Reviews for The Tomboy and The Beast
Guest chapter 31 . 7/5
I cant wait to find out about the lunch ;-;
Guest chapter 9 . 6/13
Excuse me, is this Daisy or is this Naruto? Cuz Bowser is just as obvious as Hinata, and yet it still goes unseen. Very frustrating, but comedy gold. Good job.
Guest chapter 31 . 4/19
Need moar pls nao
Donut girl 123 chapter 31 . 4/14
I totally love this story! It's amazing! I totally ship Bowser and Daisy, I can't wait to see who Daisy will marry and how the Aqualands threat is dealt with. I think you're such an intelligent author and you have a way with displaying emotions, u truly have a gift. And I know this is so random but I've been wondering how do Koopa's wear clothes, yanno cuz of their shells. Do they take off their shells or leave them on? And if they leave them on then like won't the clothes go over the shell. Just a weird thought xD uh, now I sound creepy...anyways can't wait for the next chapter, I for one don't mind the wait cuz it's worth it :)
Btw I love how u potray Bowser and Mario's feuds and stuff it seriously is hilarious. Especially when they had the tea party and Bowser fell on his back. You have no idea how hilarious the imagery was in my brain right then I laughed out loud xD This story is by far my FAVORITE out of any story, online or paper back book!
Guest chapter 31 . 4/10
PLEASE SENPAI! PLEASE WRITE MORE ~ to be honest, I completely enjoy this story...I almost ed stopped reading when Bowser became human...but you did make it right with daisy telling him that his true self was better 'w' I really hope that you will continue this story...if not I'm going to luvs you until deaths comes to us both... :D
sylvia's wish chapter 31 . 3/2
Tbh, as horrible as this sounds, I felt like this update could've been better. Only for the obvious reason that I wanted to find out about Clawdia's lunch plans, but other than that, maybe it just didn't have that impact the way other chapters did. Kinda like filler, just passing by while more important things are brewing. Not a bad chapter by any means though, just like Bowser said its not possible to have Daisy not be cute, its not possible for you to have a poorly written chapter.

Oh god KILL ME, how dare I say anything bad about this AMAZING story! Sure everything is open to criticism, but this is like the first time I've ever really had negative feedback for it. Oh well, I had to be honest.

Despite all that, the Royal Koopa Family having an ice cream fight was a lot of fun for sure! Definitely the highlight of the chapter indeed. (especially Roy's dream) It was thoroughly entertaining and reminded me exactly of why I love this story so much- it was super sweet...! Kill me again for that failed attempt at humor.

Also, I really liked how the conversation with Zero and his father went down. You never forget to focus on all the characters, even with such an expansive universe. I wonder why his dad didn't want him to be with Peach though, her kingdom is much richer than the desert kingdom hes from. Then again, he must only strive for the crown that his ancestors went after. Plus having Zero marry Peach makes no sense because the two kingdoms are tied together already, so forcing that makes no sense. I kinda wonder why he isn't even a little bit attracted to Daisy, she closely resembles Peach as her cousin and she has looked stunning in many scenes with him. However, I actually find him kinda likable, sure hes snooty and snarky but hes also smart and calm, overall a very neutral character. Also he had some serious sexual tension with Wolfe, just sayin'. LOL NO HATE PLEASE BUT... WolfeXZero 4 lyfe.

Bowser getting stuck, ha! Slapstick never fails I guess. I love his interaction with Kamek and Kammy, they have really great personalities in this story. I don't think they should get together though, seeing as that would make things a little bit too... fairy tale ish I guess? (despite the title but still...) But I'd love to have Kamella make an apperance, maybe she has something interest to say to them? But she'd most likely just end up being a second Kammy, so who needs her anyways. Also I wonder why Rosalina hasn't appeared yet, seems like she'd be here by now, but idk how that would fit so it doesn't really matter.

