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lilica chapter 43 . 1/13/2012
Ohhh so is this story nearly finished? O_o The more I read it, the more I like it! Here the mad killer and the stupid traitor are dead, but Pebbles herself is stil in danger... and for once the Autobot and the Decepticons have been fighting together and are worried for her! Oh wow, it could be really be a good episode for the series (or group of consequent episodes)! O_o I'm so eager to read next chapter! But don't worrry, update whben your study and work will let you!


P.S. will you make me only a favour? after I rad the forst chapters, I tried to imagine Pebbles and I liked so much the her picture you have on DA: could you please draw also Starlight, Storm, Darklight and her sister and friend, or some scenes from your FF? I liked your style and would like at least see you OCs if their FF are still not on line...
darkmachines chapter 43 . 1/13/2012
Very nice! Can't wait to read how you will end thing. Like always keep up the great work.
Transformer Diva chapter 42 . 1/7/2012
So Starscream isn't going to die YES, sorry huge Screamer fan. Please hurry and update, and could you let Starscream stay with Pebbles the whole time in the Med-bay?
Starbees chapter 42 . 1/6/2012
Good the fragger dead. Poor wee pebble. God chapter though :D
merlotte chapter 1 . 1/5/2012
Hello!would you mind if i translate this essay in Chinese?I like it so much. It's interesting!
lilica chapter 42 . 1/5/2012
and most important, what about Pebbles, she seems near to death... I'm waiting for what will happen to this poor tormented child... But as I told, take it easy! :-)
lilica chapter 42 . 1/5/2012
P.S. oh you "could'n keep reading my review"! YOU WANT ME TO BLUSH SO MUCH! please don't flatter me..! X"D I'm only a reader who wrote what she thought about all your story only at the last moment...!
lilica chapter 42 . 1/5/2012
OH WHAT A SPEED IN UPDATING! did you already have the ideas for this chapters before I wrote my review this afternoon (I wrote at about 3 PM, now in Italy it is 10PM)?

Ohhh so here are enemy-friends Insecticons to the rescue! and especially both Skywarp and Chromia to the rescue (what warriors are they: WHY DID PRODUCERS KEEP THE AUTOBOT FEMMES ONLY FOR AN EPISODE, AND ALSO WHY THERE ISN'T EVEN A FEMME AMONG DECEPTICONS?)! what an energy love gives, uh? And it was quite curious to imagine Megatron pleading, instead of ordering brutally as usual. after all, he understands totally Skywarp's paternal love, and wants to raise Pebbles as a Decepticon. What a chapter full of action, and written so well...!

Now we have to see what happened to Skywarp... and please don't make also poor Landmine die! if he is badly damaged and can't be fixed, he can be rebuilt, can't he?

I only had something to add: don't worry for updating time, after all you have also university, uh? I myself had some ideas for a Jane Eyre FF, but I still couldn't write anything, thinking that so many university exams are waiting for me. Please write soon also the story I said: so darklight was a Michael Bay film OC, instead of G1 OC. But I would like to confront your version of her with the version that MissCHSparkles used for A slave to love.

I also could contact this author on DA, where actually I first read her FF, but it seems that my email doesn't work even if I have my DA account: you can find me as lilica, or liliCartMan. I will try anyway.

P.S. errata corrige from my first review:

"Pebbles' presence doesn't distract the warrior from tehis work" - Pebble's... the warriors from their work

"big changings in characters' profiles ruin the plot" - big changing... spoil the plot

"it seems quite unreal" - it seems to me not realistic

Transformers' BABY chapter 42 . 1/5/2012
great that son of a glitch had to die
Screamer's girl chapter 42 . 1/5/2012
Aw, I feel so happy for pebbles. I can't wait for you to update again.
Autobot Firekat chapter 42 . 1/5/2012
let landmine live and please continue
lilica chapter 41 . 1/5/2012
Oh I've been reading so many times this story and I say that I like so much the plot. First of all, the fact that even evil guys show good feelings towards who they love, and the diffeent ways in which the characters see Pebbles.

And especially, I like your precision in describing feelings: Skywarp's love, Megatron's interest both in leaving a child to her father and to raise her as a Decepticon, many other Decepticons' empathy, Brawl's hate that has few reasons (because actually Pebbles' presence doesn't distract the warrior from tehis work), the Autobot's both love for her (especially Ironhide and Chromia's one, so desperate) and worrying because of the destiny the Decepticon will give her. And Pebbles is so lovely! 3 and what a difficult life she had and has now!

How would you like to save her from that mad Storm? and what about the ex Decepticon: what will Decepticons do to him? Would you like him to be punished as a traitor, who now is conscious about what Megatron is? Or to be forgiven by Decepticons at least now, because he's trying to help Pebbles? Maybe he himself could try to deceive Storm and Brawl and try to save both Pebbles and himself... I could suggest even the idea to make Insecticons save her, as another one suggested.

It seems to me also that characters here are not too OOC: I lik it, actually it seems to me that big changings in characters' profiles ruin the plot referred to the original series, and then its aesthetic. If it was for me, I would put this FF and some others as episodes of the original series, between Season 2 and the animated film: I like them so much for alla the reason I've just written! :-) They are:

1) MissCHSparkles' "A slave to love" and "Little brother",

2)"Transformers Cyron", part 1-3, by Shadeninja that is on Deviantart (italian, but it is also being translated),

3) "Optimus Prime's important secret" by Arce78 that is on Deviantart (same in italian but translated almost all)

P.S. Ahh poor Shockwave! :-( After all, war and violence are this...!

PLease update soon! But only when your things will let you, don't worry

P.P.S When you'll be a little free, wiull you please write back your FF about the rogue Neutral femmes who became Starscream and Barricade's slaves please? the comment somebody wrote about it make me wish this... Was one of these Femmes Darklight? I liked her in A slave to love (but it seems quite unreal that Screamer and Moonracer make her accept her pregnancy so easily... I think MissCHSparkles should work more about the characters of her ASTL especially about the Femmes whose feelings toward their masters are not clear: Darklight, Monracer, Arcee, Firestar. But I don't manage to login even if now I have my mail account... What can I do to contact her?

tr4n2f0rm3r2girl chapter 41 . 1/5/2012
good very good but sad and i have idea the insecticons come and help.
Transformer Diva chapter 41 . 1/4/2012
OK you have to update if you don't i'll die.
ida-criss-wild chapter 41 . 1/4/2012
don't worry hope is on the way!(...ok it's sound wierd...)
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