Reviews for The Tomboy and The Beast
ElisMadPuppy chapter 2 . 1h
YAAAAS! FINALLLYY! I always read some FF stories, but this one... its awesome! :3
I love all the details and your writing style- Sooo, i logged myself ONLY on this page so i can review and fav your story!
Its so cool you are still writing on this story. PLEAAASE keep on writing! I am a huge Bowser fan and you picture him like i do! If this would be a book, i would totally buy it!
May the Stars be with you!
Guest chapter 32 . 3/18
Oh man, was I surprised to see another chapter come out. I had to double check to see if I didn't see right. I've been following this story for a very long time and its so awesome to see it still being updated. I absolutely love it and I'll be looking forward to the next chapter.
mag77 continued chapter 32 . 3/17
Wow, my review was so long again that it cut some of it off! Well, there's not much left to it, but here it is:

Wow Taurus, I don’t know if you’re so narcissistic that you think that you’re all powerful and no one can stop you, or if you’re just bat shit insane. Maybe it’s both; actually, it is both. And it doesn’t seem to be just him, but the other citizens in his kingdom. Well, at least the guards and the ambassador sent to the Darklands anyway. Seriously, don’t be so cocky and blasé in front of beings that are twice your size and that can rip you in half easily. Idiots deserved what they got! I can’t wait to see how the koopas will destroy the Aqualandians! Yeah, I like brutality and gore… so yeah.

Sorry if my review sounds a bit lackluster, because this is honestly one of my favorite chapters in this story, which is one of, if not my favorite story (or fanfic, whatever)! I’ve just been so tired lately, not to mention super busy with college and life. But enough of my excuses, I hope you have a great day (or week, month, year, etc.), and I look forward to the next chapter! :D
mag77 chapter 32 . 3/17
Oh man, I’m so sorry for the late review! You updated at a time where three other stories I like updated as well, not to mention that I had a whole bunch of tests and projects to do for school. But now that I’m done with most of those and have spring break, I finally have time to read and review this! Woohoo! Oh, and don’t worry about updating late; trust me I know life happens. I’m just glad that you’re okay! :)

Well anyway, so everyone has found out about the attack. I feel so bad for Sarasaland; it seems that almost every other country is going to blame them and join forces with the Aqualands, or at least remain even more neutral than before. And I also feel bad for Sakuro; even though he’s king doesn’t mean he can watch over every inch of his kingdom and all his citizens. That’s just impossible. But he’s still gonna get blamed for all of this, and I do hate it so much when innocent people are convicted of something they didn’t do, even if I’m not too fond of that person getting blamed. Also, I’m extremely surprised at this General Leo. I don’t remember if he’s shown up before, but I would think as a general he would hear out the other side’s story before immediately deciding if they are guilty or not. Very poor and ruthless judgement on his part.

Wow, I can’t believe how wild and vulgar the koopa news is! Now I can’t help but wonder how our news would be if all the anchors acted like that… Anyway, I’m glad that the Darklands are joining with Sarasland against the Aqualands, even though it seems that most of the other koopas couldn’t care less about the other kingdom and are just doing it out of revenge, albeit very justified revenge. I wonder why Clawdus is defending Bowser though? I guess at the end of the day, Bowser is still his king, and he’ll still be loyal to him, at least when another kingdom has attacked him.

Yay, Daisy’s finally going to talk with Clawdia! I’ve been very excited for this! Although, I don’t remember Clawdia mentioning anything about business in her letter to Daisy. Oh well. Aw, Lefty’s there to see the princess, and he gave her a letter for Angora. How sweet it is to know that he still likes her. And I can’t blame Daisy at all for not wanting to talk about the whole Aqualands fiasco; she must be super worried and anxious about it. Heh, yeah it does sound like it’ll be fun times telling Bowser about the ladies’ secret meeting. Oh boy… prey for the poor soul that tells him. They’ll need it.