Wow, the end certainly meant that theres gonna be some serious tension next time this story is continued. I can't wait, this story gets me legitimately scared for the characters, even the ones I don't like, such as Taurus.
Guest chapter 30 . 2/20
Please do something with drunk Daisy admitting something to Bowser about how she feels. *ahem* *ahem* Bowser x Daisy totally isn't my OTP now or anything. Pssshhttt That would be rediculous.
Guest chapter 31 . 2/16
I love it please writes more Chapter i dying to see it
Guest chapter 1 . 1/18
Could you pls update soon, I understand if it's hard or if your short on ideas. But pls have a new update by February. -Gus
sociopathicengineer chapter 31 . 1/5
You should write a chapter that focuses soley on the koopalings :) Good story!
Brad W chapter 31 . 12/12/2015
I laughed pretty hard at the Juan Don name. Looks like things are about to get a lot worse before they get better. I wonder if Bowser can use the discovery of Kooples being used and abused in Aqualands territory as an excuse to side with Sarasaland in a war with the Aqualands. Keep up the good work!
Guest chapter 31 . 12/12/2015
This was amazing... Pls give more bowser and daisy time too though... But yeah! Awesome Chapter, please update again soon Alice! The wait is killing me!

(I'd post this on my account but I'm to lazy to log in)
Elemental Queen chapter 31 . 12/8/2015
Awesome as usual. I love this story so much and I -always- look forward to an update from you than anyone else in my watch list. :) Hope you had an awesome turkey-day, and will have a better Christmas holiday.
RedeliaChance chapter 31 . 12/5/2015
Thank you so much! This was great! And if Bowwy and Daisy don't end up together, I'll riot. I swear it to Jesus and the lord lucifur.
mag77 chapter 31 . 12/4/2015
Ugh, sorry for the late review. I had finals and regular tests in all of my classes this week, and I had to transfer credits to my new college, so I was pretty busy; even now I have three papers due next week. But whatever, I wanna read and leave a review right now! Also, my birthday was yesterday, so I’m gonna pretend this chapter is an early birthday gift. :)

Well I guess for starters, it seems that no matter the species, news anchors are all self-absorbed, sadistic psychos. Although, I can’t blame them for thinking that way about humans, because again, what would we think about other intelligent species? Hell, we treat our own like crap all the time.

Not gonna lie, the time in the top of each new section is kinda confusing. Its 30 days until what? Oh well, maybe it’ll be explained in the next chapter. Anyway, why are so many kingdoms suddenly interested in wanting to marry Daisy? I mean, her kingdom is about to enter a war with the Aqualands, so wouldn’t they want to stay out of it? After all, the kingdoms that are already interested in her would still rather remain neutral than have their princes, who care for Daisy, marry her. It’s just kinda weird.

Huh, I’m confused again. So Sakuro sent Ztarlight over to the Aqualands? (Yes, I know that Ztarlight is a traitor) Why would Sakuro do that; I thought he knew all treaties and trades with the Aqualands are null and void now? In fact, I thought he knew that they hate Sarasaland’s guts and are very close to going at war with them. Also, why is Ztarlight still trying to have his son marry Daisy; he’s already sided with Taurus, so doesn’t that defeat the purpose? And I really don’t like Salini now. At first, I was just neutral towards him, but after he guilt-tripped Zero into courting Daisy… yeah, I hate guilt-trippers with a passion.

Aw, I feel bad for poor little Junior. Don’t worry little guy, you did the right thing by defending your family. But, it’s so sweet how much Junior trusts Daisy, and how much she cares for him. It definitely feels like Daisy is becoming more and more mother-like each time she interacts with the Koopalings. I was chuckling a bit when she skipped answering Junior’s question, and just told him to ask his dad. Cause it’s true; people do that all the time. And I agree with Junior; I hope Daisy will return to the Darkland Kingdom soon. Although, I don’t agree with their choice in movies, but then again, I don’t really watch movies anymore; I find them to be boring now for some reason.

Yeah, I really, really don’t like Sakuro. Sorry, but I think his excuse on why he couldn’t see any of Daisy’s soccer games is really poor and stupid. Bowser’s also a king and is very busy, but he still finds the time to watch, and even play games with his children; Sakuro couldn’t even find the time to have any talks with his daughter on sports or anything else that they might both like. But, for Daisy’s sake, I hope that they’ll start talking and doing things they both like with each other more often.

