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amr56 chapter 60 . 5/10
Oh my goodness! Is that really the end? It feels like there was supposed to be another chapter or two, but you haven't updated in yets so I guess this is it. Then again, things are sort of okay for an ending, just really, really open.

This story was brilliant! The plot was interesting. I've read a lot of Hermione time travel stories, but not many with Tom Riddle. This was great. Excellent ideas and the story was utterly captivating. The writing is very good and I loved all your characters. The Potter brothers were probably my favorite "supporting" characters. They always made me laugh. The love triangle you created was a bit heartbreaking, in a good way, obviously. I found myself hoping Tom would change, but it makes more sense that Hermione fell for an illusion. That isn't even too out of character for her; as mentioned, her first crush was Lockhart. I like that you made strong characters from names we don't know much about, like Alphard. I really appreciate that. This was really well done and I had a great time reading it. Thanks for sharing!
nageena chapter 60 . 5/10
Awful! I really liked it but I don't understand the emd
juseung chapter 59 . 5/5
I am awful! I can't believe I forgot to comment on Alphard's little speech to Hermione. I touched on it briefly in my comment, but I didn't give all my thoughts! So, I will now.

Alphard is the problematic fave who knows he's problematic and wants to constantly work his way towards a better person and make a better life, a better future for everyone. I am so, so proud of him and happy to know that he found it in himself to want to do and be better. That part means so much to me. I'm probably going to read it again after I leave this comment. And it's not even just for his own betterment. He wants everyone to have a better future. He wants a good world. I'm going to have to cry an ocean or two to help myself deal with this part and knowing that he's taken his own life.

And now that I think about it, I guess he did know what Hermione was to him at the end. He did know what was between them and how much stronger they made each other and all they worked through. It just wasn't enough. I'm made even more sad realizing this. I understand Alphard's choice. Knowing he wanted better and to be better and that Hermione helped him get to that understanding of himself wasn't enough. He still wouldn't have control of his life. Not with Tom around and desperate to reach his goals.

Again, you write so beautifully. Thank you for this story.
juseung chapter 60 . 5/4
I am floored yet again. I have so much to say and I hope I'm able to say all of it in this. I just read through the chapters I had left and I have so many feelings!

The whole chapter about the wedding is beautifully written. So beautifully written, I swear. I cried reading it because of Hermione's emotions and her realization of Alphard being her partner. Her future self coming to her in the mirror kind of upset me because? Future self, don't you know that that's not a good idea? But she must have been limited in ways of communicating with her past self, so I'll lay off that. I also cried right before her realization of Alphard being her partner because the both of them are so unhappy in this marriage based on strategy not love. I swear my hatred for Tom grows every chapter, and the wedding chapter was no different. I think that I hate the power he has over her more than Tom himself, though. Not sure... I just hate that she loses track of everything when she's looking at him. I worry for her and when she lets her guard down like that I'm literally: HERMIONE, PLEASE. PLEASE. NO. Also! On the wedding chapter, the title of it and it being repeated in the chapter is everything to me! It's beautiful.

I knew Geoffrey and Alphard were working together, but their duel had me pacing. I agree with Geoffrey, Alphard's acting... Do better Alphard. (Or not, cries) Speaking of Geoffrey, I am so glad he was waiting to get Hermione alone to speak with her! That little bit was so important. Hermione had someone she could count on to work through this with along with Alphard. Thank goodness.

Tom trying to probe through Geoffrey's mind... Really, Tom? Really? Wish Geoffry was able to shut him out completely. When he saw Voldemort, I was pacing yet again. I worry for Geoffrey and Garret's well being on a minute to minute basis since reading the chapter about disposing of Garret.

Tom's future self frightens me. I was reading everything so slowly taking it all in, and it was making things worse. How you describe his future self's features is everything, honestly. He's still captivating, but it was clear to Hermione that he'd been experimenting with magic too much. How even Hepzibah could tell he was different and not the Tom she knew made it even more frightening while I was reading. When he catches Hermione and has his hands around her throat, I forgot to breathe I was so scared for her. This isn't the Tom she knows. This Tom has had years past his time with her. You wrote it all so well! I can picture everything and I'm scaring myself doing just that.

