Reviews for Broken Sun
Ayyarin chapter 2 . 5/19/2013
My God I love this! Death's Hand POV is written so well. It is really HIS voice. That emotionless, robotic voice that only knows how to obey the will of its master, and what is so amazing is the gradual confusion Death's hand is beginning to feel by being in the control of the Spirit Monk, who does'nt impose her will as he is used to from Hai and Li.
The inner battle, or fluctuations betweens Death's hand and Kin are just so...wonderful. It really gives a different perspective to Kin. I feel so sorry for him. I'm cheering for him to keep fighting.
Please update!
Ayyarin chapter 1 . 5/19/2013
Wow. What a brilliant chapter! I feel so sorry for Kin! I want to weep in his place for his tragic fate. It is certainly a very interesting idea, to write from Kin and Death's Hand's POV. Really like it.
Rachel chapter 2 . 9/13/2011
I really cannot get over how much I love your story! I hope you don't stop now that it's really getting good.
The Almost Anonymous One chapter 2 . 9/8/2011
I find it interesting that despite all of the questionable things that Wu has done, she never even considers enslaving the Water Dragon. I wonder if we'll get an unbinding scene where she worries about an attack or does it in a seperate room or what. And I wonder what her reasoning for not just letting Kin go after Li's dead will be (besides it being more interesting this way). I can't wait to see how she attempts to help him besides just waiting the weeks out. What gets to me is that some of the evil that the Emperor did is just so utterly *pointless*. Why couldn't he have warned the people of Tien's Landing of that flood he caused again? I do think that Wu's attitudes about how it might have been better to just let the Empire fall apart, while never outright stated by any party member, do reflect how the average citizen of the Empire would feel. I understand why they did what they did and it's more what happened *afterwards* that I blame them for. Also, I wonder what Li would have done with Kin had the plan succeeded. Would he have killed him, too, or let him stay since he was loyal and not a threat to the new god!Li? Honestly, does the man have no affectionate feelings? Maybe reluctant pride in how awesome you are but aside from that...I find it ironic that Wu is so outraged at Li's lack of interest in his daughter and how she deserved better given that Wu's the one who actually bound her. Will she and Dawn Star talk about what it's like to be bound at some point? I don't think the game went into it enough and Wu certainly doesn't really understand. The party members do spend a lot of time saying things like 'If I were not bound, I would complain about this' which is, itself, complaining. I find it intriguing that Death's Hand refers to Kin as a seperate person while Kin seems to see Death's Hand as himself enslaved. It is hard to tell what would happen to Death's Hand if Wu died because when Hai died, Death's Hand was already 'dead' but Li had no problem bringing him back. It seems really inconvenient that every time he dies his master has to be on hand to bring him back. I think Kin's biggest problem trying to get himself freed would be how terrified everyone is of him. I do like how lost he seems to be since Wu apparently doesn't give as specific instructions as Hai and Li did. I wonder if Dawn Star or someone not his master would try to talk to him and how that would go. Again, I really hope that you update this because it is fascinating.
The Almost Anonymous One chapter 1 . 9/8/2011
It was only on the second time through this fic (I really liked it) that I realized that there are some missing words here and there and a few typos. It doesn't detract from the wonderful eloquence of the piece, however. I always feel bad for Death's Hand so I never kept him after I decided to experiment with an evil ending but I like his dialogue better when he's released after your party members object to his presence so I normally do it then. I like that Wu is a little freaked out by Death's Hand. I don't quite understand how the whole Death's Hand/Sun Kin thing worked, either. At times he acts like he's Kin (particularly when you're talking with the Water Dragon and she says something about how mortals were corrupted beyond care for their own brothers and he replies "That is our shame but the lure of ascendence was too great" and when he tries to justify what they did. I get the feeling he really doesn't like the Water Dragon when he says that she would coerce and belittle them and to trust your desires. And really, she does. I guess she can't help it but man is it annoying) but he insists that he's not when asked - though his use of 'Kin was pushed aside, forced to watch as...' makes me wonder - and both of Wild Flower's demons insist that they see a void where his spirit should be. I really love how bitter and mocking he sounds when he says 'He is ever the *glorious* strategist' right before you fight Li. Then he comes off as incredibly passive-aggressive about judging you when he does things like tell you he can't exist without your *evil* and insisting that he's not capable of anything but blindly following your directions. I hope you'll go into more about why Wu decided to bind her followers. I mean, MAYBE Silk Fox - especially if Wu turned her into a less capable ruler - but I doubt that even she would attack Wu before Li was dealt with. And the spineless Hou and loyal Dawn Star would never actually attack her unless she were to do something REALLY bad such as, say, poisoning the Water Dragon. I guess she really is pretty damaged. And yet they seem to forgive her enough to come to her aid when she needs it after Li traps her. I'm worried about Sky, though. And about anyone who thinks that the Black Whirlwind could ever be any kind of voice of reason. I also liked how she was trying to pretend that her actions were any better than Hai or Li's were and she realized that they really weren't. It's so not fair of her to blame Kin for what he did as Death's Hand since he was enslaved but she doesn't really seem to be handling any of this rationally (and I do think that's intentional on her part because the summary says she needs to atone so she's not supposed to be right here). Why does she feel so personally upset about the Spirit Monks since she can't remember them? Was it her time being dead and in Dirge that endeared them to her or is she just overly sentimental on the matter? Please update soon.
Sarah1281 chapter 2 . 8/22/2011
So Wu's not a complete lost cause. The summary doesn't say anything about Sky but he's seriouosly starting to concern me. I don't think they've been a very good influence on each other. I mean, he's apparently pro-slavery now? After his daughter? CF love interests are so strange...

Death's Hands thoughts (such as they were, of course) continue to interest me. His surprise that she'd *bother* to stop him from getting decapitated, the way he doesn't really understand his own emotions, his horror that he accidentally judged her lack of constant leadership... And yeah, the companion you take with you always does seem to disappear by the time you get back and fight Li. I guess Kin just walking off is as good an explanation as any.
Sarah1281 chapter 1 . 8/22/2011
Oh, excellent, a rare Death's Hand fic! I really liked Wu's section and her explanation (it seems that despite her words it wasn't really about vengeance) but Kin's was much more fascinating. I felt really bad for him when he was hoping that she would free him because I knew what was coming. I also liked his thoughts on Li. I absolutely adore Death's Hand and so I always recruit him despite usually playing OP. I've even managed to justify it in that there's a sign in Dirge warning Spirit Monks who bind spirits to bring them to Dirge not to force the spirit to do anything that could effect the Water Dragon's judgement of them and so it's a very real possibility that when the time comes Kin would be held accountable for Death's Hand's actions. And even if not, his last act was attacking Dirge so he's still in a bad place. If he got a chance to try and redeem himself...well, the Spirit Monk wouldn't know for sure but hopefully after everything got settled with the Water Dragon...and the epilogue revealed that it did.