Reviews for Bad Romance
BWF chapter 30 . 9/1
I love your story! I love how you write, I love your plot… This is one of the best fanfics I've ever read. Never stop writing :)
ForsakenKalika chapter 60 . 8/17
I hope you come back to this some day. It is phenomenal.
Guest chapter 60 . 8/16
oml that’s the ending?!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/23
I've been just reading it without stopping because it's really great work and now I realize that it's not even finished !wtf
Does anyone know if it's worth waiting for the continuation after such a looooong break ?
Guest chapter 60 . 7/13
oh man, i'll never get over this fic
Perhentian chapter 60 . 6/19
That is a rallye nice story, I hope you will continue it one day :)
TJovanka chapter 60 . 6/6
Baby come back please. You have a great thing going here. Don’t abandon it. And don’t abandon us either. It’s weird too see really, some of the best tomione fanfics are not complete. Most of them haven’t been updated in years. Yet still have that much influence over our fandom.

The time travel plot really is amazingly written. Future version of Tom is intriguing in his imperfect cold blooded way and left me wanting for more.

You are a gift to us. Don’t go.
carsonbane chapter 60 . 5/13
Please come back. Please.
tanini panini chapter 1 . 5/12
Gaga ra ra raa
MeriLynelle chapter 60 . 4/7
Holy sh**. I spent this week rereading the whole story, since I forgot so many things and plotpoints about your stories, it's just been so long. Now I finished the last chapter (I remembered close to no plotpoints of the last 5 chapters (except for the veil and Hermione's future self sending her messages), but phewwww... I was shaken at how much happened! I feel still full of adrenaline from those last two (or three? Can't tell, because I read them all in one session) chapters. That moment when Hermione stands before the mirror and suddenly her reflection doesn't reflect her anymore was just so eerie - my eyes nearly had tears in them from the shock I felt (how could I forget that scene?!) and my heart was beating so fast!
It is scary also how little I want her to be with Riddle anymore. Even though I enjoyed the flirting of the earlier chapters, I sometimes felt the urge to slap some sense into Hermione to help her remember who she's dealing with - so I'm super grateful how mature and grown up Hermione has become in the last approx. 5-10 chapters! I was so proud when she finally remembered her mission and was her old self again. And my heart swelled with feeling at that scene in the ministry between Alphard and Hermione. So I'm utterly shaken again at the ending of course, because that certainly took me by surprise once again. My head is a mess by trying to understand all the things happening in this last chapter and with the time travel, the vanished veil and that strange scene with Voldemort and Hermione immersed in Hermione's memories, and finally Alphard killing himself. WHY? While I am certainly able to follow and understand his thought process (making his own choices), this felt totally out of the blue - especially since he was so full of hope and positivity in the last chapter and at the beginning of this one. Ugh. Also where the hell did Geoffrey go?
Nevertheless, this story was the first one I ever read by you and I still absolutely adore it! Reading it from beginning to end, gives a huge insight onto how much your writing skills have improved during the time of the making of this story! While you already had such a enjoyable, light and funny style at the beginning of this (and also great characterisation skills), your storytelling and descriptive skills have undergone such a development! I have no reason to do so, because this story was entirely your own doing, but I feel so so proud of you! I know this story is the least of your priorities right now (I'm not sad, because I enjoy your new stories just as much (I LOVE aithed, even though I'm not even on the Jonsa ship (my name is Cytheris_volumnia over at Ao3 ;)), but I read that you are planning on rewriting and finishing this one day and I'm so thrilled for that to happen! Especially since (you probably spotted that as well), there are some minor inconsistencies in the story that don't make sense (like Hermione saying/thinking in one chapter that she had only destroyed one Horcrux, but actually it was the ring and the diary already; or I thought with the bracelet Voldemort gave her, he could trace where she was? - so he would have noticed her lurking around Diagon alley and Hepzibah's house - but still, it must be so hard to keep track of so many characters and details and considering there were months or even years between the chapters, these are super minor!)
I wish I could write more coherent and helpful reviews, but I feel a bit overswept right now :D.
As always - take care and keep writing! It feels like every ship you write for blooms under your touch! I'm just mourning that your fanfictions are like pearls in a sea of stones!
Sorry for all the cheesy words, but I'm so utterly moved right now that I can read all of your wonderful stories for free (and they are even better read in one piece than chap by chap!)
Marissaaaa chapter 60 . 4/6
You can't do this me! Although, it is completely my fault. I didn't want to read this because it's a WIP, much less hasn't been updated in the last five years, but I couldn't stop myself.

Reading one chapter turned into a four day binge of your story. And my heart is broken that it's not finished, that you left on THE worst cliff hanger ever. Honestly, if you just came back to update a short 1500 word chapter, I would jump for joy. I NEED to know how this ends.

It was so refreshing to come across your Hermione and Tom. There's very few that do justice to their characters and the timeline. I love everything about this... Hermione and Tom were so in character the whole story. I loved the love/hate passion between them, the sexual tension in your words - absolutely everything. I loved the built up. I love how realistic you made their relationship.

I love all your other characters as well and I HOPE you come back to finish this amazing story.

This was so well written, so thought out, so AMAZING I simply got lost in your writing.

Please, please, please continue.
lilydoremi chapter 60 . 3/18
I just finished it and I love it so much... It's the first Tomione fanfiction I've read and I'm in love with this couple. I hope you continue the story 3
Cinnamon Silver Tiger chapter 60 . 1/28
OMG OMG OMG What did you dooooo? Ok so I started this and was completely in love within the first few chapters, then I find out you didn't finish it. But reading your notes you said that we were close to being at the end of the story, so why didn't you finish it? Then I saw that you updated your profile in November and said that you would be finishing it. Sooo when will that happen? Does that also mean we are still getting a sequel? I don’t even know how to explain how I am feeling right now. My heart literally aches at not being able to finish reading this story. You are truly talented and have captured the hearts of so many readers with this one, I really hope that you decide to finish it soon.
The little Red Automobile chapter 60 . 1/28
I miss this story terribly. I've reread this more times than I can count by now, and I truly hope you will return! There is no other writer who can create such electric tension in their character's conversations. It is absolutely remarkable! I wonder how you learned to writer such intriguing dialogue? While I admire your ability to write dialogue greatly, I must also applaud your way of portraying the characters. You do not betray the original characters as portrayed by Rowling, but instead challenge me (the Reader) to see and accept a more flawed and realistic side of them all. You create a grey-area for Hermione (instead of letting her be ritious and obnoxiously "good"), which allows her to become much more likeable and complex. Your treatment of Tom is even greater, as he becomes more than a caricature of a villan! You are the reason for my love of tomione, and I simply adore your writing. I am also a great fan of lacrimosa and the scientist, as you created equally exciting and absolutely captivating characters. I beg of you to continue writing these thrilling works!
With great admiration and expectations,
mushipans chapter 60 . 1/26
I still come by here to read everything again with high hopes that you’ll one day come back and finish it
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