I wish her future self wasn't so vague. I mean, she shared a hell of a lot in that package! But it wasn't enough, and she didn't share the information with Alphard. I agree with her thinking that it best to not tell him absolutely everything, and I think you wrote her true to herself, but keeping things from Alphard set them apart.

She didn't even get to tell Alphard about her epiphany she had regarding their marriage and what it meant, and she never will? My heart hurts so much right now. If they had only known what it meant for them to be marrying each other, even though they weren't in love with each other... I wish he knew what she'd realized right as they married each other.

My heart is hurting and yet I feel like this was bound to happen. Alphard was going to do this. Going to go out in his own way on his own terms. I agree with him on everything he was thinking. He's lived a life that he's not had much choice in and he was doomed when Tom came into his life and even further doomed when Hermione came. He felt he had no real choice but to choose to go out on his own? Why couldn't he have grown up in a household filled with love? Why couldn't he have made true friends? Ugh, I'm so sad for him and about him. The end of this chapter where he said he's got no memories to cherish hurt to read. I've read it over five times now. I wish he'd had someone he could be his whole self with. I get why he did what he did and I believe it true to him, but he didn't even get to live. And here, my hate for Tom grows even more. Tom and Hermione coming into Alphard's life, he would have never really been able to live his life, would he have? I'm hurting myself even more thinking about this. I love him so much.

I wonder if his death is set in stone... I want to hope not, but so much of the timeline's been messed up, I don't know what's going to happen or how this is going to end.

This story is beautiful. So beautiful, it floors me every other chapter almost? How? You're amazing. I was thrown a lot of the time while reading, and I enjoyed being thrown. I don't like predictable. I love that I couldn't figure most of the plot out until it was laid out by you. I love the way you've written Alphard. I've said it in many of the comments I've left today, but! Really! I am so thankful for being able to meet Alphard in this story. He's so flawed and he knows he's flawed and he wants to change. I love him. I love Hermione in this. I love her struggle and appreciate it so, so much. I feel for her when she's got to use her head and nothing else. My heart hurt whenever I'd read about her missing and thinking of Harry and Ron. The trio means the world to me. I hate that she'd kind of torture or berate herself for sometimes forgetting them because she's human. She expects so much from herself. I may hate Tom, but I love the way you've written him. I think I can finally appreciate why people write him this way. I hope that doesn't sound condescending. I don't mean it to. I just... I'd like to think that there was hope for Tom in his younger years, but you've written him to justice. Truly. There is so much to him and even though he frightens me, I'm always waiting for there to be more to him than anger, cruelty, and hatred. That hurt he felt when looking at Irma's letter to Alphard got to me.

I love this story. I'm glad I read this story. Thank you for this story! This sounds like a final comment, but trust, I will be here whenever you're able to update again. I have hopes for Alphard, however slim they may be at the moment, and I want to see what end Hermione and Tom meet.

Good luck with everything! I hope your day was great. Mine was okay, and made even better because I had some chapters to read through after work. I really love this story. I'm smiling now because this has been a lovely read.
juseung chapter 55 . 5/4
I laughed so hard reading the beginning of this chapter. Alphard's getting good at keeping his mind clear of things save for one thing, and twisting it to his advantage. Nice, son, nice. Tom as the best man? I'd expect nothing else. Still... Wish he had some true friends besides Hermione.

Hermione and Alphard's rows make me sad. It's nice that they get it all out in the open, but damn, they work through so much together, it's sometimes tough to read. Alphard getting nasty with Hermione makes me want to fight him for her. I know she's the only one around to take his anger out on, but? That's wrong? Alphard, do better.

