Reviews for Love Casts But Fleeting Shadows
Deuce-M's chapter 1 . 3/14/2014
First off Id just like to point out the I find it amazing how thouroughly the truth can be hidden in trivialities, so concealed under layers of problems, and yet always just below the surface at the same time. Great job in conveying the scenario. A simple pill bottle isn't always just a pill bottle but a mere shell that contains more layers of deeper issues than the size of it can hold. So many times are relationships, not just romance, are destroyed because you never got to the heart of it.

Second, Vivio's assumption of what was never directly stated. While making assumptions is generally good, it isn't in a relationship, so I say great job with this element in the story. I feel that you incorporated this well, and the core issues and focuses of the fight in general.

Oh, and the makeup sex wasn't half bad Though not my main point, still worth noting its quality and details, as well as how it seemed to really blend with the rest of the prelude to it, and not some absurd illogical situation that is thrown in after a few cliche, or cleverly disguised unoriginality, lines of dialogue in a cheesy adult movie, as I have seen far too many times, but a reasonable outcome considering the situation.

4th, Vivio is friggin deep man. Where is that cute six year old that made you cry from cuteness? Though not cute, the whole "bright side of everything even during a moment when your life as you knew it was virtually shattered along with the image of someone you were close to"'does provide the same cry your eyes out effect, but substituted cuteness for a more enriching emotion: true, cliche in magnitude,but genuine open hearted love. Not high school love, but love in and of and at the heart of itself.

5th, direct approach. She really is like mama. Anyone else thinking lulu might need an aspirin in the morning. LOLHahaLTMSQHeheROTFL.

6th, crap she fell asleep. And I wanted to see lulu say she needed that aspirin.

7th,Why do your lu/viv fics always lead me back to "Ill believe"? For some reason I cant read one without humming whistling or tapping at least one verse before Im through. Seriously, its starting to become my personal theme for this series.

8th, speaking of series, I've read all the shadowverse fics already? I only started Monday, what do I do with the rest of my life?
It was a pretty good investment of a school week though, I'll give it that. I wonder if there are any elsewhere? .;D

Anyway, since I have read all the shadowverse fics(at least the ones ones in this community-there might be a few stragglers out there.), thought I'd comment on the series as a whole.

It really was a spectacular series. The development from first kiss, to the whole shadow thing as a whole, the fundamental aspect that drives this series, to the relationship development, the detail of this really makes this its own universe in its own right. It, if I may say so hoping I don't get a chorus of groans, rivals, if not passes canon(at least at certain junctures) in it emotional drive. The boundless side stories, different perspectives, and just plain talent of the writing, and the respective writers themselves, really gave this series spark. A shout out to the instigator of this series, which wasn't lacking or even just ok, but exceptional in its humor,RadiantBeam, and to you DezoPenguin, for your part in bringing this series to what it is( especially the insanely hilarious Omakes). I am truly grateful for the blood, sweat, sleepless nights, plenty tears, frustrated fits, blocked minds, still pens, joyous cheers, hearty laughs, jerking angst, and the experience as a whole,( some applying to me, you writers, or similarly, of which I'm sure can be figured out) that the fruition of three years and Five authors has given me this past week.

Its been a ride, its been a rush
It's been long but its been fun

Through sleepless nights
Through fleeting days

In solemn words
In rev'rent praise

With a silent cry, an unheard phrase
I can finally say, as if a wars been won

Short and few but lacking none
Smiling wide, and bright as sun

I can't believe Im here to say...


In sadness and joy I leave with this, in search of the new and better. For the next great read I search. For one truly worth my time. But honestly, I don't know if I'll be all that successful.
With this head start, the bar's set pretty high. The competition's got one heck of an act to follow. And quite frankly, Im not so sure Im ok them trying.

Thx for the time well spent,
MissGardenia chapter 1 . 8/7/2011
Off-hand comment: Good to see someone understands the combination of necessary clearances and need to know. Many people just think about the first and don't realize the second.
RadiantBeam chapter 1 . 8/3/2011
Two things I really liked right off the bat; first, the argument between Lutecia and Vivio felt very "real" to me. God knows we've all had those moments where we think we're doing what's best for our loved ones by telling a little white lie to keep them from worrying too much, only for it to backfire on us horribly when it turns out that in the process we only made them worry more! An especially nice touch to bring up the fact of things left unsaid, which makes sense; in the immediate wake of Lutecia's breakdown and Vivio coming to terms with things, I doubt either of them ever really had the chance to sit down and seriously talk about their thoughts and feelings, and then it became so peaceful that neither of them probably wanted to bother with it for fear of stirring something up.