When reading the description of Clawdia’s garden, I couldn’t help but imagine it looking like the Queen of Heart’s maze from Alice in Wonderland, but with the leaves being a dark purple and the sky the same color. Couldn’t imagine what the inside of the mansion looked like though. Weird. Ah, the ex-queen sounds just as beautiful and elegant as always, and in a midnight blue dress, my favorite color! Hm, I’m surprised that she’s genuinely happy to see Daisy; a part of me thought it might be some sort of act in order to hurt her. I’m very glad that I was wrong. I’m also glad that she wants to help Daisy if she gets elected into the council; and she’s wants to get elected by her own merits and not by her surname. So proud of her!

Oh poor, poor Kamek; he’s the unfortunate soul that has to tell Bowser the news. I can’t blame him at all for stalling, though I can’t blame Kammy for wanting to get it over with either. Of course Bowser just gets super excited when he hears Daisy’s in the Darklands, not even bothering to listen to the rest. Though its super cute to see him all giddy and trying to make himself look presentable. But it also makes it so much funnier once he hears the whole message; him having that weird nightmare-daydream was hilarious! Oh, and he didn’t burn Kamek or Kammy to a crisp. That’s good!

So we finally get to hear Clawdia’s side to their marriage. If she’s telling the truth, and I think she is, then both her and Bowser were in the wrong. Its still horrible that she cheated on Bowser, but I can’t blame her for feeling like nothing if Bowser just ignored her except for when they were having sex. Especially if Bowser spent most of his busy time just planning on ways to kidnap Peach. Knowing that your husband just wants another girl and only seeing you as nothing but a decent sex partner must be terrible. I know I certainly would hate that. And it was good of her to tell Bowser the truth about her affairs instead of him finding out on his own. So, I do feel bad for Clawdia, and I’m glad Daisy agrees. Though, I’m also glad that Bowser never had any concubines. But like Clawdia said, just because he didn’t physically cheat on her doesn’t mean that he was still loyal to her.

Okay, I can understand why Bowser is worried about Daisy talking with his ex-wife, but that doesn’t excuse the way he completely destroyed Clawdia’s dining room, or how he yelled at both her and Daisy. Especially since Clawdia was being very calm and polite, which I gotta admit was pretty badass since he was screaming right into her face, and she doesn’t even bat an eyelid. And I feel even worse for Clawdia after hearing that her mother is dying, because I know what that feels like. I know what I’m about to say is pretty personal and probably shouldn’t even be brought up here, but I lost my father very suddenly back in October, so the wounds are still fresh for me. Me and him were very close, and I have a feeling that Clawdia is close to her mother, so I can definitely empathize with what she’s about to go through. Um, sorry for bringing that up.

Anyway, I’m glad Bowser believed her when she told him and calmed down a bit. Though what he says about talking about all of this another time is true; once everyone’s calmed down completely, then maybe they can start to reconcile a bit. Aw, so Bowser’s taking Daisy home, so cute! And seeing Daisy panic for a second about the thought of Bowser and Clawdia getting back together was adorable. Search your feelings Daisy, you know they to be true. And on a weird note, hearing that the summer solstice for koopas is a mating ritual is pretty… intriguing. I wonder if… hm…

Oh, we finally get to know a bit more about Iggy. Even though he’s OOC, he’s just so sweet and cute not to hate! So needless to say, I just felt so sorry for him when reading how he got beaten up so brutally by Roy; I mean even the seasoned soldiers thought this was horrible. I also felt so bad for Junior and Morton; hearing them beg and cry for it to stop was heartbreaking. My poor three little (well one big) cinnamon rolls! I’m glad Ludwig finally stood up to his father and told him to stop this, though I wish he did it sooner. I can’t particularly blame him for hesitating, but still. And hearing that Roy isn’t the mercy type even to his own siblings isn’t surprising, though I can’t help but imagine that he’d get super pissed if someone else was beating them up. Kinda like Shelly from South Park; it’s okay if I beat the living crap outta my siblings, but you sure as hell better not, or I’ll kill ya! And yes, I know he was just beating on Iggy because Bowser commanded him to. Speaking of the koopa king, what he did was absolutely horrible, but I think I get where he’s coming from. I mean, Bowser could have died back at the Aqualands, and I think he realizes that. I know he said that he just doesn’t want a weak heir, but I think that’s a lie. I think Bowser just wants to know that his children can fend for themselves when he’s gone, because he can’t be there forever, and he knows it. But that just my guess, so I could be wrong and Bowser’s just a huge ass.

