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Guest chapter 11 . 10/15
Daisy daisy daisy...your to dense like really. Don’t you see he has a thing for you!
Guest chapter 1 . 9/30
Shouldn’t Toad be dating Toadette?
3299em chapter 33 . 9/17
I read your stories everyday, it just warms my heart. AIso, kinda random but I was listening to this song called “Daisy” by Zedd and I could totally imagine Bowser singing this song haha. But anyways I’m looking forward to the new chapter!
dAdamant1 chapter 33 . 9/16
Really Bowser should just adopt Kooples. I can’t see any one capable of taking care of him like Bowser can.
Mily chapter 33 . 9/12
So I finally made it through every chapter wow. I have a few questions though and I'm not trying to be critical, just curious.

Nothing more has been said about that weird tablet in the first few chapters of the story, I'm wondering if that will be significant in the upcoming story. I still can't tell whose pulling the strings yet with the conflict. I thought it would be Taurus but he wouldn't organize a hit on his own people just to pin it on Sarasaland. Someone is trying to stir things up but I don't know who!

I'm not sure yet how Bowser and Daisy are going to end up together. I know they do, I just can't see it yet. Also Daisy how can you not tell Bowser in totally in love with you?! He seeme to be dropping a ton of hints. Also, I feel bad for the other suitors, you did such a good job fleshing out their characters I'm genuinely going to feel bad when their hearts get broken.

Bowser as a character in this story is really well done, he's probably one of the most complex ones I've seen. I don't necessarily agree on how he handles things like with Iggy. I feel like instead of kicking him out he could've started training Iggy personally and that could've turned into a real father/son bonding thing. It is interesting that Mario is taking over, that will definitely create some waves. Also the koopalings and Junior are all so unique and different, I love the variety of personalities.

I'm glad we have an explanation for Ludwig, I think this was touched on in a previous chapter though. I feel like he doesn't really need to be chasing after Daisy since she's already got Bowser and the other suitors interested as well.

I have a feeling that drug that Bowser is planning to ban will make an appearance eventually. Seems like the perfect weapon against the koopa King. Also, this is driving me crazy but what kind of Koopa is Kooples? Is he a paratroopa koopa or the small kind seen in the Mario games that just walks back and forth or does he look like a koopaling like Bowser's children?

Please update this as soon as you can, I look forward to reading the next installment!
To Guest chapter 1 . 9/7
Calm down stuff like this takes a ton of time, especially when not getting paid for it.
Guest chapter 3 . 9/7
I'm crying. Please don't abandon this story. It's been months, almost 7.
There's no their story like this.
Applegurl02 chapter 33 . 7/21
I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
mag77 chapter 33 . 7/14
Oh man, I’m so sorry for the incredibly late review! Between my last semester of college, trying to find a job, and helping my family with various things, I’ve been super busy! But now I finally had the time to read this chapter, and it is great as usual.

Huh, its weird. In the last chapter, I didn’t care at all about the Aqualand guards that went to meet with Bowser, but now I actually feel sorry for them. They’re so traumatized by what they’ve seen Bowser do, it must have been especially grueling for experienced guards to react like this. That or these guards are just pussies, but I’m leaning towards the former in this case, especially since they had to carry a severed head of one of their own back with them. And of course Taurus doesn’t give a crap about any of them, the bastard. I am very happy though that the captain told him off, but of course Taurus had to turn it all around and make it seem like it is the captain that is the heartless one. Hope nothing bad happens to him. As for Taurus, I don’t really feel bad for his panic attack; I know it sounds cruel, but I just don’t.

Aww, I feel so bad for the Koopalings all missing their brother, except for Roy (what a shocker). Actually, I am a little surprised about Roy, as it seemed that in the last chapter he was actually kind of remorseful for beating up Iggy so brutally (even if it was all on Bowser’s orders). But here, he really doesn’t seem to care. But at least all the others care, and I’m happy to see that they all love each other so much. I mean Ludwig was about to completely roast a servant’s ass when said servant was about to remove Iggy’s chair; if that isn’t brotherly love, then I don’t know what is. Oh, and not to mention that Ludwig actually fought Bowser himself in order to try and get him to get Iggy back, that was really cool! Though it was even cooler that Wendy was the one who was first willing to fight her dad, you go girl!

And oh poor Junior, when he asked if his father still loved Iggy, and if he would banish the rest of them if they ended up being too physically weak was so heartbreaking. Seriously, the poor little baby. But I couldn’t blame Ludwig for wondering if Junior is more loved by Bowser when he claimed that there would be no way that he’d kick Junior out. It really does seem like Bowser does have favorites, and I can’t condone that. With that though, I don’t think Bowser is anywhere close to being like his father, like Ludwig seems to think, so I definitely don’t blame Bowser for getting super pissed at that suggestion. Hm, I don’t know what else to say about this scene, except that it was probably my favorite in this chapter.

