Reviews for I'm The One Who Gripped You Tight
Wolvie26 chapter 19 . 3/1
love the new chapter. can't wait to see what happens next. hope you can update again soon!
Guest chapter 19 . 2/22
I hope you don't wait another five years to upload another chapter. Loved the plot and can't wait to read more.
Thanks for the effort.
LeeMarieJack chapter 19 . 2/16
Castiel in this form is even more interesting and dangerous than when he is a complete Angle. Sam is the one I don't trust.
Raining Daylight chapter 19 . 2/16
Oh my goodness! You updated! I can't tell you how happy that makes me! Please update soon!
FullReverse chapter 19 . 2/15
I found this story right on time. I hope you don't as long to update the next chapter. I really don't have that kind of patience. But, hey. This story has great potiental. I really love Cas' character. It's different and refreshing. Dean kinda makes me want to bash his head in just a little, but I still love him. I can't wait for more.
ByeByeBriar chapter 19 . 2/15
But you did update with a lovely chapter. Glad to see this hasn't been abandoned.
Kurama's Foxy Rose chapter 18 . 1/17
Update this one or Demon Boys next!
CallMeAnonymous9 chapter 18 . 6/2/2015
This is so good! I love this version of Cas, and it adds an interesting twist to the story. Plus, I really want to know more about Dean's time in Hell. I really hope that you continue this, because it is awesome!
RippleInThePond chapter 18 . 4/28/2015
Oh shit. Please please please update. You're killin me here!
Raining Daylight chapter 18 . 4/27/2015
Oh my. This story is so amazing. Please, please, please update. I love the original idea with Cas as the guard dog of hell instead of an angel.
Wolvie26 chapter 18 . 4/8/2015
hope you haven't given up on this one! I would really love to find out how it all ends!
pure-white-angel chapter 18 . 12/1/2014
Awesome chapter! Can't wait for the next update either
Rascal chapter 18 . 11/18/2014
Cas extremely powerful!
I'm sure you've got this under control, but be careful. If you give Castiel too much power there won't be any threatening enemies.
It'll be like bowling with no gutter.

I am sure you've got this though. I was just warning you of a potential dead end.
I will keep reading!
FireChildSlytherin5 chapter 18 . 11/15/2014
Awesome chapter. :D
House1Nocturne chapter 18 . 11/12/2014
Oooooo update SOON! I am looking forward to more and I'm still LOVING THIS STORY!
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