Second, that the actual lovemaking takes place after they calm down from the fight, and isn't actually, well, angry sex/lovemaking, which for some reason or another was what I thought was actually going to happen when you first brought up the idea to me; it does an excellent job of showing that the bad feelings have been cleared away and now all they really want to do is reconnect with each other at every level, as opposed to just jumping each other in the heat of the moment and possibly having an even worse situation when the lust fades.

On the actual lemon part of the lemon, I like a great deal how the sex didn't feel overly long or over-descriptive; you show just enough for us to know what is going on and why, and that is always a good strength when it comes to writing these kind of things, where showing the sex plays an actual role in the story and character focus instead of just the implication that it happened. Also, can I be honest and admit the tie comment had me snickering a bit? Mostly because I was thinking of Lutecia in "On The Matter of Ties" and how the tables had turned!

A nice touch as well, having Lutecia being called "Lulu" in the act as opposed to Lutecia or "Cia"; another little sign of intimacy between them, and yes you managed to salvage it quite nicely. :p I sense omake potential in how that nickname came about, or if someone happened to overhear Vivio calling her that...

To my Favorites list, away!
deathcurse chapter 1 . 8/2/2011
I really loved the opening scene. It entirely gave me a "cozy, long-term relationship couple" feel, with Vivio cooking in their house and yet having funny callbacks to familiar days and familiar people (I laughed at the shout-out to "Steel Queen"-I see that Vivio *did* get the breadstick recipe from Shamal! _-). Live in they're not married yet, eh? _- (We shall be waiting for that moment by RB...anytime now... P)

It was kind of funny, how Bonneville kind of interpreted Vivio's distraction as worry for any transmission of poisons through "intimate contact" XD-I see her drunken PA system annoucements are still fresh in people's memories P. This interaction did get my attention, as I was sure at this point that something was off and that a fight was likely to happen (even if I hadn't known that there would be a fight in this fic). I loved the last line: "Vivio reached for the onion; she could feel the tears welling up anyway." Ouch!

As always, I'm very impressed on how you can introduce characters to new people so that they understand, and yet also introduce new concepts to the old readers.

Note after having read through the fic once and on a second read as I'm typing this review-I totally missed the fact that Vivio is placing significance on this day that isn't a classic anniversary day! So seeing Vivio's anger as Lutecia said that she didn't trust her made a lot of sense ). It was interesting how the argument kind of shifted between who got angry, and for more aggressive moments and quieter moments to happen.

"Well, what good are you, then?"-LOL, Vivio, you totally knew what response you were going to get for a statement like that _-.

Hm, Lutecia is wearing a tie *drools* _-. There is a reason why I found Hayate's uniform hotter than Nanoha's or Fate's during StrikerS _.

And yes, I did notice your sneaky play on the Lulu vs. Cia argument! D Alright, I'll accept Lulu as a pet name of a pet name, how's that? P

It's funny, the flow of the fic (and Vivio's early hints about the significance of the day) had me thinking that it was going to end with a proposal. I'm so glad you did NOT go that route, first of all because it would be twisted as hell to propose after a fairly large fight, and also because it would be such a sappy, cliche and BLAH way to round off a fic like this XD;;.
CeeLes chapter 1 . 8/2/2011
Very good story!

Lutencia hide things back to Vivio even have talked so much about it. The good thing is that they always end up telling the truth and forgiveness. And now with sex, hehehehe.

Thank you very mucho for sharing another story Vicia. As always, im cntinue forward to reading more here. And, again, ask for an apology in advance for grammatical errors. T_T
ZonaRose chapter 1 . 8/2/2011
I love these two. There is so much spice to them.

Nice cold shower chapter my friend. ~_

RB's "Shadowverse" is great.

As always I look forward to more from you.

ZR };-