Aw, I feel even worse for Iggy! I don’t blame him at all for running away. His anger is definitely justified; I mean he’s so kind and gentle and smart, but it seems that Bowser doesn’t care for that, and instead deems strength and viciousness as better traits for his kids. And Junior’s so smart and sweet, wanting to see his big bro off, the little cutie! Though, I do wish that Bowser didn’t know that Iggy ran away; it would’ve been much more satisfying for him to find out hours, or even days later when he’s been long gone. To see Bowser’s worry and regret on his actions towards his son would have been delicious! But him knowing makes me feel like I was right in why Bowser is doing all of this.

Hehe, its so cute that Iggy immediately thinks of staying with Mama Daisy! And I’m glad that she agrees to let him stay and help train him. Glad too that she’s also pissed at Bowser for doing this to Iggy. Ooh, and Mario’s gonna help train him; now that will be super exciting! Can’t wait to see Bowser’s reaction to that! Though not gonna lie, I was hoping to read that part now, but I guess I’ll just have to wait for the next chapter. Oh well. Oh, and I’m happy too that Sakuro was sympathetic for Iggy and will let him stay; I forgot that he’s kinda the one that ultimately decides who stays and who doesn’t. And he was actually very kind and smiling at Daisy. I hope he’ll start showing those positive emotions more around and for her. Ooh, and Appricotto was actually pretty smart when listing the reasons why Iggy should stay in Sarasaland to the council; good for him!

Hm, it seems now that we have a new mysterious lady. I wonder what Lady Salini’s deal is. All I can say is that she seems to be very intelligent and knows more than she lets on. Unlike Lady Stagna, who reminded me exactly of Umbridge from Harry Potter. Seriously, in every single way, from looks to ways of thinking. Oh, and Angora, why did you betray Lefty? Well, I can understand why, cause I’m also too nervous and cowardly to speak my mind on things I know will be very unpopular with others.

Wow Taurus, I don’t know if you’re so narcissistic that you think that you’re all powerful and no one can stop you, or if you’re just bat shit insane. Maybe it’s both; actually, it is both. And it doesn’t seem to be just
Guest chapter 12 . 3/13
No no no no NO! I see where this is all going! You are setting up things out longer then they should, giving reason why B and D, can't be together. BD, I am guessing, is Daddy Bowser, Or what ever his names is, but you all ready had Bowser say his father was a monster, and he said HIM when ninjas show up, she its his dad, god im going to kill my self if I have to read all this story just to get to the part where they get together!
Present chapter 8 . 3/9
Please end the ninja dude quick, I do not want this to be the whole story, just thinking "is this dude going to win, found out next time" I just want romance, hell you all ready made some good old conflict all ready, I want to read that, not ninja man.
AntiVillain1 chapter 24 . 3/4
In this case, I disagree with the "two graves" logic; since the senators are shown to be unrepentant scumbags, Ryu getting revenge on them would actually be a public service (and given his personality, I'm sure he could do it without hurting any bystanders).
greatGatsbia chapter 32 . 2/20
omg omg! I love it so much keep writing plz
bi0 chapter 32 . 2/14
It brings me so much joy to see an update after all this time. I for one say take as long as you need, so long as it leads to quality chapters like this one :)

Daisy was great this chapter. She was sensible but retained her innate silliness, humour and clumsiness (reasons we all love her). Also her maternal nature proved to be an asset to poor little Iggy; really looking forward to see their dynamic in the Sarasalandian setting :)

I was initially suuuuper displeased with Bowser's actions towards Iggy but now I can see it through his perspective. He's broken, recovering from battle wounds and the last thing he wants is for himself or anyone associated with his family to be regarded as weak. And you can't exactly apply human... morals and stuff to Koopas because, well, they're Koopas, and what dictates right and wrong may be different in their books. Of course I still have a shedload of remorse for the 'lil guy and I hope Mario will be able to shape him up to match those crazy Koopa expectations.