Wow, all the Koopas pretty much worship Bowser eh? Well… most of them anyway. I’m surprised how strong Bowser is; he’s able to lift and hug all his kids at once with no problem. And it’s so sweet how much the Koopalings love their father; I think even Ludwig is warming up to him. Although, I’m sad that Bowser told them to stay away from Kooples; I really wanted see how they’d all react to him! Sorry if it seems that I keep nagging about that, but I’m just super curious! I’m also surprised that Bowser was grounding some of them for cursing; he didn’t do that before, so why now?

I love the Boos so much! They’re so batshit insane that it’s awesome! I still feel bad for Junior, but seeing him do a 180 so quickly and pwning Bowser was freaking hilarious! But I’m glad that Bowser wasn’t angry at Junior for beating up that kid. See Junior, even your dad agrees with me. However, don’t troll your dad, boy; it never turns out well. Also, that ‘Savage’ drug sounds horrible. I hope Bowser doesn’t still suffer from the after affects after all these years. Though, I wonder now if it’s because of that drug that he can turn into a giant (and not Mario and Luigi being in his gut)?

Way to go Wendy! I’m so happy someone finally called Bowser out on his bullshit! She’s totally right; it is definitely not fair that Bowser found the time to be with Junior, but he can’t for the rest of his kids. Especially since they were all worried sick about him after the whole Aqualands fiasco. Luckily Morton, Iggy, and the twins stood up for their sister and voiced their agreement on how Bowser treats the rest of them compared to Junior. Double luckily Bowser realized his mistake, and will try to fix it. Don’t worry though Bowser, you’re nowhere near as bad as your own father; you just need to be careful and not play favorites, even if it is unintentionally.

Oh geez, I can’t believe Roy fell for Ludwig’s lie; I didn’t think Roy was that stupid, just brash and cocky. The whole food fight with the royal koopa family was so cute and sweet! It was so sweet to see the whole family get along and have fun, even Ludwig and Roy eased up and enjoyed themselves. I didn’t know that Roy was the second strongest koopa after Bowser; I thought that it was Morton (Jr.). Um, I can’t think of anything else to say about this scene; its just very cute and I like it! Although, I hope Bowser was 100% joking when he said they were all orphans; I don’t care what cannon says, I still think that the Koopalings and Junior are all his biological children.

Why does Apricotto wanna try to get Sakuro to remarry? And what about Apricotto; what happened to his wife? Is she deceased, or did she leave him? Also, I’m confused again. I thought the kingdoms of Daisy’s suitors (minus the Darklands) said that they wanted to remain neutral, but now their actions say they’re siding with Sarasaland. And poor Daisy; she only has three months to decide who she’s going to marry. But then again, in arranged marriages, you don’t even get to choose, and Daisy just barely got the chance to.

Why the hell is Sakuro still an asshole to Bowser? I thought in the last chapter, Sakuro apologized for judging Bowser too harshly and promised that he’d give the koopa king a chance. But now, he’s back to being a complete bastard to Bowser for no reason! No, I won’t believe it’s because Bowser wants to marry Daisy and that Sakuro is just being protective; Sakuro’s not nearly as harsh with the other suitors as he is with Bowser. But on a lighter note, it seems that a certain Toad has the hots for Grammy. Oh my!

The scene between Angora and Lefty was very cute! I’m glad Angora found someone that likes her for herself, and not because of her looks, even if they do help. Its good to see too that she’s starting to lighten up because of him. Yeah, I can’t really think of anything else to say about this scene (it should be obvious by now that I have a hard time saying what or why I like fluff scenes). It was funny though that Daisy knew what was going on when she stumbled into Angora’s room. The whole scene between Daisy and Bowser on the phone was funny too, especially when Bowser was stuck under his desk! Imagining that is pretty hilarious!

Yep, I was right; there’s a war brewing. Taurus is such an ass, but I wonder why… And I feel that the red ninja is actually Ryu. Hm, can’t think of anything else to say, except I feel bad for the innocent citizens in both kingdoms.

All in all, another great, albeit confusing chapter! (Or maybe I’m just confused because I’m still a little brain-dead from all the studying and tests) Although, I really wanna see what happens between Clawdia and Daisy, so I can’t wait for the next chapter! And I hope you feel better from all the Thanksgiving food you ate. Good luck! :D
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