My love for Geoffrey grows this chapter. Their little meet up was cute and nice to read, especially after all the sad and hurt and fighting going on. I love that Hermione's bond with him's grown stronger.

juseung chapter 54 . 5/4
I take back what I said about Tom's gift. It still sounds beautiful and I can picture it! But! Excuse you mister! Tracking her? Ugh. Let me lie in the street and cry sad tears for ever thinking such a gift was lovely.

I know what Hermione and Alphard have isn't real and that the marriage is all strategy, but I'm still flipping out over her kiss with Tom. What if someone had walked in? What if someone saw them? Everything could be ruined. These two, man. These two are getting on my nerves with all the games.

Tom sneaking out to Hermione and Alphard's home... I hope he doesn't get through that easily. Yes, she has wards up, but? I mean, he could just walk right in and have a seat I'm hyperventilating Alphard and Hermione need to think about this happening because it is happening.

Old times before Hermione came along. Alphard, be grateful she woke you up a little eariler than you were supposed to!

Tom's jealousy frightens me. I'm always worried he'll kill someone or something else terrible.
juseung chapter 52 . 5/4
Oh heck how do you do it? I hate Tom but the moments between them in recent chapters has been so painful to read. I felt like my heart was breaking for the both of them. Tom acknowledging the hurt he felt at Irma's letter to Alphard. The end of this chapter. Ugh.

My heart hurts for Cygnus too, the idiot. Tom hurting him makes his hate for his brother grow. Knowing that his mother still favors his brother over him makes him hate his brother even more, too. It's sad to see siblings like that. Read them like that, I mean. I feel a little bad for all of Tom's knights, since they're all being tortured as a result of Hermione and Alphard running off together.

Back to the wedding gift Tom gave... I love it. It's beautiful and of course she'd never be able to take it off. Again, their moments kill me there's so much there between them.

Earlier on in the story, I would have never thought that Alphard and Hermione would be where they are now as allies, as friends. I feel so happy whenever I read the bits where they confront each other and mend their friendship and have their bond grow stronger. I like what's happened as a result of both knowing so much about each other. No, I love what's happened. I love their friendship. I'm with Hermione on being a bit wary about what it means to accept Alphard's proposal, and so I am very glad she brought it up and they fought through it to understand each other. I do hate that he pushes her to admit her feelings for Tom because those are feelings that she can't just up and come to terms with. She knows what he is and she's ashamed of falling for him. I feel bad that she's got to work through her feelings whilst always being with Alphard, but am also glad because neither are alone. It must be so hard for her, though. To work through her feelings for Tom.

I am glad Alphard has Hermione and that he's in a much better state than before. The chapter with him at the brothel tore me apart. It was so bad that I almost didn't read the extra bit on lj because I didn't want to read about Alphard like that. I feel so attached to him that I am always trying to see his endgame.

Hermione and Alphard sharing a bed is so important. Where they live is all for show. They prefer the tent, and yet again I find myself glad they have each other to work through all this with.

I did laugh a little when Alphard knew how to get Tom to come say hello to Hermione. Of course he'd come over there when Alphard was being affectionate lmao.

I was floored when I read the part where Hermione allowed Alphard into her mind to see for himself what Tom becomes. It's a personal thing, and something she's not yet shared with Tom, and I am so thankful you wrote it that way. I didn't see her sharing that information with Tom any time soon, but I also did not expect her to give so much of herself to Alphard. Hermione x Alphard friendship helps me to live another day, honestly. To see them grow closer and closer. I am so happy!

Alphard's plan is brilliant! I never thought of a plan like that. I honestly thought it'd be a lot of Hermione following him with the Invisibility Cloak only to be found what the third time she does it? By Tom.

I love Garret to pieces. I am thankful Hermione's got him to send letters to Geoffrey. Her and Alphard are close, but the bond she shares with Geoffrey and Rupert is different. And on Rupert and Amelia getting married: YES! PRAISE! I love them. They're a cute and fluffy couple.