Lol, Daisy is right that it really does seem that female bullies always do travel around in pack. Its kinda funny in a way; I guess they’re too afraid to be on their own and always need bubble-headed followers to always lavish them with praise and agree on every single little thing with no room for difference. I’m glad that Daisy basically told them, ‘I’m your princess, and don’t ever forget that I will always rank higher than you,’ and that she banned them from going to the spa. Honestly, those girls are so stupid for insulting her suitors; one of them is a hero, and the rest princes. Don’t they know that doing this could bring conflict with those kingdoms? Good thing they aren’t princesses. Other than that, I don’t know what else to say about this whole scene.

I’m glad that Iggy is being treated well by everyone important at Sarasaland, and that his siblings, Kamek, and Kammy are (trying to) contact him. But I can’t blame him for not answering them, since he’s still so depressed (understandably so) by what Bowser had told him. But its very good that Mario is helping him get stronger, even if it is in a way to make Bowser look foolish. It was also good to know that while Mario is stronger than all of the Koopalings, he still held back since they were just kids helping their dad. Its nice that he is kind-hearted and understandable. Though I do feel sorry for Iggy; I had no idea that he really was that physically weak. He really is a pacifist I guess. I feel sorry for Luigi too that Mario is gonna teach Iggy a special attack, but he won’t teach his own brother. Ouch. Anyway, can’t wait to see Iggy get strong and prove Bowser wrong! And if Iggy can’t, well at least he is always welcomed to live in the Mushroom Kingdom; seriously that was so sweet of Peach and her father. :)

It seems that I was correct on why Bowser did what he did to Iggy. Iggy, and the rest of his siblings, will have to be able to defend themselves since they will always be targets for attacks since they’re royalty, and Bowser won’t be there forever to protect them. And to know too that Ludwig was nearly killed by an assassin when he was only five, and yet fought him off til Bowser showed up is impressive. I can’t help but wonder what Ludwig’s memories of that attack are. I also feel tremendously sorry for Bowser; to have so many half-siblings that tried to kill him, or befriend him only to try and backstab him later, it must be a very hard thing to know and deal with. I’m also very surprised by Kammy also being pissed at Bowser, despite knowing why he did what he did. I thought if anyone would agree with Bowser’s action, it’d be her. And I agree with Bowser, I don’t know how else he could’ve made Iggy be serious on getting stronger. It seemed that just talking to him didn’t work, and the only other way I can think of to convince Iggy was if he was in a life-threatening situation with assassins, but then he could have very well died like that, since it couldn’t be staged if he was to take it as a lesson and proof to work on getting stronger.

Well, its nice to know that the Aqualand’s ambassador’s death was not in vain; after all because of it, the Fireland’s council agreed to let Bowser give water to Sarasaland. And while it is sweet of Daisy hoping that Lefty was there to tell her father that Bowser wanted Iggy back, she should still be very grateful that he is giving her kingdom the gift of water. She needs to focus more on her people than on Bowser’s son, especially since her people could die because of having so little water. At least she didn’t deny the gift though, so that’s good. And I don’t really blame Iggy for being upset by Bowser making it seem that a foreign kingdom’s people is more important than his own son’s health. But at least Mario is there to help him.

While I loved the next scene (I love any scene that focuses or involves Ludwig), I am a bit confused by it. Didn’t we already get something from an earlier chapter where Kammy tells Ludwig that all his newfound actions and emotions are because he is going through heat? I’m just surprised that this is happening again, since Ludwig should remember. The next scene with Wolfe, Ryu, and Silver was really cute and sweet. It’s great to know that they all are still very good friends, even though they’re all pining over the same girl.

Um, yep, this is all I gotta say. So, yeah, again really sorry for the super late review; I do still love this story, and this chapter is no exception. Can’t wait for the next chapter! :D

PS: Not really anything to do with the story, but Daisy is finally gonna be in Smash, and not just as a clothes swap for Peach! WAHOO!
Anon chapter 33 . 7/8
Yo Alice Daisy’s ULTIMATE dream has come true maybe you should publish a chapter to celebrate.
Applegurl02 chapter 1 . 6/17
I absolutely love this story and Daisy's one of my favorite Mario characters! I ship her with every suitor in the story..
3299em chapter 1 . 6/12
Omg Daisy is going to be in Smash Bros! Maybe you should write a chapter about that sometime!
Guest chapter 33 . 6/12
Anonturd chapter 32 . 5/26
Anonturd chapter 33 . 5/26
Awwww, I kissed you, Silly Ultrra!
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