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Akatsuki Red chapter 6 . 8/14/2011
I'm really enjoying this tale! It's well written and kept me interested throughout. I liked the riddles a lot, the fact I couldn't figure them out either made me want to keep reading. Good job!
SandraS chapter 6 . 8/13/2011
What a fantastic read! I can hardly express the rollarcoaster of emotions while following chapter after chapter so I will be content with this word alone: Fantastic!
SimplyChristine chapter 6 . 8/12/2011
Friggin' brilliant.
GreyWolfEyes chapter 6 . 8/12/2011
First off, I was elated that you chose to write a story starring Faramir. He doesnt ever seem to get the attention he justly deserves. ;)

That said...

This story was so much fun to read! The mystery behind the dreams kept me hooked, and the subtle way you changed it every time kept it from ever getting repetetive or tedious. Instead, the dream got more and more interesting every time Faramir had it.

The necessity of Faramir having this experience gave the story meaning outside of it being just an enjoyable short story. You had Faramir face his demons felt like it was something that always needed to happen, even though Tolkien didn't have a chance to get around to writing about it.

I loved how you brought Gandalf into the story (or, rather, had him in the story all along). That was an unexpected surprise that made perfect sense (so much sense that I probably shouldn't have been surprised). Your inclusion of the line "your father loves you Faramir..." took on a new meaning in the last chapter- perhaps I was reading too much into it, but it almost felt like it was Gandalf iterating his own love for Faramir though the repetition of what had been said before.

The highlight of the story (for me anyway) was the brief appearance of Eowyn at the conclusion of the chapter. You made it special and memorable AND meaningful in just a few sentences, from mentioning how quickly she arrived to the moment she realizes Faramir has gone through a change. You drew this already amazing story to a rewarding end.
Imperial Dragon chapter 6 . 8/11/2011
One the best mystery stories that I have read in a long time.
Nieriel Raina chapter 6 . 8/11/2011
I read this when you posted but haven't had a chance to review til now. Bad me! I really liked the ending to this. I have never read about mewlips so I was completely in the dark about them, which only made for a greater mystery. :) I have really enjoyed this story about Faramir. I do think you should write him again. Very few write him so well, which is why I don't read many Faramir fics (well, and I seem to spend all my reading time reading about elves! :)

I really liked the scene between him and Eowyn. Very nicely done. A great ending to a wonderfully creepy tale! This is one I'll have to read over and over. And I'll have to read the Adventures of Tom Bombadil too in order to read what Tolkien wrote of the Mewlips.

Oh, and I wanted to tell you that I think the use of present tense works fabulously for this story! Thanks for sharing another spellbinding story with us! As always, I can't wait to see what you come up with next.
Aislynn Crowdaughter chapter 6 . 8/11/2011
Powerful story! The resolution of who the Gimli in Faramir's dream really is is startling, and so it the resolution of the dream, but it makes sense. That Faramir needs to confront that one fear he has hidden away, which must have caused him the greatest pain,to overcome the threat is a great touch. And the atmosphere of horror works well thorough the whole story. Greatly done! Applause to you, as always, and thank you for writing and sharing! - Aislynn
shadow975 chapter 6 . 8/10/2011
Terrific story! Great pacing, wonderful tension, and yay Éowyn!
Aranna Undomiel chapter 6 . 8/10/2011
Thanks for the compliment you gave me about being further than Faramir in solving part of the mystery. But I think that must be contributed to the last clear thought in my mind, before I got

Well on the good side of that, now I got to read the rest of the chapters all in one. Good thing, because you managed to make everything really intense. The Elves being attacked in their minds, people drowning...

I loved how you made Faramir embrace his past and the legacy of his father and so destroy his enemy.

But I must honestly say I would have never guessed that dream-Gimli would turn out to be Gandalf (at least I think he is?). I kind of hoped it would be Boromir ;) But there is only one powerfull enough to do some mindtricks.

Loved the end, with Eowyn. Nice way of breaking all the build up tension.