I am just now realizing that my comments on your author's notes are a couple years late, but all the same I hope everything is well with you and that you're in a good place in your life. I have so much more I want to say... I don't know what exactly, though. Thanks for this story and, again, thanks for Alphard, and lastly, thanks for writing Hermione true to her character.
juseung chapter 42 . 5/4
Oh my god. I've been pushed to the point where I actually hate Tom. I knew he was capable of very dark, very cruel things, but to see it on a thirteen year old boy? No. And the boy being Alphard's younger brother, no less. No.

I am glad Alphard understands that his feelings are entirely his own, and that Hermione did not lead him on. She was upfront about all of that with him, for which I am thankful.

I like that Alphard stood up to Tom. It had to result in the torturing of his younger brother, though. I am glad my dislike of Avery early on was well founded. He's a monster. Not like Tom, but he enjoys it.

I was worried Alphard would think himself alone, but he still wants to tell Hermione even though Tom's pretty much threatened him against doing so ever again and I am relieved. He can't keep something like witnessing his brother be tortured to himself. The end of this chapter has me in pieces. He would never be able to conjure a Patronus as long as he lived? He has no memories good enough after what he's been through? I am way too attached to him I find myself close to tears. I want him okay. I want him happy. I want the world for him.

My hate for Tom aside, I think you write smut well! More than well, actually. You write it beautifully and everything that happens between the two of them has me reeling because you write their chemistry so well. (You'll get tired of the word chemistry because of me. I can't think of another word for the magic between the two. Oh, magic? lmao)

With each chapter, I love the way you write more and more! Thanks for this story again and again thanks for Alphard, my son, being written so well!

Oh, one last thing! I don't care for Cygnus and I know he's not a good kid. It's just... he's thirteen, you know? You know, obviously, but yeah and in front of Alphard? To hurt Alphard not to "teach" Cygnus a lesson. I'm so disgusted with Tom and his little followers.
juseung chapter 39 . 5/3
My gosh the chemistry between Tom and Hermione is, like I said before, insane. I want to say more about it but I mean? I have no words for what happened between the two of them while sledding and at her room at Hog's Head. I was wishing they'd finally get it over with lmao but I think you stayed true to Hermione with her clinging to not giving herself to him. I'll also say that I agree with the majority! I think you write Hermione in character.

I was soaring when she agreed to join forces with Alphard. I hate to think about the fact that Alphard's so far on the outs with Tom and the rest of the crew because I worry for his safety, and so I am glad Hermione's stepped up and agreed to work with him. Now he's not alone.

I love that whenever she's with Alphard in the most recent chapters I've read, she's reminded of what she must do and what her plans are. Hermione knows she doesn't want to loser herself to Tom.

But! The main reason I decided to leave a comment on this chapter isn't even for the story. I haven't even read this chapter yet. I read your author's note and wanted to say I am glad you recovered and are healthy again after having had a surgery! And I am also very glad to know that you got out of an abusive relationship. I am glad you feel your life finally coming together and I am so happy for you! It warms my heart to know that writing this story and seeing all the reviews has been helpful to you.

Again, thanks for this story and be warned I will probably still mainly comment on Alphard lmao.
DianneBaquiran chapter 60 . 5/3
I want to read more! Please update soon!
juseung chapter 33 . 5/3
I should save this comment since I don't know if I'll have anything to say about this chapter, but I wanted to say I really appreciate the fact that her feelings for Tom win over her feelings for anyone else. I like that there's no struggle there, if that makes sense. I don't like the idea of Hermione, or anyone really, being in love with more than one person at one time. Not that she's in love with him just yet! Just that, she's not on that path with anyone else but him, and I greatly appreciate it.
juseung chapter 32 . 5/3
Why? Why do I have to favorite Black? My heart hurts so much for him. Reading about his appearance and how sad he seems on a night he should be having fun makes me so sad. He just had to be the one to go talk to the giants, huh? Of course. He's Tom's right hand man. But he knows what Tom is, unlike the rest of the group.

