Reviews for Stern
Superdani4Ever chapter 1 . 8/2/2011
Kurt Sutter is perfect as Otto.I wish we could see him more.

He'd been up all night charged with guarding SAMCRO's Queen while she went through labor-not an easy job

while she swore and cursed the day Clay Morrow was born-lmao!

there was no way in hell he'd get tied down with an old lady and kids, they led to too much trouble-oh man,poor Otto

He may have been SAMCRO's prince but that didn't mean that he deserved preferential treatment-at least SOMEBODY thinks like that!

Otto would never have to deal with that shit-riiiiiiight ;)

the grin stretched his face to a macabre degree-ohhh

awww,what a cute couple

The little thing looked like an alien or like someone had shaved a baby gorilla, not a monkey a damn gorilla with that Clay-like brow-AW!that was mean!I guess i know now why he never had any kids

"I'd like that."-again,awwwwwwww!

The fat man definitely knew how to do more than just be Elvis-yeah...awkward

She almost made up for her brother's hot head-lol

Mrs. Fuzzybottom-ok,ho cute is that?

She didn't like the noises she was hearing-yeah...

Jesus what did Jax or Tiny do this time-lol

she'd never admit it aloud but she coddled the boy, cleaned up his messes-it's a bit obvious to all of us

She liked Jax as a prospect, it meant she could order him around from time to time-LMAO!

his letter broke my heart :(
Verda Napoli chapter 1 . 8/2/2011
Oh I love this so much you don't even know! As I'm sure I've told you, Otto reminds me of someone very near and dear to me. This site is sorely lacking Otto so I loooovvvve this one shot.

You did an excellent job of taking my suggestions/ideas and making them your own. Rodney Dangerfield and Piney? Brothers seperated at birth obviously! Of course the ladies love Piney, just like they love Ope. (Well, I love Ope and I suppose that's all that counts)LMAO Mary Winston. She's such a drunk. I want to hate her, but then again I can't. She's another one like Precious that probably has more than enough reasons to feel the way that they do.

Hippy chick in Oakland gave me the biggest laugh. Shaved gorilla that's all Clay-yeah, that's cute. Luann and Otto's meeting and romance is so cute. I see Otto as really open minded and secure so I don't see him hating Luann's career..right away, that is.

Luann and Milla are even sweeter through Otto's eyes. Otto hoping that Milla won't turn out like Jax or Uncle Tom's kid was very Otto-like. And Milla and Otto have a moment over Mrs Fuzzybottom. I totally see Otto as the cool uncle who takes up for a kid when she/he is getting reemed by the parents. He would totally be the one that goes, "Come on, dude, you did way worse than that when you were her age!" I love that Lu, Clay, and Gem raised Milla to 'make her own mistakes' and learn from them. Jax could use a dose of that!

The shooting scene was very realistic. A lot of writers write these guys having infinite patience with their girls or kids or whoever. But I really don't see that. I'm glad you brought realism in and made Otto push her in the right direction. And by Thief River, do you mean Rogue River? I'm a little partial to that charter and you know why;)

Ooh Prospect Jax. I wish Jax was a prospect in the club I'm affliated with; I'd run him ragged! But of course Milla would take pleasure in ordering him around:) Also, I love the little consistencies. Koz in jail, Clay's workshop. I love the juxtaposition of Milla being the honor society kid and practicing shooting in her free time. She's got a little "Avery" in her for sure. Of course, Otto loves her. The part about Milla being what Luann needed and even being that for him too was so touching. I see Otto as kind of an emotional guy, but not in a self pity type of way. He's reactive and loyal so yeah this letter makes sense.

You've done such a good job with this! This is second only to the Opie one shot:)