Reviews for Seigaku: A Captain's Pride
ChitoseSenri chapter 1 . 8/8/2011
nice! it really described Tezuka well.

I'm worried about your hiatus... get to work, we demand some Eternally XD
Lianna-snow chapter 1 . 8/2/2011
Hey midori~~

I 33 this story:D and FINALLY YOU MADE AN UPDATE... I was gonna slap you if you hadn't updated this week... It's been ages since your last one:D Haha *gets pounded by emmy again...*

You played out tezuka's thoughts very well! hope you happen to read this in some boring lesson and get cheered up by it:p

Oh are you gonna turn this into a multi chap? Doesn't look like it, but it could work:P haha.

See you tomorrow! HEEHEE sorry for pangsehing you again:P

Shuzuka chapter 1 . 8/2/2011
Dang, I woke up at 9:22 and checked my mail. This was posted at 9:19. Talk about a morning start. :P

Overall, I'd have to say it fits Tezuka very well. His dedication for his team and his pride as the captain was portrayed very well. Especially with the line "He saw himself playing and not giving up even when his doctor had slapped him once because he had overworked his arm again." On a side note, that was awesome that he got slapped. xD But isn't that a form of abuse or something? A doctor isn't allowed to hit his patients... xP

If buchou heard you say that his catchphrase was annoying, he would assign you infinite laps. Haha :3

I AGREE WITH THE FANGIRLS. I may even be their leader~ LOL JK.

On to my personal comments now. I'm surprised you actually wrote this, even when you're MIA... BAD AUTHORESS. GO UPDATE YOUR STORIES AND MAKE YOUR READERS HAPPY. -Gives a Sanada slap- Jk.

I always thought you hated my fangirl-ness with Tezuka, though. I still think you do... But I still don't know why you would do this for me. In any case, I'm very touched. (':

And sorry for the 12 hour late review... I had to go in the morning before I even typed anything, and got home at about 4, and had to do some more stuff. And speaking of which, I'm supposed to be studying my vocabulary words... .