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Remzal Von Enili chapter 4 . 8/8/2011
but I liked the insane shinji!
Nadsterx1 chapter 4 . 8/8/2011
really good work, got better as it went along. The scentences and flow of language is an example of this, a bit disjointed in the first chapter, but kept on getting better.
mike chapter 4 . 8/6/2011
Shinji's lady gaga fixation makes this the perfect fic.
S0WN2G3THrWR0NG chapter 4 . 8/5/2011
I have to say I loved the fic! It had great amounts of everything and the hilarity of it was amazing. Thanks for the laughs and great story.

K.T.Waterflower chapter 4 . 8/5/2011
LOL! This story was very funny and sweet! Some of the things you come up with are hilarious XD! Still can't you wrote it all on one night fairly well for a night creation by a sleep deprive author.
Jinchuuriki chapter 4 . 8/5/2011
You came up with this in the middle of the night, sleepy? Man. MIND. BLOWN.

Yes, happy ending. I think now... I'll see what I can do to make them happy... yes, I'll do that.

Listen, you are freaking epic. I mean, sure there were typos but sleepy people make typos. Yeah. Fix the typos. And continue to inspire people. And read DigiFruit. And be epic.

Ja ne.

Jinchuuriki chapter 3 . 8/5/2011
Why... why can't I be as good as Chuckman? It's not faaaaaaiir!

I... honestly don't know what to say. I feel you've really captured the emotion of what Shinji feels: both in his totally kawaii feelings for Asuka *fangirlish squeal* and in the grief he feels of not having a tomorrow. Honestly, you inspire me so darn much. You are an epic writer, your stories have meaning and give me a different outlook on life... What I'm about to say is no lie: you're about as good as DigiFruit.

I'll be sad when the next chapter is over.
Jinchuuriki chapter 2 . 8/5/2011
Holy wow. That was... that was...


Seriously, you, my friend, are one freaking talented, creative, awesomely epic writer. Seriously. If I was as good as you... My life would be perfect.

I'd never think of an idea like this. You have such great ideas! And you really make me wonder at the same time you make me laugh. The Shinji that knows no consequences is simply wild and funny, you wish he was like that all the time (instead of the mopey little spineless dork). But I'm starting to get the whole message of the fic; samsara means that definition you said that I'm to lazy to type out in full. But what Shinji is experiencing is a samsara, no? This story has so much moralistic potential. I'm looking forward to reading the rest.

Oh, and what's with the chapter title? French? Huuh? Je suis confusée... Guah, je m'en fiche.
Jinchuuriki chapter 1 . 8/5/2011
Hey hey hey! That was totally awesome! I enjoyed reading the rewrite of episode 15. I never get bored of it. Only thing is the graveyard scene - I think you could've added more detail. In the anime, that was such an emotion-driven scene, and more detail would give the same feel to your story.

Oh, and the word is samsara, isn't it?
marduk-report chapter 4 . 8/4/2011
that was a nice story, and a breath of fresh air in what has been a, for the most part, dull year or two for evafiction :)
Taco and Sombrero chapter 4 . 8/4/2011
Great story.

You managed to write your story in a way that it never got boring. It had hilarious moments as well as heart-touching scenes.
Jarre chapter 4 . 8/4/2011
That was one of most amusing fanfics I have read. Thanks for the treat :)
This dude chapter 4 . 8/4/2011
I got to say that I really liked you're little rendition on groundhog's day. Never seen the movie, but know the premise. All in all a good piece, the right amount of detail in the scenes shown, and funny; especially chapter two. A few spelling mistakes, but isolated incidents that I've already forgotten. Your grammer is fine, but I shouldn't be quoted on that since the english language seems to be the most grammatically disputed language on the planet. But I am a bit mad that you left one hundred and sixty two the way it was; I would have liked to see it expanded on. The number might be wrong, it is the one that ends with Rei taking about a mission from god. I liked how Shinji left everyone's life better, though it is expected in this section. Either it somehow becomes even more fucked up, or everyone is happy. Like I said, it is great and a very nice piece, even if you did leave scenes most probably wanted expanded, and I think that it is amazing that you were able to do this through the night.
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