Great story. I hope you'll write more soon! :D
anarithilien chapter 6 . 8/10/2011
Congratulations on another marvelous fic! And Mewlips! I see you've been thumbing through your Tolkien bestiary again! Reading what I can of them, I see they are not far removed from Barrow-wights, so my guess wasn't THAT FAR off target. Kudos for introducing a creature to the realm that many likely didn't know was in Tolkien's cornucopia of critters. Orcs and trolls seem downright boring once you realize the plethora of dark beings the master had available for mining. Maybe this will inspire other writers to research creative monster choices out there? My fingers are crossed.

Now what would it take to get you back to writing those other long-departed tales you've left hanging? Truly, I miss having you around as a regular. There are so few good stories anymore. Yours were always inspiring and I swear half the reason I don't produce my own stories faster is because there are few others out there that make me want to do as well as yours do. A Thundera Tiger story always made me itchy to write. I'm sad for that loss. I wish many muses upon you!

Until your next tale (I hope it will be soon) ... many hugs!
Susan W chapter 6 . 8/10/2011
Most excellent! I did guess it then. Yay! I've heard of Mewlips from somewhere, but I don't remember where. I didn't read that book on Tom Bombadil, so my memory of them comes from elsewhere. Hmm! Anyway, excellent idea to use them in this tale. I had a feeling that Gimli was not Gimli, but I wasn't sure about who or what he was. I didn't even come close to guessing Mithrandir. It does fit though, because he knew Faramir best and knew how to help him along to get to the right answers (eventually and annoyingly). ;) Too bad he couldn't just announce who he was and help Faramir outright. But, that wouldn't have made for as interesting a story.

Perfect touch of hurt/comfort. Not overdone! I do love just a bit of h/c for my man Faramir. :)

Sigh! Only problem with this chapter.. too short! :P

There were some good lines here. I especially liked Aragorn's stern (with a smile) warning about learning to follow instructions. Faramir and Beregond are going to be difficult to teach that lesson to and I think that everyone will always benefit from their lack of learning to follow them. ;)

And I absolutely loved Eowyn's comment on Gondor's estimates of time based on "slow horses and cautious riders". snicker! :) :) And she would go up against the Fates if it got her what she wanted. Her brief appearance at the end was excellent. Loved the way she could read her husband's face and know that he had changed in some small bit. She may show a face of being mad about the risk he took (once she finds out the whole story), but I don't think she would have him any other way. It's one of the things that drew her to him in the first place was his great courage and strength of character.

Well! I will absolutely look forward to more tales coming from you. Especially that Halloween tale you stated might get sketched out and written. push push! Another tale involving Faramir, please! You can involve Aragorn and/or Legolas as it pleases you. :) I can see it now - the hunt for Shelob. She's got to be up there in those caves still or maybe shes decided to leave them and move to where there is more tasty meals roaming abouts. And what about little Shelobs running around? Hmm! hint hint. Sigh! Better go, I do need to be able to get up in the morning and go to work. Gah!
Darkover chapter 6 . 8/9/2011
Dear Thundera Tiger: Wow! The conclusion to this story does not disappoint. This has been a fascinating story. The Mewlips as villains-I did not see that coming. Most of the rest, I had tentatively figured out. I had suspected that Gimli wasn't really Gimli-I thought he was going to turn out to be a dream-image, a communication sent by the Valar. In a way, he was, I suppose, because Olorin/Gandalf was originally sent to Middle-earth on a mission from the Valar. I understand why Gandalf felt he had to conceal himself-he wanted to appear as someone Faramir would regard as an equal, not a superior, as his old mentor would have been regarded. I also understand why Gimli/Gandalf felt he had to speak so cryptically, as the Mewlips could tap into Faramir's dreams. My surmise that being "Denethor's son" was in some way relevant was indeed correct. "Steward" would have been another appropriate answer to "Gimli's" question of, "Who are you?" I admit I am still puzzled by a couple of things. Gimli/Gandalf spoke of how Faramir had "walled off" certain aspects of his mind and/or personality. Learning that his late father tried to murder him by burning him, apparently alive (I add the "apparently" because as I recall from the book, at the point in which Pippin, Beregond, and Gandalf had all interfered to save Faramir's life, Denethor approached his son with blade in hand, apparently intending to stab Faramir fatally or cut his throat, and *then* burn him. He couldn't, because Beregond prevented it. Oddly enough, that makes me feel just a smidgen better about Denethor. Burning alive is a horrible death, and surely Denethor was aware of that, even in his madness. Bizarre as his murder-suicide attempt was, he attempted it apparently because he truly believed that by doing so, he would be saving his son from an even worse death at the hands of Sauron.) Anyway, after learning of this, Faramir understandably did not want to be around fire, did not want to think about Denethor, did not want to consider himself his son. All that I grasp. But aside from the fire, which was necessary to destroy the Mewlips (if I understand correctly, the fire was Faramir's psychic resistance in physical form) what was the "perception of a Ruling Steward" that Gimli/Gandalf spoke of? I do not understand that part. And while I like the passage with Eowyn at the end-you wrote her very much in-character, IMHO-I do not understand how Faramir is supposed to be "different." I assume he is "whole" now, although that part of the story is not entirely clear to me either. Surely she-and indirectly, the King-are not referring to Faramir's near-death experience? He has already experienced that in the past. I also am still unclear as to why Faramir was the only person who could stay awake/wake up in the presence/lair of the Mewlips. Perhaps because he was the only one who was "divided," although as I said, that is not all clear to me. Sorry for being so dense. This story is excellent and I have enjoyed it very much, but I would welcome an epilogue that would address these questions. Thank you very much for writing and posting this-I have greatly enjoyed reading it! Sincerely, Darkover
Mia-philosephet chapter 6 . 8/9/2011
Ah, the mystery is resolved. I feel like I have heard of the mewlips before, but I don't know that I have since I haven't read the Adventures of Tom Bombadil. Anway, well done. Gandalf's influence was a brilliant twist. I particularly liked the scene with Eowyn. The dialogue was just the right combination of tender, teasing, and tense. It is hard to have a spouse go through an event that changes them, even if it is for the best. You have to get to know them all over again. But I know those two can do it! _

