Reviews for A Seemingly Simple Game
Fenris Jin chapter 2 . 7/29
Another fun game. I love how they make up stories for it. xD
Fenris Jin chapter 1 . 7/29
That game of monopoly sure was fun. xD
SilvisMN chapter 2 . 6/23
can you write the aftermath, in which they refer to their husbands and wives in real life and just generally confuse, anger, and slightly insane-ify everyone?
Monki-Neko chapter 2 . 5/30
I love the series and I can't wait to see what other board games Ron makes so much more interesting!
Relena Duo chapter 2 . 5/11
Dr. Dragon chapter 2 . 5/6
do you think you will ever continue this? maybe add Neville and luna for the cluedo game mentioned?
Guest chapter 2 . 4/21
My family thinks I've lost what little sanity I used to have because all they hear is me pissing myself in my room
Aqua666 chapter 2 . 4/8
I really, really wish you would keep writing these harry stories... is there any chance that you'll wri5e some more in theo god, not again story line? Doesn't have to be a complete story, I'd be happy with a collection of One-shots... You're harry is seriously ooc but for ones, I absolutly loved it. Haven't laughed this much over a fanfic in... well forever actually.

Anyway, brilliant stories, love them. Please come back to the potter universe, it misses you.
Guest chapter 2 . 3/15
what a strange fic
ClarisseLaRue-DaughterOfAres chapter 2 . 2/28
Wow. That is one life game! I had one like that where we named our children. I ended up getting into a fatal car accident, my friend ended up having 7 kids, my other friend got the Nobel peace Prize for swearing the entire time and my last friend ended up making a living as a teacher who was very rich and had a very bad house.
ClarisseLaRue-DaughterOfAres chapter 1 . 2/28
For some odd reason, half way thru, I got a strange vision of Death Eaters and Voldemort attempting to play Monopoly...
Guest chapter 2 . 2/15
The second chapter was a more vivid scene, but chapter one established the gaming personas. Hard to follow monopoly if you havent played before. Enjoyed reading it. Would like to see how a Cards Against Humanity version would play out.
Bibliophilic12 chapter 2 . 2/14
If you continue this, you should include Neville-possibly Luna-and have them play Cluedo.
bearblue chapter 1 . 1/3
This remains one of my favorite, favorite short character exploration through humorous story-telling. I just love it to pieces. Thank you for sharing it. :)
ChronoMitsurugi chapter 2 . 12/25/2014

...but being whipped by Hermione? ;) I can live with that. Her and Luna.

Ginny and Ron can go die though. Let me know if Bill Charley, Percy or the twins show up. They're cool.
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