Oh yeah. And his hotheadedness towards Clawdia...but that was totally credit where due, right? Ack, now I'm just trying to think of reasons to forgive the guy. He means well, deep down, I think :P

OKAY OMGOD, HE JUST TOTALLY RIPPED A GUY'S HEAD OFF... that I cannot justify, it's just primal instinctual bloodlust xD The Aqualandians are kinda screwed, right?
Elemental Queen chapter 32 . 2/14
Thanks for the update! I was pleased to see one, good luck on the next one. Thanks for putting so much effort into your writing and in the content and length overall.
oddgoth chapter 32 . 2/12
first of all thank heavens your back!
now that that's out of the Bowser got GRITTY in this one. wonder how Daisy is gonna react when she finds out about the whole ripping-a-guys-head-off thing. I'm kinda surprised she wasn't more upset over poor Iggy but i suppose the confrontation on that one is yet to come. The build up to war is killing me with suspense but that's not really a bad thing. And that bit in Bowser's head was hilarious. And also WTF lady Angora? Aaaaaaa! I just have so much to say about this one. The only weak point in my opinion was that bowser and daisy could have used more screen time together but thats really a pretty minor thing. Anyway, so happy to see your ok and still writing. Keep up the good work!
Jahash chapter 32 . 2/12
AHHHH Alice! Firstly, I'm so glad you're okay and well! I thought something had happened (as many others thought too!) and secondly, this chapter was amazing! I was so happy to see the update email in my inbox today - it totally made my day ;v; keep up the awesome work!
Gonturan0 chapter 1 . 1/25
Alright, I put this fanfic in my favorites list for a reason, and I ought to review it. Here goes.
I started reading this in October or so, and I finished it and skimmed through it once, so Take my opinions with a grain of salt. Or ten. The point is I’m not a professional.
The flaws? There’s occasional continuity errors(Bowser originally falls for Daisy as he watches her play sports but then he falls for her when she tells him to quit blocking the road?) and Daisy is unbelievably oblivious and is denser than a neutron star. However she’s got low self esteem so that ‘s partially to blame. Still, Bowser treats her like a damn queen, makes her the Amor at that competition thing, says she has his “undying adoration”, and she doesn’t bat an eye when Bowser says that if he wins against her in arm wrestling she has to go to the beach with him in a bikini. Really Daisy. And with some of the characters there’s more tell than show. And Sakuro is constantly switching from “I hate this Koopa” to “well I guess he’s okay” and back. The villains (except Tauros) were pretty one dimensional and not in a good way.
I can forgive these things because the comedy, dialogue, worldbuilding, Ocs, and characterization are PHENOMENAL.
The characterization: holy freaking shit. HOLY. FREAKING. SHIT. There’s quality OCs? OCs that I cried over? Specifically the queen and her backstory? And the one dude who stole the show was Bowser. He was dorky, a chivalrous pervert, flirtatious, and enjoyed being terrifying too much. Daisy was also a great protagonist, though she didn’t really think about what Bowser was doing sometimes(notably the firelands council chapter), but she was fun and had good one liners. And the chemistry between Bowser and Daisy was so friggen good I had to run out of the room several times while reading this thing because I was freaking out and fangirling too much.
The comedy: I was driven near to tears several times during every chapter. Every time Bowser opened his damn mouth was golden.
The dialogue: Natural and stuff. How did you make things flow so well I want your writing powers.
The worldbuilding:Everything was great! There was all that stuff about Darkland culture and the flame lit for when another Koopa is born and how Darkland was unbelievably rich and powerful and the whole “a bunch of guys are gonna fight each other and the winner gets to kiss the girl” tournament and visiting all the kingdoms and ect.
Okay I'm a total sucker for some good worldbuilding.

And this hasn’t updated for a year now. Sigh. But I’m grateful for what you’ve written and I’ll be fine if it doesn’t update.
trusty chapter 31 . 1/6
i still have alot of love for this story and read it so many times i cant count! its been so long its beautiful! thank you for writing this! thank you!
Guest chapter 1 . 1/1
Are you really gone Alice? Even an update on how your doing, how the story is progressing or even an 'I ain't feeling it anymore' would be suffice. Are /you/ okay? Are we waiting for nothing? It's been more than a year.
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