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wintercandymints chapter 2 . 3/16
Okay, first thing’s first, I’m a huge Peach/Bowser fan. They are my OTP. But, I wanted to give some fan fictions a chance and especially the long, multi-chapter ones. So I decided to give this one a try, and omg, I am so glad I did.

Because, secondly, I’m not a big fan of first person in fan fictions, mainly because the ones I have read are crazy OOC. And I was super skeptical about reading this because it’s in first person. But I’m so glad I kept reading! Daisy is so good! I love how she’s written! She’s tough and firmly believes in fighting back! And when she’s all like, “I’mma kick his butt!”, when in fact, she can not kick his buttI loved that! It was funny and it made me smile and I am thoroughly enjoying the story.

And, of course, I love Wendy. I always love it when she makes an appearance in a story. I need her fashion and sass. She was so well done as well.

And Bowser! He’s cocky. He’s a show-off. But, he still wants to win over the princess, and gets irritated when she’s not immediately into him. I love it! I think you’re doing a great job so far and I can’t wait to catch up to the latest chapter.
Poltergust6000 chapter 33 . 3/4
I really like this story! I never really considered Bowser x Daisy a ship until i read this! You have a good writing style, your imagery is nice and your storytelling is pretty good too! I also enjoy how you portrayed the characters, even your OC's like Ryu and Taurus seem believable and play their characters well! I'm really into this story, can't wait for more!
Anon chapter 33 . 3/3
I totally missed you, Ultra turd! I hoped y'all didn't have a falling out. Good to have ya back!
blueskull2643 chapter 33 . 2/14
Excellent chapter as usual, hopefully we can see the next sometime in 2018
AntiVillain1 chapter 33 . 2/10
TFW that boy learns who really did it... and how he's just screwed up majorly.
Onz chapter 33 . 2/9
I've been reading this story about 3 weeks ago. I was in the middle of the chapters and I'm seriously in love with this story. Hopefully you will continue soon.
Hawk Vercetti chapter 33 . 2/8
Oh yaaaaaaaayI always feel like each time you update is like a special holiday haha.
Thank you so much for another fantastic chapter. It's always well worth the wait.
The tone for this chapter felt dark, but masked with moments of light. I really enjoy the versatility of your writing.
Much love~
KingCow336 chapter 33 . 2/8
I love this so much. I’ve been reading this since 2014, and I wish I could read it more often. But then I guess it wouldn’t be anywhere near as good. Great job, keep it up!
WingedAngel96822 chapter 33 . 2/7
Oh my gosh, this is an amazing story. I love the realism you've wove into your writing and the political scheming. I just hope the Koopa royal family have this big heart to heart with all the misunderstandings going on. Anyway, I look forward to the next chapter! _
Elemental Queen chapter 33 . 2/7
As always, I have been waiting and enjoyed reading this chapter. After all this time, even outside the Super Mario archive, I still look forward to TaTB. :) Thanks for the update, and the generous length in this chapter.
I expect yearly updates now lol, but you should try and get them out a bit faster. I know life is well, life, but I'm mostly just afraid you'll get to the year when you don't want to write anymore. This story is a real gem, I'd be awfully concerned about that most of all. You write such great characters, you could easily switch plot points and swap names and publish it probably, once it's done.
Thanks for the update!
bi0 chapter 33 . 2/6
Another great chapter Alice. Me, alongside many others have been waiting for this!

It was interesting to see Taurus' reaction to the beheaded ambassador - he's quite a complex character, albeit a total douche, that shrouds his true emotions from those around him. I'd wonder how Daisy would react if she knew the horror of his childhood, would she feel sorry for him? Or is he totally irredeemable at this stage... I dunno xD

The whole Iggy storyline was cool as well. It's great to see him strive to better himself and prove Bowser wrong, even if he isn't a natural fighter. I think Mario is real nice to help him out and teach him all his moves! Who knows, since he's learning from the best, maybe Iggy will be able to kick some Koopa ass when he's back in the Darklands.

And of course it's wonderful to see the suitors too interacting with each other. It's really nice that you're written them to be friends, not jealous of one another or competing rigorously for Daisy's hand. Every suitor is amazing (bar one), Daisy is gonna have one tough choice ahead of her.

Also, a previous reviewer said they were sad there was no Daisy and Bowser interaction this chapter. While I would have liked some too, for the purpose of storytelling I think it's necessary for them to be individuals and spend some time away from each other. That way they can develop their own thoughts and feelings without influencing each other. And that's how love blossoms, right? You spend some time away from the other person then realise you miss them hugely!

Looking forward to the next time you update, hopefully soon, you bet I'll be jumping on my inbox when you do so.
BreakingBadLikeABoss chapter 33 . 2/6
*Gives air high five* SO glad to see you back! I literally screamed like a little girl when I saw you updated this story! I love the plot and everything you’re doing with it. I do have to admit I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t any Bowser/Daisy interaction, but I understand why given the current circumstances. I hope you update again before 2019, because this story is literally my favorite. Thank you for the new chapter! I patiently (or not so patiently) await the next update.
fanfictionweirdo chapter 33 . 2/5
Yooo I’m so happy! Thanks for updating! Fingers crossed you can update again sometime this year!
Meeko chapter 33 . 2/4
Just know that I love this story and that I've been waiting excitedly for this chapter.
There's something about this particular chapter that feels different from the rest. I'm not sure whether it's the copious amount of grammatical flaws or what, but something about this chapter very... Different from the rest. It's still enjoyably, don't get me wrong. I've been dying to see what the cast has been doing after a near year's long wait.

But uh... I don't know. Usually your chapters really make me smile with your wonderful interpretations of these characters. Giving them a life in a quirky way that just feels /right/. I'm not sure what happened in this chapter but I didn't feel that. Everyone felt... I don't know... Off? Which they very well should given the situation they're in however...

I don't know.
Something just felt off about this.

Outside of that, I do adore your story to bits. I squealed the moment I saw you update, I just felt the need to share this with you because I care for your story.
N3raluna chapter 33 . 2/4
I got to say, I was honestly surprised to see an update of this story, I found it last year and read all of it in a week. Then came the classic game of waiting, and would check weekly for it to be here. Then I suddenly see a new chapter today and of course had a moment of pure joy.

As fas as it goes, I love the characters and the world you have made, this being one of the rare stories that involves Daisy and Bowser, both being part of my favorite three characters in the Mario universe.

With wishes of a new exciting chapter, know you have a reader rooting for you.
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