AmeBel though! Good for them! Excited to see what you have planned next! c: (By the way, I also lost interest in Beautiful World. I watched the first few episodes when they came out and then just kind of stopped)
Sora-Chan222 chapter 92 . 3/17
Oh man I am totally in love with this idea! I can't wait to see what's going to happen next! I'm looking forward to all the different couples that are going to race as well as the entire story in general. The added AmeBel in here really amused me and the fact that England is the "wife" in this case got a laugh out of me. Can't wait for the next update!
Selena Ravenheart chapter 92 . 3/16
I love your magical worls arc, do that again sometimes :D
Sora-Chan222 chapter 90 . 2/23
At least with all the revising and such, you have more to write! I love when I am able to stretch things out and just write and write. I'm really enjoying this portion of the arc, even if I'm not sure who anyone is. Good work! c:
Sora-Chan222 chapter 89 . 2/18
Ah, I'm not quite familiar with this world. Until you started talking about it I don't think I've ever heard of it! Still, it's nice to get a look into places I'm not familiar with in your stories. Even if I'm not quite sure what's going on, the stories are always good! c:
RaisinContradiction chapter 13 . 2/17
Okay okay...they're in relationships right? denmarks part of the nordic...they like booze...why not try the carry yer wife competition in finland owo
Sora-Chan222 chapter 88 . 2/14
I forgot that Romano got knocked out in this chapter! The cute and subtle engmano interactions in the past 2 chapters has always made me smile. These dorks are just too much for me sometimes that it makes it hard to handle! What a big day the group has had! A big and painful day, that is. But I guess it wouldn't be a skirmish brothers chapter is someone didn't wind up getting hurt somehow in the end!
Sora-Chan222 chapter 87 . 2/14
Damn I remember this part of the story. I might be a little biased when I say this is my favorite section of the arc, considering this is one of the few magical worlds I'm aware of xD But I still do love this story and am glad to see that you've been putting it back up on your account! c:
Sora-Chan222 chapter 86 . 2/10
They better all remember the house hunt research! I was really impressed with you when those chapters were coming out. I actually reread Love and Art for the umpteenth time the other month and remember all the planning put into it. Amazing.

Anyway, I'm happy to hear you may keep continuing this! If you have more ideas you can always come back for more and just add and add until you get bored or something. It's up to you though, but either way seeing you update is good enough for me c:
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