Reviews for A Seemingly Simple Game
Alytiger chapter 2 . 11/16
Oh Ronald XD
Alytiger chapter 1 . 11/16
Bless this game of Monopoly. My family just starts screaming about traitorous blood. We don't off ourselves and each other. We obviously don't play right.
Zeuseus chapter 2 . 10/28
My god this just reminded me of playing D&D while drunk. One minute you're dancing at a party, the next minute the Princess has a wardrobe malfunction and a pratfall and you've painted a wall using a guard's entrails to frame someone for murder.
AngelofGrace96 chapter 2 . 9/20
Oh man, these were so amazing, I was laughing the whole way through! Now I'd really like to see the ministry six playing cluedo...
reddir chapter 1 . 9/2
A fun scene, I can see it dropped right into the canon story easily.
Napoleon Bonerfart chapter 2 . 6/21
I loved this story and I really hope you do a followup where they play something like cards against humanity or ticket to ride
Deep in the Night chapter 2 . 6/3
XD Hilarious, as always.
Qwolfs chapter 2 . 5/9
Very enjoyable.
Layla Riddle chapter 2 . 4/28
This is hilarious!
I love it!
D.Mentor chapter 2 . 4/14
A funny story. Thanks for writing.
Knightmare Neko chapter 2 . 3/25
Need a sequel where they actually play Clue with Nev who ends up being the bad guy.
LizaNeedsTherapy chapter 2 . 3/1
This story is hilarious! I love it! Can you please pretty please with a cherry on top have them play clue?
kidloco chapter 2 . 2/25
Oh please more and please make same with others manga or anime or ect cam be funny
jcampbellohten chapter 2 . 2/20
Lol, again.
jcampbellohten chapter 1 . 2/19
Hahahaha! I wish I and a group of friends were that creative that we could turn Monopoly into an RPG.
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