Heritage and the acceptance of both the good and evil parts made for an interesting inner struggle with Faramir. I tend to forget that he came from such a fractured family with a horrifying last memory of his father. I can easily understand wanting to block such things away. But it is also true that Denethor was for most of his rule an exceptional ruler, full of wisdom and insight. (too bad Peter Jackson decided to completely bereft him of all that) Faramir would surely have to come to grips with that at some point, and I think you have hit it spot on. Well done as always. I never cease to get a thrill of joy when I see you have posted a new story (or even better an update *hint, hint*). Your writings raise the bar for fanfiction. Thank you for continuing to grace us with your talents. _


PS- still have my fingers crossed for Land of Light and Shadows
accountabandoned4122012 chapter 6 . 8/9/2011
He fights off a chuckle, knowing it will only prompt a coughing spasm. "Would you have me command the fates?"

"Yes," she tells him shortly. "The fates are as nothing when compared to the taming of a wild maiden of the Riddermark."

This made me laugh.

I liked this story a lot, and I'm rather sad that it's over. Ah well.

On another note:

MEWLIPS! *fumes* I came across these in my rather erratic and random research! I did! But the article was so short and it said something about them probably being a memory of Trolls or orcs or something! *kicks encyclopedia of arda* Last time I'm trusting that site...

Now that I've read the poem I can easily see how you came to this. Spider shadows could easily refer to Mirkwood, or conversely Cirith Ungol, though I think my geography might be off there if it's referring to them being in the shadow of it...

Well, from now on I am definitely not contenting myself with little stub articles. Especially when it says that they are only mentioned in the Adventures of Tom Bombadil and my only clue is that the creatures are mentioned there. *hits self on forehead*

Ahem, I just needed to rant about that, sorry.
Mia-philosephet chapter 5 . 8/9/2011
Well, I've wracked my brain but I just cannot come up with the proper creature. The bells and reed like fingers sound so familiar! The answer is just beyond my grasp, tantalizing me like the creatures do to Faramir in the story. You bring out the war between dark/cold and light so well. Are these creatures from Melkor's time? Argh! The suspense is killing me! You always right so well, entwining the outer and inner stories. Faramir faces an outer and inner danger. The dream clues have been amazing and so fun to attempt to unravel. Too bad I just can't do it! Oh well. I think I'm gonna just cheat and read the next chapter. :)
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