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chelseadearr chapter 60 . 4/13
please please please update! love the story and i cant wait to hear what happens next! PLEASE!
Franchezka chapter 60 . 4/4
So Alphard killed himself? Hermione will be all alone now :(
I really like this story. You aren't trying to make Tom a different person. He is just as twisted as someone who could kill lots of people should be. And how Hermione feels about him, and how she feels about herself... It's all very profound and I find it to be very accurate (? I guess, I don't know. But a person in her situation would probably be like this).
You've done a really good job in exploring and describing all of it from what is happening to what everyone is feeling. The characters are very well developed.
Thank you for sharing and I hope you will update soon because I really want to know what happens, especially to Hermione. Good luck!
mUmaRhz chapter 60 . 4/1
...okay a biiit confusing but i looove! and omigee update!
Guest chapter 60 . 3/30
Please update.
Im literally sobbing right now
Not only because of Alphard, but because there isn't yet a next button
Lady Leaena chapter 60 . 3/20
WHAT?! no. no! NO! You cannot just stop right here! I'm... I just-I. I don't even! You can't just leave me hanging like this! Please Please PLEASE update soon! I'm begging you! *curls up in the corner and sobs* Please.
ConnieBentley chapter 60 . 3/3
Wow! I'm in love with your story (and Alphard) :)
You are seriously talented and don't you ever believe otherwise! I cannot wait for more please please update...
THEPrincessx chapter 58 . 3/3
Oh also I wanted to say I picture young tom riddle as Andy Biersack from black veil brides, like he looks on the cover of alternate press without make up!
THEPrincessx chapter 60 . 3/3
Wow. I adore your writing! Your wonderful! I've read three of your stories and I'm going to go back and review the rest! I love how you portray voldermort here! I would love to read a hg/tr/hp story! That be great! I'm kinda confused on what's going on in this last chapter though. Great work! Can't wait for an update!
Guest chapter 60 . 2/20
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Lilith394 chapter 35 . 2/20
Uh oh! What's gonna happen now?! Love this story.
Lilith394 chapter 27 . 2/19
I'm scared to read the next chapter ahhhh, I love this story.
Yaeliz chapter 60 . 2/19
aaaa omg
I heard about this story in tumblr and I was like - a Tomione story... what? But I opened it in a new tab for times when I have nothing else to do. Truthfully, I had so many things to do this week but I couldn't stop thinking about how could anyone actually write such a ship that I had to start reading.
So I looked at the story and saw it's 200k words (crazy!) So I told myself I'll read like a chapter or two to see what it's about and then go back to studying.
From the moment I starting reading it I couldn't stop. I read everything in two days! I stayed until 4 am to read it, read it during class, and the next night stayed up until 1 am to finish it..
I love it! It's so so good!
I never thought anyone could write a story where I actually liked Voldemort (except vptm of course) but here it is. And not only I like him - I'm literally in love with Tom Riddle.
Everything about this story is perfect. besides the fact that Alphard killed himself! HOW COULD YOU?!
I love you! and sorry for the long comment I'm just really intensely happy about this story (BESIDES THE FACT THAT YOU HAVEN'T UPDATED SINCE NOVEMBER - just saying...)
will all love and appreciation 3
Firerosemon chapter 60 . 2/17
are you fucking serious?
i've never been so caught up in a fic, fucking hell. The suspense is fucking perfect, bravo! You are amazing but please give me another chapter before i burst into tears fuck
mrs.destler chapter 60 . 2/9
Tahlsrulz97 chapter 60 . 2/7
OMG. WHAT JUST. I CANT EVEN... Blaaargh. I read this thinking it would be her and tom but then I fell In love with the idea of her and alphard and now he's dead and I'm freaking out and wow. You are such a good writer. I'm on a train and I want to scream and freak out about it all but I can't! Best story! Xxx
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