When Tom and the others came for him to take him back to Hogwarts, I was so worried! I still am! I hate that Tom does all of this, and that Alphard knows Tom so well. I worry for him. And when Hermione made that comment about Alphard being yet another one of Tom's casualties on the road to immortality, my heart broke into several pieces, I swear. I've been holding off thoughts of what Alphard becomes when he's older aside from what we know already, but I can't anymore. He's not going to be happy. He's going to be alone. Ugh, why am I so attached to him?

My struggle with my love for Alphard's character aside, Tomione's chemistry is insane. I can't deny how well they fit and how much they both want each other.

Thanks for all these chapters! I saw your note about people complaining about the length of the chapters, but I feel like the chapters cover what they need to and they do so in a way that I'm not annoyed to read the next chapter? But I'm not waiting for chapters atm, so lol.

I will probably be commenting more and more as I read whatever happens to Allphard. I love Hermione and I want her to be happy. I like Tom and I don't want him to become Lord Voldemort. But, I think I'll be looking out for Alphard's parts the most. Thank you again for writing him so well. I started rereading Harry Potter, and when I get to OotP I am going to be so happy to read about him.
juseung chapter 1 . 5/3
I started reading this a couple of days ago.

Now I'm on chapter 24 and am so upset with myself for becoming so attached to Alphard. I know this isn't Alphard x Hermione, obviously, but you write him so well! I adore him. I agree with what you say about him having a lot of good points along with a lot of bad points, but I can't help but to just love all of his good points so much. I'm upset with myself because I know he won't be ending up with her and I'm only on chapter 24, so who knows what kind of things he'll do choices he'll make later on? I don't and I'm already so attached.

I think you write so well! I actually read The Scientist a few days before this one, even though I've had this one bookmarked for a couple of months now. I'm glad I read The Scientist and loved it because if I hadn't, I don't think I'd have read this story and I would've been missing out on a lovely story. Seriously. Only 24 chapters in and I was sold, what? Right from the start?

I'm worried about Tom's character... I'm pretty new to Tomione, and the first Tomione fic I ever read wrote of a young Tom who truly could be a good person if he was loved and loved himself, so now I flip when I see people writing a Tom not capable of being a good person in any way, shape, or form. Even if I can understand why so many write him that way, it just doesn't sit well with me, you know? And, while in this story he's got his good moments, he has a lot of moments that put me off. I think that's to your credit as a writer, since you write from Hermione's perspective. I'm with her. I can't make him out even with all of his own little snippets here and there.

Whenever Hermione is reminded of Harry and Ron I get emotional. I agree with what you wrote. The three of them were meant to meet and make those journeys together. They were meant to be in each others' lives.

I am so glad she has Geoffrey and Rupert as friends. All the back and forth with Alphard and Tom must be so exhausting for her, and so I'm really thankful she has her two friends to share laughs with and know that they're on her side. I love how you've written the both of them btw! They are both so easy for me to picture.

Back to Alphard lol. I adore his character. I hate when he gets mad at Hermione and says hurtful things to her, though. And I was a little upset about Rupert trying to, in a way, come to his defense. It made a lot of sense that Alphard would feel like that because of how he comes up short next to Tom, and I like that it showed another side of Rupert, but I'm still like: ...Yeah, but! That doesn't invalidate Hermione's hurt feelings! What he said was so hurtful and insensitive! It's just? She is inexperienced in most everything, so don't cut her feelings short, you guys. Okay? What's funny is, even though I hate this, I love that you wrote him this way, that he is this way. You write him so well. I know we don't know much about him, but you give him so much and love him.

I'm reading recent reviews and I see that this story's not yet complete? Well, I look forward to catching up to the most recent chapter, anyways. Thanks for this story and for how Alphard is written! I hope all is well with you!
dumbledorescardigan chapter 37 . 4/15
God, I just want Hermione and Dumbledore and everyone to be wrong and I want Riddle to be capable of loving her! Also I really wish you would update again, even though its been ages
kavii chapter 60 . 3/30
Hey, This story is amazing! i know you havent updated for a while. but i wanted to know if you were planning to update? I mean, after that cliff hanger, i was literally in shock for quite a while.
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